Tabata Workouts for the Busy Alexandria, VA Professional

For the overscheduled individual in Alexandria, VA  that wants to fit a workout into their busy schedule, there are a few different options. One option, the Tabata workout, is an excellent HIIT method that has specific exercise/rest intervals. The name for this workout comes from the man who first did a study on the benefits of a short high-intensity workout, Dr. Izumi Tabata.

You Don’t Need an Hour to Get an Effective Workout with Tabata

Dr. Tabata discovered that by simply doing 16 minutes a day of high intensity workouts with a few different exercises he was able to generate the same calorie burning results as others spending an hour each day moderately exercising. Tabata workouts are gaining popularity around Alexandria, VA and now is the perfect time to try one out for yourself.

Though the Tabata workout is simply another HIIT program (High Intensity Interval Training), it differs from other popular HIIT programs in that it has a very defined rest to work ratio. Tabata is always done with 20 seconds of intense workout followed by a 10 second rest, mixed across a few different exercises, and then repeated eight times. By choosing a few exercises for different muscle groups you will be doing a fairly thorough workout each time you complete your Tabata workout routine.

Try a Tabata Workout in Alexandria, VA

If you want to try Tabata workouts in Alexandria, VA, yet are unfamiliar with Tabata, we suggest you first discuss your plan with one of our personal trainers. Tabata workouts can be intense, and if you are not familiar with HIIT-style workouts already, it may be something that you want to build up to. Our dedicated Alexandria, VA personal trainers are ready to help you plan your workout while keeping you safe from injury.

We look forward to seeing you at our gym in Alexandria, VA, for our next Tabata training class. We’ve worked with many local residents to change the way they look at exercising and personal fitness, we’re ready to help you next.

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