The Standards of CrossFit Workouts in Old Town Alexandria, VA

At Sand & Steel Fitness we take CrossFit workouts seriously. We would like our clients to know that there are certain requirements that must be met for an exercise to become part of our workouts. Our Old Town Alexandria, VA, CrossFit WODs are not thrown together without thought or effort.

CrossFit Workout Requirements

  • Safe – The methods of the workout have been proven at the university level ensuring the upmost safety.
  • Effective – Not every CrossFit workout is created equal. Sweating alone will not increase muscle mass or cause weight loss. There are proven CrossFit movement patterns that are very effective while others are considered to be counterproductive.
  • Fun – Why would you spend time, money, and effort on something that you didn’t truly enjoy; whether it is for the results of daily exercise or the workouts itself?

Proven Patterns

  • Squats before Chin-ups and Curls for Bigger Bicep Circumference Gains: Free testosterone in the bloodstream is released from doing large leg movements, even in women. The increase in free testosterone directly benefits the amount of hypertrophy, or muscle increase. We highly encourage those who want to increase the size of their biceps to do thrusters, snatches, or cleans.
  • 3-5 Sets of 6-10 Reps: This technique has been tested hundreds of times at university level and is proven to build volume. Eccentric, or negative, movements are not done normally used in CrossFit workouts because they are hard to do at a competitive level and don’t have the ability to be measured in terms of power (speed x distance). Even though this is true, Sand and Steel in Old Town Alexandria uses them because they bring amazing results.
  • Complex Movements before Isolated Movements: Complex movements burn calories at a quicker rate and are difficult to do safely when fatigued. Doing the harder movements first will allow you to reach muscle fatigue and then switch to the isolated area that you wish to achieve greater muscle mass. Overall, this will build muscle while avoiding injury.

Depending on your health and goals, CrossFit workouts may be just what you have been looking for. Come try CrossFit at Sand and Steel in Old Town Alexandria, VA today.

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