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Join our Alexandria Run Club to run with a fun group CrossFitters passionate about running, hiking, and trail running. Run Club classes feature a mixture of trail running, hiking, and road running. Plus awesome post run events. We also join local races. Run better and improve your running mechanics

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    Run Club is an add-on membership that requires an active CrossFit or Personal Training Membership.


Run Club Alexandria VA

Our Run Club features trail runs ranging from 3-13 miles.  All of our runs feature beginner friendly distance options so that new runners can join us.  As part of the class, we teach new runners what kind of sneakers to buy, what gear to wear, how much water they need, and which supplements are best on and after the trail.

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WakeField - June 1, 2024

Gym Meetup Time: None (unless you request)

Meetup Location & Location: Please meet at the parking lot at 9AM.

Run Parameters: Please target to complete the run within 75 minutes. Time Cap is 90 minutes. If you aren’t back to the parking lot by 90 minutes, please message the Run Club.

Note, there are a lot of turns on both trails… if you miss a turn (highly likely), just keeping going. There will unmarked trails that make navigation more difficult. Just be sure you are back to the cars within 90 minutes.

After the Run Meetup: 11:00AM Peet’s Coffee Shop. If you are not planning to attend, please let us know on Discord or at the run. Everyone needs to check-out with Paul for safety reasons.

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Raven Run and Beer Chase Brewery - May 27, 2024
Run Club Alexandria
Run Club Alexandria

Gym Meetup Time: 7:30AM

Meetup Location: For all future runs / hikes, the meetup location will be at the main parking lot. The parking lot is located at 39°06’55.3″N 77°50’51.0″W. The walk from the main parking lot to the trailhead isn’t very far. There are about 7 spots in the aux parking lot. However, if memory serves there is very little cell signal there, so please don’t park there if you don’t have signal. Please message the discord server if you park at the aux parking so we know not to wait for you.

Meetup Time: 9:00AM at the Main Parking Lot.  7:30AM at the gym. Raven Rocks is about 60 minutes from the gym.

Run / Hike: Some of the trail is runnable, but most of it is hiking only. It’s very rocky, so choose appropriate footwear.

After the Hike / Run Meetup: 12:30PM-2:30PM Beer Chase Brewery

The Trails: Download pics and gpx files or View on Komoot. Raven Rock Trail is very easy to navigate. The trail itself goes on for hundreds of miles. For this run, it’s out 1.5hrs and back 1.5hrs. More experienced athletes will simply go further in that time.

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Anacostia River Run - May 11, 2024

Anacostia River Run Komoot Cover

Gym Meetup Time: 8:00AM
Trailhead: 8:30AM (Parking Directions)

After the Run Meetup: 10:30AM

The Trails 

Download pics and gpx files or View on Komoot

  • Beginner Trail 5.59 Miles at 13:20 minute/ mile. 1:14
  • Intermediate Trail 6.72 Miles at 10:55 minute/ mile. 1:14
  • Rx Trail 8.12 Miles at 10:00 minute/ mile. 1:21
  • Rx+ Trail 9.6 Miles at 9:30 minute/ mile. 1:14

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Sugarloaf Mountain - May 4, 2024

Gym Meetup Time: 7:00AM
Trailhead: 8:00AM (Parking Directions)

After the Run Meetup: 10:00AM
Comus Inn
23900 Old Hundred Rd, Dickerson, MD 20842

The Trails

Sugarloaf Mountain Map

Fairfax Lake Park - April 27, 2024

Gym Meetup Time: 8:00AM
Trailhead: 9:00AM (Parking Directions)

After the Run Meetup: 11:00AM
Paris Baguette Bakery
2324 Silver Arrow Wy, Herndon, VA 20171

The Trails

North Valley Trail Run - April 20, 2024

The Run

North Valley Trail in Prince Williams Park. Start time is 9:00AM-9:30AM depending on your run distance. The goal is to have everyone finish at 10:30AM for coffee and brunch.

    • Parking: In the Food Lion Shopping Center
    • Directions to Trailhead: 5106 Spriggs Lane Fire Rd, Dumfries, VA 22025
    • Start Time: 9:00AM-9:30AM, Saturday at the Trailhead. Carpool leaves at 8AM.
    • At the Trailhead: Meet at the trailhead 9AM (Rx), 9:15AM (Int), 9:30AM (Beg). Finish the run by 10:30AM. Beginners/Intermediates that want to start at 9AM can do so. Either you can extend your run distance a little bit or you’ll just finish a little early. The Rx run should take 80-90 minutes to complete.
    • Carpool Time: Leaves the gym at 8:00AM. Message Paul if you want a ride.
    • Custom Maps: Be sure to download the trail maps as they are custom routes.

Distances and Routes

Rx: 7.1 Miles Start Time 9:00AM (Pace 12 Minute Mile)



Int: 5.1 Miles Start Time 9:15AM (Pace 15 Minute Mile)



Beg: 3.2 Miles Start Time 9:30AM (Pace 18 Minute Mile) Custom: You can choose a different distance, just make sure you finish by 10:30AM.

Post Run – Meet at Starbucks

There are many different food options in shopping center. I selected Starbucks as a central location so we look around with coffee and pick a bar or restaurant.

Seneca Creek Park - April 13, 2024


Hemlock Trail March 30 2024

Hemlock Trail Run and Paradise Springs Winery March 30 2024

90 Minute Run Planned… faster runners will run further, slower runners will run a shorter distance. Run, Run/Walk, or Hiking is OK. We’ll head to Paradise Springs Winery after the run.

Leave from the gym at 10AM, with 10:45AM planned start time. Download the Trail Map here

Scaling for Various Level Runners

Like all of our classes, we provide scaling for our runs.  So even if the class says were are running seven miles, we can provide you a shorter run.  We are here to help in terms of running gear, hydration, nutrition, running technique, etc.

A Run Club for CrossFitters

We are not professional runners… some of us are faster, some of us are slower, but we are all friends. We run to improve our cardiovascular health and improve our conditioning for CrossFit. Our run club programming is specifically keyed with our CrossFit programming so you don’t get overtrained.

Spartan Races, Ex2 Races, Hyrox and More

We also compete as a team at various local races such as Spartan Races, EX2, Hyrox and more.

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