What is Sand & Steel?

We are Changing… We are moving … We are expanding

We are Changing... We are moving ... We are expanding

But one thing is not changing. We will ALWAYS be, "A safe place where you are treated like a real person. Where you are not judged by what you look like, or how out of shape you might be. But by the strength of your determination and your commitment to improve."

Make the Change ... Be Stronger ... Be Sand & Steel

The 5-Star Difference

When you Hire Sand & Steel, you are Getting World-Class Coaching

Experts to help you move better and more safely in whatever form of fitness you desire.
We do it all: CrossFit, Personal Training, Yoga, Nutrition, Mobility, and Strength Training.

As Coaches, We are the Designers, the Builders, and the Healers

Tell us what hurts you, what’s hard for you, and what you wish to change.
We build you a plan, and we test it.

You Need Bring Only Two Things to Succeed at Sand & Steel:

(1) Your commitment to effect positive change, and
(2) The discipline to see it through.

Change is hard, be stronger than your fears, just keep showing up!

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