Types of Diet Supplements Available at Sand & Steel Fitness in Old town Alexandria, VA

Diet supplements are a useful tool in reaching your fitness goals in Old Town Alexandria, VA. A good diet is an essential part of your workout plan, as diet and working out go hand in hand in meeting your fitness goals. By learning which diet supplements can be used and when they should be used you will be armed with some solid knowledge on diet assistance going forward. There are five main categories diet supplements fall into. They are classified by their effects or properties, such as: controlling neurons, blocking hormones, fullness, increasing energy levels, and fat blocking thermogenics.

  1. Diet supplements that control neurons are used to increase stimulants for pleasure in relation to working out in your brain. These help you to get motivated to work out if you are having trouble with motivation.
  2. Hormone blocking diet supplements in Old Town Alexandria, VA are used to help give you a feeling of fullness. This will make you not constantly hungry so that you can stick with your planned diet.
  3. Fullness diet supplements are similar to block hormones except that they physically absorb water and expand in your stomach to generate the feeling of fullness; whereas block hormones affect your hormones instead.
  4. Diet supplements that increase your energy levels are used to boost adrenaline levels and help you power through a physically demanding work out.
  5. Thermogenics work to raise your metabolism levels so that you break down food more efficiently and these help you to not gain weight off of eating the large meals that you will need to get your energy for intense workouts.

By understanding the 5 different types of diet supplements that we carry you can mix and match supplements to find what works for you. Be careful when doing so though, it may be a good idea to consult one of our trainers beforehand to make sure that you are using the diet supplements to get the best results. We have a wide selection right here in our Old Town Alexandria, VA gym and you will be hard-pressed to find better deals anywhere on diet supplements in Old Town Alexandria, VA.


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