Roberts Benchmark System V1.0

Want to know how you are progressing relative to the other Women at Sand & Steel?  You’ve come to right place.  All you need to do is sign-up for a Fitness Benchmark and we’ll pick 6 movements to score you on. Click here to download a Women’s Benchmark Sample score report.  Don’t forget to check out our Raising the Bar page which features current Sand & Steel records, and women that set them.

In order to have your score counted for the April contest, please reserve your benchmark by April 25th at the latest.IMG_0386

Congratulations to:

Tania, Lisa, and Stacey for their top 3 place finishes.  Of note, Jennifer finished in 4th place, but only finished 5 events.  If we scale her score for 5 events, she would have an 83.

For the June Benchmark we have Cruise Tickets to hand out, a $200 gift certificate for hair removal Izalia, and $100 gift certificate for physical therapy from Theralutions.  We’ll be awarding prizes for the greatest percentage increase in score as well.

MemberScoreDateBest MovementBest Movement ScoreMasters
Tania J.915/5/2015Wall Balls100
Lisa F.794/11/2015Sand Bell situp100
Stacey R.75.178-Apr-15Jacob’s Ladder90
Jennifer J.694/25/2015Rower100
Kathleen W.65.322-Apr-15Assault Bike Sprint90
Tracy K.63.952-Apr-15Dumbbell Bench Press100
Stephanie J.59.642-Apr-15Jacob’s Ladder100
Sara F.58.9730-Mar-15Concept 2 Rower86
Karen A.5420-May-15Jacob’s Ladder86Masters
Katie M.45.287-Apr-15Sandbell Rainbox Slam44
Clarinda R.41.6330-Mar-15Concept 2 Rower57
Annette A.40.229-Apr-15Sandbell Situp78
Bessy29.994/16/2015Jacob’s Ladder274Masters
Dorothy S.20.7725-Mar-15Concept 2 Rower32