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Use this page to schedule your online interview. Once you have scheduled your interview, please fill out our job application form (see below).  We are looking for Entry Level and Senior Level Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, and CrossFit Coaches living in Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, FairFax VA, and Washington DC.

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CrossFit Sand & Steel, Founded in 2013

  • Multiple CrossFit Classes
  • 7 Specialty Classes
  • Tons of Personal Training Sessions available to make extra money
  • Flexible Hours with complimentary mentors
  • Strong Community with Lots of Social Events
  • Nutrition and Mobility Program

CrossFit Sand & Steel Fitness. Alexandria VA. We offer a collaborative, inclusive and professional workplace.

Our CrossFit Classes: We are a beginner-friendly community-focused CrossFit gym. We prioritize teaching correct technique and proper form. We coach and program to CrossFit highest standards and follow a text-book approach for our classes and personal training. We focus on technique and scaling in our classes so that every member can safely perform the exercises.

Personal Training: As a CrossFit gym, we do a very large volume of personal training with over 300 sessions a month. We handle all the intake and onboarding, you just need to scale and customize the workouts to support our members.

CrossFit Coach: We are looking for a CrossFit Level 1 or Level 2 coach with at least 6 months of experience attending CrossFit classes. Experience coaching is a definite plus as well.

Available Hours: We have CrossFit classes M-F 6AM, 7AM, 9AM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM and Saturday 9AM. We offer private sessions Monday thru Friday 6AM – 10AM and 3-8PM and Saturdays from 8AM – 1PM.

Free Class Membership: all coaches who meet the minimum coaching hours per week receive a free CrossFit membership.

Continuing Education: We pay for 7 Online CrossFit Certifications as well as more advanced certifications after you have worked a set number of hours.

Work with an Elite Team: We provide a learning environment for both members and coaches. Coaches should always be learning, developing, and improving their skills, and we are committed to help you do just that.

Job Qualifications:

  • CrossFit Certification (e.g. Level 1 Trainer).
  • At least six months of work experience at a CrossFit or Personal Training studio
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Personal Training Insurance
  • COVID-19 Vaccinated
  • Flu Vaccinated

Job Application Form

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