Top 15 Blog Articles

The Top 15 Blog Articles by Sand & Steel Fitness

Below you’ll find a list of our Top 15 most read and most liked Blog Articles to date!  If you ever want to find a current list of our top blog articles, just click “Allstar Article” from the left menu.  Which one was your favorite?  Let us know with your comments.

1. Biometric Impedance Analysis

A comparison of the accuracy of the InBody 570 against Omron’s home grade BIA monitors.

2. How to use the Mace for Functional Training

Video, workout, techniques and tips for effectively using a Mace

3. Analysis of the CrossFit 15.2 Open Workout

A full analysis of the CrossFit 15.2 workout featuring chest to bar and Overhead Squats

4. Functional Strength Training Defined

February 9, 2015

A detailed report on what functional strength training is and how it compares to other methods.

5. Coaching the Kettle Bell Clean

February 13, 2015

Coaching the Kettle Bell Clean

6. Origin Nutrition System

How to build a clean diet one step at a time through the Origin Nutrition System

7. Top 10 Super Herbs and Spices

The Top 10 Super Herbs and Spices for anti-inflammation.

8. About Sand & Steel

Looking for a clinical fitness experience with coaches that know more about getting fit than you thought was possible? Here’s what sets sand and steel apart.

9. Medicine Ball Clean Wheel

January 15, 2015

10. Curing Cramping Through Caffeine Regulation(Link)

Cramps? Caffeine could be your problem. Read on to learn more.

11. Making Beef Jerky Safely at Home

All you need to know about how to make Beef Jerky Safely at Home

12. Advanced Parallete Training

Want to do more with the parallete? Check out this series of six videos and explanations.

13. Hotel Workout

September 6, 2014

Want a tough workout for your hotel stay? Check out this workout

14. IT Bands and the Glutes

May 9, 2014

Have IT Band Pain? The answer maybe in your glutes. Get educated and get better.

15. Omega 3 6 and 9(Link)

What it does, how it works, and how much do you really need?

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