Benefits of Stretching Before a CrossFit Workout in Old Town Alexandria, VA

Sand & Steel Fitness is a certified CrossFit affiliate located in Old Town Alexandria, VA. We encourage stretching at any time during the day, but the most important time to stretch is before the start of any CrossFit workout. Stretching increases flexibility, strength, and the overall wellness of your body. During the warm up, flexibility and stretching exercises are done to get everyone loosened up. This is a good way to teach new techniques that may not be known to everyone in the Old Town Alexandria, VA CrossFit workout scene.

Increases Flexibility for CrossFit

The length in which a muscle extends is defined by flexibility. The taller a person becomes the tighter the muscle becomes, restricting flexibility. Stretching is a surefire way to improve your flexibility and CrossFit workout capability.

Improves Circulation

Blood flow to your muscles will increase with continual stretching. Nourishment to your muscles will increase and waste will be removed. This will help the recovery time from your CrossFit Workout.

Improves Posture

Stretching loosens tight muscles that would otherwise keep you from being able to maintain good posture. This is extremely important when it comes to the form one keeps during a CrossFit workout.

Good for the Heart

Recent studies have shown there is a link between stretching and lower blood pressure as well as improvement in artery function.

Improves Relaxation and Stress Relief

Tighter muscles can cause stress and therefore proper stretching can relieve stress. The relief from tension may also cause relaxation.

Increases your Energy Level

The increase in blood flow and decrease in stress level provides your body with the strength and energy to successfully complete your CrossFit Workout.

More often than not, stretching is not something that is thought about daily. It is a crucial part of our CrossFit workouts. Not only can it help improve your capabilities and times, but stretching can also decrease the chances of injury. Sand & Steel is the perfect place to get your CrossFit fix in Old Town Alexandria, but don’t forget to stretch first.


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