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Fitness Assessment: Building Biomechanics for Weight Lifting

The Sand & Steel Fitness Assessment has been constantly developed and refined since we opened our doors in 2014.  We have done thousands of these fitness assessments over the course of five years.  Here’s what we’ve learned and how we use the Fitness Assessment to build client specific programs.

Balancing Pricing and Coverage on Personal Training Insurance

Balancing Pricing and Coverage on Personal Training Insurance

By Paul Roberts

Attorney at Law and Professional Personal Trainer

If you are like most personal trainers I know, you have probably asked yourself — How much do I really need to pay for personal training insurance to cover my liability?

Individual policies run between $79/year on the low end to $250/yr for comprehensive policies there are lots of options.   Here are some of the options you should consider. 

Personal Trainer Jobs Alexandria

Personal Trainer Job – Build Your Personal Trainer Career

We are passionate about helping people lose weight and move better.  We help clients improve strength through focused programs in power lifting and hypertrophy.  We improve clients balance and range of motion with our mobility programming.  And we have state of the art programming in weight loss and transformation style workouts.

What we need is you … Sand & Steel is helping more clients than ever, and we need more people on our team.

Strength Training Foundation Movements

Strength Training Foundation Movements

There are 8 basic strength movements: the Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull, Arc/Hollow, Twist/Resist Twist, and Gait.  We’ll cover these techniques and discuss the proper form to do them safely.  We’ll also discuss various techniques to test muscle function by selecting members from the audience, and demonstrating how to test for proper neural control of muscles, and how to utilize strength training to restore and improve muscle function.