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Sand & Steel Fitness Reviews

Reviews: What Our Customers Say

What I wanted: A trainer that wasn’t going to bully me or make me feel inadequate about being over 40, on the fat side and not as fit as I was when I was 20.

What I Needed: a private environment where I wouldn’t be judged for my previous mistakes with diet and lack of exercise.

What I got: A fitness education of a lifetime.

What I didn’t know: That I had been exercising ineffectively and inefficiently for years. Exercising with focused intention on specific muscle groups makes things happen really quickly. By looking at what, when and how much I ate, I became aware of habits that I had been blissfully unaware of. With an understandable education of what and when to eat, body fat falls off, muscle builds and energy levels start climbing.

Where I’m at now: I am able to maintain fitness and stay lean using the knowledge, information and techniques Paul has provided.  I now enjoy a fitness level and vitality that is the envy of my peers.  And, I am the proud owner of a brand new wardrobe — Paul should really put that into his pricing :-). Tim. General Surgeon

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I have been training with Paul for 9 months now with the aim of improving my fitness and losing weight. To date, I have lost the best part of 70# and am the fittest I have been in the past 12 years. I have been able to complete a Tough Mudder, and Paul even ran it with me!

Paul has enough motivation for both of us even when I don’t have my mind in the game. His training cover not only workouts but dietary changes that are sustainable. The last 9 months have changed not only how others see me but how I see myself. Paul has been there every step of the way.Marissa. George Washington University (GWU) Grad Student

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