Established in 2013, CrossFit Sand & Steel is a comprehensive fitness facility in Alexandria, VA. We offer a variety of programs including CrossFit classes, personal training, mobility, and nutritional guidance, all designed to help clients achieve their strength, endurance, and wellness goals.

The 2024 Murph Experience

May 25, 2024. Registration includes Beer & BBQ, Free T-Shirt, Scaling for all Levels, over $600 in prizes, and of course an amazing workout.
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The Sand & Steel Difference

Better Instruction, Smaller Classes, Lower Prices, Cleaner Surfaces, and the Most Experienced Coaches

Full service Personal Training & CrossFit Gym in Alexandria VA offering towel service, showers, air conditioning, and a CrossFit Equipment Shop 

The Cleanest CrossFit Box in Northern VA

Professionally cleaned every week, we are a health conscious community that proudly hosts the cleanest CrossFit & Personal Training gym in Alexandria VA. You’ll find our gym stocked with all Rogue branded equipment maintained in meticulous condition.

Better Instruction in Smaller Classes

We provide real coaching, feedback, and training in our Personal Training & CrossFit Classes. We teach and provide modifications for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. We keep our classes small so you can learn faster.  Our average class size is just 6 people. A higher coach to member ratio helps you improve faster, more safely.

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  • Personal Training
  • CrossFit Memberships
  • Nutrition and Mobility Classes
  • Open Gym

The Most Experienced Coaches

Owners Dawn and Paul have more than 25+ years of experience and over 50 training certifications in CrossFit, Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, Yoga, Nutrition, and Mobility. We hire the best coaches in the DC area so your Personal Training & CrossFit experience is safe & effective.

Hiring a Professional Coach

Our Coaches

Paul Roberts Personal Trainer Yoga Teacher Alexandria VA Springfield VA

Paul Roberts – Owner

Certifications and Credentials

  1. Biomedical Engineer: Johns Hopkins University
  2. CrossFit Level 3 (CCFT): CrossFit Certified Trainer
  3. CrossFit Powerlifting: Strength Training
  4. M|WOD ReadyState Movement and Mobility Specialist: Movement and Mechanics
  5. Kinstretch: Mobility and Flexibility Certification for Group Classes
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Dawn Anderson – Owner

Certifications and Credentials

  • Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT) Level 3 Coach
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness: Certified Personal Trainer
  • Feet-Ness Instructor: Feet and Toes Strength and Recovery
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist: Human Movement Optimization. Mobility Development, Articular Strength, and Neurological Control
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Cindy Personal Trainer CrossFit

Cindy Moore – Senior Coach

CrossFit and Personal Training Certifications

  1. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  2. National Strength and Conditioning Association Member/Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS)
  3. NETA Personal Trainer
  4. Functional Movement Systems Functional Movement Screen Level 1
  5. TRX Suspension Systems and Rip Trainer
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EJ Thompson: Personal Training

Personal Training Certifications

  1. NASM: Certified Personal Trainer
  2. NASM: Certified Nutrition Coach
  3. NASM: Group Personal Training
  4. NASM: Cardiorespiratory Training for Fitness
  5.  CPR/AED certified                                                                                  
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Alicia Jackson: CrossFit and Personal Training

Personal Training Certifications

  1. Bachelor’s of Science – Health and Physical Education from Old Dominion University
  2. NASM Personal Training Certification
  3. NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification
  4. Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  5. First Aid, CPR, and AED Certified
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