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Fun workouts, mindfully designed

I’ve been working out at Sand and Steel since August and have been thrilled. The workouts are fun and mindfully designed – working each part without over-working anything. The coaches provide the appropriate level of challenge, pay close attention to form, and are really good at explaining movements. This was quite the find and a fantastic value.

Wendy Wickham
October 17, 2017

Extraordinarily knowledgeable about the intricate dynamics of movement

Esther Senior Fitness Program

Paul Roberts knows more about the body than anyone I know. This is a huge advantage for older people for whom the standard training movements need to be adjusted to attain greatest benefit. The variety of methods and tools available at this gym was an eye-opener to me. It allows the trainer to truly personalize the workout.

Esther Goldberg
July 29, 2017

“It’s exciting seeing and feeling results of hard work!”

Natalie Client of the Month Cover Featured Image 2

*”I have very much enjoyed my workouts at Sand and Steel. It’s a great crew, with professional coaches and knowledgeable expertise. I’m addicted to my program, and it’s exciting seeing and feeling results of hard work. Since I started training with Sand and Steel a couple of months ago, I’ve had the opportunity to train with Rachel, Max, Alex, and Dawn. I learn something every time I train, and I appreciate the variety of instruction from each of the separate coaches. I look forward to all my sessions — something that I never thought I’d say, when workouts start at 6AM! I appreciate the same level of focus and dedication from the coaches, that I give to the workouts twice a week. Sand and Steel coaches are well-versed in technique and repercussions of different movements; they’re dedicated to ensuring that I get the max out of my workout, and I… View All ““It’s exciting seeing and feeling results of hard work!””

Natalie B.
July 17, 2017

Couldn’t ask for more personalized personal training!

Client of the Month

* “Sand and Steel has been my headquarters for rehab and training for over two years. I’ve had numerous injuries from playing competitive soccer and the personal trainers at Sand & Steel have readily adapted their workouts to accommodate injuries. I’m 40 years old and I can do it. Holds on the Rings, alternating parallete pushups, even pull-ups.” If you are on the fence about joining Sand and Steel, I definitely recommend you check them out. I’m in the best shape of my life, and loving every minute of it. In terms of programs, I’ve done Glute and Core workouts, CrossFit Style workouts, power lifting programs. Sand and Steel even has a benchmark system, where they analyze how you move to provide you with recommendations on what style of programming is best for you.*”    -Sara F.

Sara F.
June 18, 2017

Valuable Personalized Training

*”I have been with S&S for nearly a year and I like the personalized training I get from Paul and his team. They work with you based on your fitness level but also work to help you make the right improvements.” S&S has helped me get better with my mobility (the Mobility Sessions with Paul are tough but helpful) and I’m more mindful of my diet. I also appreciate the modifications offered with my workouts.*

M. Bynum
May 10, 2017

Personal Training Rocks

Jim C. Testimonial

*”I am getting stronger, more fit and flexible at the same time. Also the warm ups and stretching have greatly improved the lower back issues I have been experiencing for the last year. I would highly recommend adding Sand and Steel to your program if you are serious about fitness.” After a few years of training with Crossfit and other programs I have decided to take a personalized approach to training. I wasn’t sure this was right for me or cost effective. However I recognized that my mobility and form were slipping and there were gaps in my program. Over the last two months I have been working out with Paul and his team of trainers and discovered the difference between group and personalized training. Paul is a superb trainer and first rate mobility instructor excellent at analyzing your individual strengths and weaknesses and suggesting exercises that accomplish the task… View All “Personal Training Rocks”

April 27, 2017

Get Steel Strong – 3 Month Review – Just Twice a Week Works

Before and After Weight Loss

* “Three few months ago I walked into Sand & Steel with an unhealthy lifestyle, old injuries slowing me down, and a ton of ignorance — in other words, the quintessential gym noob. Thanks to the entire team I am now a better eater plus more mobile, fit, and knowledgeable (and slightly less noobish).” Paul is the mastermind behind my fitness, nutrition, and mobility training — and, honestly, my progress speaks for itself.  I’ve been on their Get Strong Nutrition Program and here’s my changes in 3 months. 40% Body Fat Reduction in 3 Months 4 Pounds of Muscle Gained in 3 Months My 3 Months Results: Sand & Steel has a wide array of programs tackling different goals; both I’ve tried get the job done. Each session I attend is valuable, and every single trainer I work with is great. I was initially slow to try personal training, but… View All “Get Steel Strong – 3 Month Review – Just Twice a Week Works”

Aaron Bush
April 12, 2017

Blessed by the Sand and Steel Workout Gods

Barbell Strength Training Antionette

* “Started with Sand and Steel, back in January.  I was just a kid with a dream to succeed in the EMT/ fire service.  After 3 months, attempting to train myself with no clear results showing. I came to the conclusion that I would need a much wider network of help to achieve my goals.”  I looked around aimlessly, for a Cross-fit base gym that would help me achieve my aspirations. Then, I came upon Sand and Steel Fitness.  My main goal, was to pass my Emergency Medical Technician test by improving my strength and conditioning. This was just 2 months ago, when I began training with the Sand and Steel members.  And today 2 1/2 -3 months in I can say happily say that I have Absolutely, no regrets, and am super duper satisfied. These guys are truly amazing, they dedicate an immense amount of focus and time, into… View All “Blessed by the Sand and Steel Workout Gods”

Antinette Wallace
March 5, 2017

I’m down 15 pounds and still dropping. – Mike D

Mobility and Personal Training

* “I’ve been going to gyms for over ten years 2-3 months at a time, and rarely saw improvement.  I didn’t prioritize exercise or a properly structured diet.  It just took too much time and there is too much contradictory information online.)  As a result I gained about 20 lbs pounds of body fat.  With a” little push from my doctor, and certain early health alarms starting to ring, I firmly decided to take charge of my life and get in shape once and for all. When I met Paul and Dawn, the owners of Sand and Steel, I immediately noticed a difference between large, chain gyms and this one.  Paul and Dawn are extremely enthusiastic about changing people’s lives for better, while doing it in a professional, thoroughly researched and proven way.  They have a two-pronged approach – diet and exercise.  Paul created personalized diet recommendations for me and… View All “I’m down 15 pounds and still dropping. – Mike D”

Mike D.
December 12, 2016

I love sand and steel fitness

Personal Training Alexandria

* “I have been working out with Dawn and Paul for 3 months now and I have seen results.  I hired them as they do all my favorites, insanity, crossfit and kettlebell training.  I was injured while doing crossfit and wanted to get back into it doing modifications to the workouts.  Dawn and Paul both push” me while keeping it safe.  Thanks, you guys are the greatest.  XO, Steph*

Stephanie Kurka
December 11, 2016

An Exceptional Experience!

Steve S. Testimonial

* “I thought for a long time that I was keeping myself in shape by maintaining a workout at home that involved some weights, calisthenics, and a (somewhat) disciplined nutrition plan. But time, metabolism, and my minimalistic approach to working out, just wasn’t getting the job done. After researching alternatives, I came across Sand and Steel”, met with Paul, and made the commitment. Needless to say, it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Working with Max and Paul has “awakened” muscles far too long neglected. I am getting stronger by the day and enjoying the variation and challenges that await me every time I walk into their place. These folks are professionals in every sense of the word: smart, sensitive, committed, and knowledgable. They work you hard but are always careful to listen and observe. And though I always leave the building exhausted, I am simultaneously… View All “An Exceptional Experience!”

Steve S.
December 11, 2016

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