The Value of an Alexandria, VA Personal Trainer

If you are passionate about your health and really would like to get in shape, there is no better way to do so than with an Alexandria, VA personal trainer. Contrary to what many think, a personal trainer is not only something for the super advanced gym user. Doing exercises correctly is an important part of your workout and by having your own meetings with a personal trainer right from the start, you will be sure to learn everything with good form from the get go. We have a couple great trainers right here in the heart of Old Town Alexandria ready to help you meet your goals.

When you first meet with a personal trainer, one of the most important things that we can do for you is to help develop your personalized training schedule. Through various fitness tests we can learn your strengths and weaknesses which will then enable us to form a workout plan around you. This will be a custom workout designed to meet your specific needs. Over time we can continue meeting with you and help adjust the workout as needed to grow along with you. By doing this, we will make sure that you are gaining muscle and losing weight at the best possible rate, but also not causing damage or stress to your body in the process. Having your own personal trainer to work with in Old Town Alexandria, VA is a great opportunity that should not be passed up.

As a smaller specialized gym, we are able to focus on each of our clients better than most larger gyms can.  This gives our personal trainers the chance to form a close relationship with our members, and learn what helps them best. That said, we don’t just use a generic workout plan, we custom build it. Our personal trainers even adjust workout plans to fit your preferences, workout types, and workout duration. We have many different pieces of strength training equipment available at our gym in Old Town Alexandria, VA and our personal trainers will use all of them to help build the perfect fitness plan for you.

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