Raising the Bar

Raising Bar – Hall of Fame

Rings DustBeating a personal best is a major accomplishment.  Beating a gym record for a movement is another feat entirely.  All of the following members have broken at least one record at Sand & Steel, and they should be proud.

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  1. Karen Allison: Jacob’s Ladder (Masters) 345ft May 2015
  2. Karen Allison: Sled Pull (Masters) 255lbs May 2015
  3. Tania M: First woman to break 90 on overall benchmark score.
  4. Tania Jones: First woman to break 90 on overall benchmark score.
  5. Tania Jones: First woman to get do 50 wallballs in 3 minutes.
  6. Tania Jones: First woman to pull 370 pounds on the sled.
  7. Tania Jones: holds the women’s deadlift record at 165.
  8. Lisa Fues: 52 Sandbell situps in two minutes. March 2015
  9. Lisa Fues: first woman to push 335 lbs on the Rogue Dogsled. April 2015
  10. Jennifer Joslin: rowed 1283 meters in 5 minutes.
  11. Jennifer Joslin: 23 slam ball curls at 40 pounds.
  12. Jennifer Joslin: 35 x 4 and 30 x 8 on the dumbbell bench press April 2015, beating Tracey Kennedy’s previous high score of: 25lbs x 8 Dumbbell Benchpress. March 2015
  13. Tracey Kennedy: 180 Sled Tow: 3:35. March 2015
  14. Tracey Kennedy: Dumbbell Thrusters 20lbs 90 seconds. March 2015
  15. Stacey Harris: Highest score on the 30 inch box jump. April 2015
  16. Stacey Harris: First woman to break 75 points on a Sand & Steel Benchmark. April 2015
  17. Stephanie Johnson: First woman to get a perfect score on the Jacob’s Ladder.  March 2015

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