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Coaching @ Sand & Steel

Sand & Steel Personal Trainers provide personalized attention, professional instruction, and exercise programming to each member to maximize the member’s health, fitness, and wellness goals while providing the highest level of customer service. Join us and discover a dynamic work environment built around helping others maximize their potential, where limitless opportunity is cultivated by the highest in industry standards across training, education, marketing, media and sales.

 We currently have personal training opportunities at our location in Alexandria, VA near Washington, DC.

Personal Trainer Job Opportunity includes:

  • Earning potential of $60K+
  • Flexible hours (work as many hours as you like)
  • Performance-based pay
  • Pay-period, monthly and annual bonus opportunities
  • In-house certification program and training
  • Benefits such as medical and vacation days.*

Personal Trainer Job Description:

  • Scale and customize workout to clients
  • Provide the best client workout experience you can
  • Take clear notes on how the work progresses
  • Provide hospitality to all members.

Why We Are Different:

  • We are team focused.  All clients work with all coaches
  • Sand & Steel is a learning environment, we will teach you to be a better coach
  • We won’t have you train any clients until you are ready
  • Learning never stops at Sand & Steel — we are always improving our craft.

Things We Don’t Do:

  • You don’t have to find new clients (we will do this for you), but you do get bonuses if you do
  • You don’t do any cold calling
  • You don’t have to troll the floor looking for clients
  • You don’t have to compete for clients


  • Focus on helping clients move better and lose weight safely
  • Desire to learn new techniques and skills to teach clients
  • Understand principles of physical fitness and proper exercise technique.

Personal Trainer Requirements

  • A personal training or CrossFit certification; CPR/AED Certification
  • Personal Training Insurance & Experience coaching at least 50 clients
  • Ability to demonstrate powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and kettlebell technique.**
Real Mentorship to Build Your Career
Our head coach Paul has over 10 certifications in Mobility, CrossFit, and Strength Training.  He has trained over 100 coaches and 3000 clients.  If you want to be the best coach you can be, this is where you need to work.
Better Coaching — Better Results
We take the time to certify and mentor every single personal trainer at Sand & Steel.   Sand & Steel is a place where you can change people lives, empower them to overcome obstacles, and help them become the best they can be.  Client results begin and end with us having the best coaches possible.
The Client Comes First
We are the Professional Grade Personal Training Studio in Old Town.  Every client is hand-built a custom workout program based on their goals, fitness, injuries, and mobility.  We get better results for our clients because we work harder for our clients.

CrossFit ♦ TRX ♦ RKC ♦ Yoga ♦ Personal Training ♦ Conditioning ♦ Mobility ♦ Weight Loss ♦ Durability ♦ Rehabilitation

Areas We Service:Washington DC, Shirlington, Del Rey, Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, Landmark, Georgetown, China Town, Dupont Circle, Eisenhower Ave., Thomas Circle, National Harbour.  Personal Training Job Alexandria VA

*Additional Details Apply.  See for details.
** Don’t know the basics?  Sign up for our Mentorship program.

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Personal Trainer Jobs Alexandria

Personal Trainer Job

Build Your Personal Trainer Career

We are passionate about helping people lose weight and move better.  We help clients improve strength through focused programs in power lifting and hypertrophy.  We improve clients balance and range of motion with our mobility programming.  And we have state of the art programming in weight loss and transformation style workouts.

What we need is you … Sand & Steel is helping more clients than ever, and we need more people on our team.

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