Upcoming Events

This Sunday, members from our Weight Loss Competition will be sharing how they lost 15-20 lbs during the competition. Plus. they will provide tips based on the lessons along the way. Perfect if you are planning to enroll in our 2023 competition starting January. In addition, members in attendance will receive a free InBody Scan and breakfast.

2022 Weight Loss Competition Finale

Date: November 19, 2022; 9AM.
RSVP Deadline: 6pm Friday. We have to buy food for those attending.
Includes: Food and Free InBody Scans.
Progress Photos: Please check out everyone’s amazing progress photos here.
Open Event: All members are invited! Come help us decide a winner!
Judging: All members in attendance will be judging for a winner of our Weight Loss Competition. Competing members will provide you an overview as to why you should vote for them. Register

Black Friday Deals

Begins: November 24, 2022
Ends: November 28, 2022
Share it: Deals for both new members and existing members. Please share it with your friends.
Black Friday 5-Pack: Save 50% on Personal Training, Classes, and Semi-Private Training. Shop

2023 Iron Star Games

Begins: January 6, 2023
Compete: Five Exciting Workouts… chippers, fight gone bad, strength, metcons, and gymnastics.
All Levels: Over $700 in prizes. Oakley’s, Lululemon, and more. One guaranteed winner at all skills levels.
Challenge Yourself: Commit to getting in shape this Winter so you can compete at your best. Register

2023 Weight Loss Challenge

Begins: January 7, 2023
The Challenge:
 Lose as much body fat and gain as much muscle as you can in 90 days.
The Winner: The winner takes home a brand new $300 Haven Athletic Gym Bag.
Get Support: A free Nutrition Lab and InBody Session comes with your ticket. Register

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