The Nine Fitness Classes of Sand and Steel Fitness

Earn up to 33 rewards points, by reviewing our classes, personal training, or open gym!  Rewards Points can be used to buy everything from personal training to supplements.

January 2020: Sand and Steel Opens Group Fitness classes. We had 2 classes … just one year ago.  Strong & CrossFit.

January 2021: We now have nine different classes. Beginner CrossFit, CoreFit TRX & Kettlebell, CrossFit Class, Strong Powerlifting, Butts & Guts, FireFlow Yoga, Recovery Clinic, and Yoga Alignment 88 (coming soon). Four of these classes are now available in an Online Format as well.

Having a variety of classes benefits the gym, the members, and the coaches who are paid to coach them.  Like one of our classes?  Get 3 Rewards Points for each class you review – up to 27 total points.

You can review our personal training or open gym the same way.

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