Discord Server is our private group for discussing all things Sand and Steel. Discord is how we keep in touch about new events, class workouts, personal training customization, our favorite songs, and more. Discord is a great tool to learn about the gym from the source that matters most — our community.

  1. Create your Discord Account.
  2. Join our Server.
    1. Click + add server
    2. Join Server
    3. Paste this link: https://discord.gg/WEUCMN5M6s
    4. Accept the forum rules
    5. Message us on the Start Here thread.
    6. Tell us your full name so we know who you are. Your privacy is protected as this is a private server.
  3. You aren’t signed up until you get a confirmation from me. I will write you back on Discord as soon as I see your message. Keep your app open until you get a confirmation from.

Our Discord Server is a private group for members and potential members.

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