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Metcon Strong

Metcon Strong

Strength and Conditioning - Intermediate

Gun Show – CrossFitters Beware

Gun Show – CrossFitters Beware

Strength and Conditioning - Intermediate

Transformation III – Boxed in

Transformation III – Boxed in

Strength and Conditioning - Advanced

Transformation III – Can’t Stop Me

Transformation III – Can’t Stop Me

Transformation - Expert

Commit and Conquer – Earn it

Commit and Conquer – Earn it

Strength and Conditioning - Intermediate

"When it Comes Training Mobility and Range of Motion, Paul is a master of his craft."(*)

PaulProgram: Mobility and Range of Motion. WOD 8W. April 6, 2017

"OMG, an 11 minute sequence wiped me out!!"(*)

SaraCrossFit Metcon

"I'm Shocked at the Results I Get Coming Twice a Week."(*)

TedraProgram: Level 1 Weight Loss. WOD 82W. April 3, 2017

"Joining Sand & Steel was the best decision of my life."(*)

Monique3 Month Review

"Absolutely Amazing Workout -- Highly Addictive."(*)

KaraProgram: Level 1 Weightloss. WOD 84H April 1. Coached by Max

"Awesome Workouts Overall. Enjoy everyone!."(*)

DerekProgram: Redline. WOD 170 March 31. Coached by Santos

"Learned some new things -- it burned, in a good way."(*)

AaronProgram: Getting Diesel. WOD 533 March 29. Coached by Rachel

Committed to safe and effective movement, and getting people into the best shape of their lives.

The Sand & Steel Experience
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Benchmarks and Assessments
Mobility and Flexibility
Nutrition and Meal Plans
InBody Muscle & Body Fat Percentage

Private Personal Training From Certified Coaches

Our Coaching Team


Matt Ervien

Junior Coach, Martial Artist

Matt’s blend of martial arts background and Hollywood stunt training makes him a strong and unique trainer.  Matt also consistently gets the highest ranking scores on overall workout satisfaction.


Santos Palma

Junior Coach, CrossFit Level 1, B.S. Health Science

Santos Palma is our Power Lifting coach helping clients build serious strength and size.  Santos has an amazing eye for exercise faults and his physical therapy training allows him to help client move safely.


Brennen Mayes

Junior Coach, NASM

Brennen is our bodyweight training specialist.  Brennen’s coaching techniques helps clients build strength and definition associated with leaner athletes.

Hannah Drexler Youth Athlete Specialist Bio

Hannah Drexler

Mentee, Div 1 Field Hockey Player

Maggie Kettle Bell Deadlift Cover

Maggie Livelsberger

Mentee, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Brian Leos

Mentee, USA Boxing Coach Lev 1