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Coaching @ Sand & Steel

Real Mentorship to Build Your Career
Our head coach Paul has over 10 certifications in Mobility, CrossFit, and Strength Training.  He has trained over 100 coaches and 3000 clients.  If you want want to be the best coach you can be, this is where you need to work.
Iron Sharpens Iron
Make no mistake, we will push your limits as a coach.  We’ll break down your mistakes, and force you to coach correctly. It’ll be tough and ego-shattering…but one thing is certain…we will either break you or we will make you better.
Better Coaching — Better Results
We take the time to certify and mentor every single personal trainer at Sand & Steel.   Sand & Steel is a place where you can change people lives, empower them to overcome obstacles, and help them become the best they can be.  Client results begin and end with us having the best coaches possible.
The Client Comes First
We are the Professional Grade Personal Training Studio in Old Town.  Every client is hand-built a custom workout program based on their goals, fitness, injuries, and mobility.  We get better results for our clients because we work harder for our clients.

Sample Benefits Include:

  • $25 hourly | $50,000 Annual
  • Choose your Own Hours
  • Complimentary Access to Our Gym
  • Employee Parking
  • Sand & Steel Level 1 Personal Training Certification Included
  • Benefits include: medical insurance, certification reimbursement, and vacation time*
  • Rent Space at our Gym to Train Your Own Clients

Personal Trainer Requirements

  • A personal training or CrossFit certification; CPR/AED Certification.
  • Personal Training Insurance & Experience coaching at least 50 clients.
  • Ability to demonstrate power lifting, Olympic lifting, and kettle bell technique.**

Perfect Form, Precision Coaching, and Attention to Detail

Sand & Steel personal trainers are masters of their craft.  We live the life, train ourselves how we train our clients, and we never stop learning.  We don’t need machines to build strength, fancy cages to aid in mobility, or ellipticals to build cardio capacity.  We are an elite breed, the best of the best.  If you want to work here, be prepared leave your ego at the door.  If you can’t handle that, we hear Planet Fitness is hiring.  But if you are ready to take your coaching knowledge to the next level, please apply.

CrossFit ♦ TRX ♦ RKC ♦ Yoga ♦ Personal Training ♦ Conditioning  Mobility ♦ Weight Loss ♦ Durability ♦ Rehabilitation

Areas We Service: Washington DC, Shirlington, Del Rey, Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, Landmark, Georgetown, China Town, Dupont Circle, Eisenhower Ave., Thomas Circle, National Harbour.  Personal Training Job Alexandria VA

*Additional Details Apply.  See for details.
** Don’t know the basics?  Sign up for our Mentorship program.