XMAS WOD Winners

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The 12 Workouts of Christmas has been one of the toughest and most rewarding workouts we have done.Β  A Big congratulations to our Winners…

Highlights of the 12 Days of XMAS WOD

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12 Workouts of Christmas Directors Cut

The 12 Workouts of Christmas put everyone’s mental and physical toughness to the test. Your ability to get up when this workout beat you down.Β  To push past what you have done before.Β  To dig deep, fight through the burn, and finish this workout. But a contestΒ needs winners, and it was not easy to choose. We ranked you on your own relative performance. Did you leave it all in the gym? Did you get back up, when this workout beat you down? Did you show us grit and determination?

12 Workouts of Christmas Pictures and Videos
  • Winners: Daniel, Mikhail, & Donna. $25 Gift Card.
  • Runner Up: David,Β Nick, Julia, & Elga. $10 Gift Card.
Claim Your Reward
Winners and Runner-Ups, please claim your Gift Certificate. Please send Paul an email with the title, “I Survived the 12 Days of Xmas Workout … Now Give Me My Money.”
Share and Inspire Others
Enjoy the photos and videos.Β  Please download the originals from Smugmug and share them!Β  And don’t worry, if you missed this workout. I’ll be cooking up a new one for January 1, 2019.

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