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Personal Training Alexandria VA

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Personal Training Alexandria VA
Sand & Steel -- My Secret Weapon for Looking Better. - Mary R.
★★★★★ I continue to receive excellent personal training at Sand and Steel Fitness in Alexandria VA.  When visiting my Daughter at graduate school last weekend she commented ” Mom you look even better …
Mary R.Clinical Social WorkerPrince St. Alexandria VA 22314
"After six months of training, my wife and I are still thrilled with the staff and facility at Sand and Steel!" -- Aaron & Kelly
★★★★★ After almost six months of training at Sand and Steel Fitness in Alexandria VA, I thought I should give an update to my previous review of Sand and Steel.  I’m happy to report that after all thi…
Aaron & KellyOld Town Alexandria, Virginia
Thanks to Dawn and Paul -- to the both of you, as well as the coaches that you hire -- for providing amazing talent, and kick ass workouts. -Natalie B.
★★★★★ I have very much enjoyed my workouts at Sand and Steel Old Town Alexandria, VA.  It’s a great crew, with professional coaches and knowledgeable expertise. I’m addicted to my program, and it’s ex…
Natalie B.Old Town Alexandria VA
My body fat percentage has dropped from 29% to 24%, as well as my clothing size from 10/12 and now I'm at a 4/6. - Shayla
★★★★★A little long but I wanted to capture everything I would be looking for while researching fitness options. 1.  Results: First let me start off my saying I’ve tried a lot of different gyms and tr…
ShaylaDoctorOld Town Alexandria VA
"The most impressive aspects of Sand and Steel is how they handle their business on an administrative level" - Angie G
★★★★★ I chose to visit Sand and Steel when I realized that after a major surgery, I could not utilize my core like I could before. I was actually freaking out about it. I went to Paul and to…
Angie G.Spa TechnicianBare SkinN Alfred St Ste 200 Alexandria, VA 22314
"Paul and his team helped me strengthen my shoulder such that I no longer feel pain (which can only be repaired with surgery)." - Stacey H.
★★★★★ <Updated review> After over a year of personal training at Sand and Steel Alexandria VA, Paul and his team helped me strengthen my shoulder such that I no longer feel pain from my injury (which …
Stacey H.AttorneyKing Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314
"I have improved in both physical ability and mental belief during my time at S&S. A warm culture where you can build relationships with the other members and push each other to improve." - David Y.
★★★★★ Sand and Steel fitness is a wonderful environment where Paul and Dawn focus on understanding your needs and continually assess and adapt to you as you progress. There is a focus on imp…
David Y.Accountant