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Personal Training Starter Pack TRX

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  • 1 Workout Programming Consult,
  • 2 Personal Training Sessions,
  • 1 InBody Composition Scan,
  • Meal Tracking Software,
  • 1 Macronutrient Analysis,
  • 1 Month of Online Workouts

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Gym Tour and Consult

Meet with Dawn and Paul

Gym Tour Includes:

  • Custom-built Macro Nutrient Chart
  • InBody Composition Scan
  • Setup of your Sand & Steel Account
  • Tour of the Gym
  • Programming & Training Recommendations

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We Specialize in:

Clients Recovering from Injuries
Custom Programming for Seniors
Integrated Weight Loss and Strength Training
Experts in Mobility and Flexibility
Power Lifting, Kettlebells, and Olympic Lifting

Paul Before and After Fitness Transformation
View Paul’s Before and After Story, and his tips on how to transform your body.

The Boutique Personal Training Studio in Alexandria VA

  • We handcraft and customize every workout program for our clients.
  • We integrate nutrition and flexibility programming into our training methodology.
  • Unlike other gyms, you’ll be able to work the owners at Sand & Steel. Master level trainers with decades of experience.
  • We are Sand and Steel … Professional Grade Personal Trainers.

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Personal TrainingFitness Performance BenchmarkMobility and Flexibility TrainingMobility and Flexibility BenchmarkNutrition, Meal Plans, and MacrosInBody Composition ScanPersonalized Workout Plans & Online Training
100% Customized, Individualized Personal Training Programs.  During your first three sessions, we analyze your biomechanics and build you a workout program optimized for your goals, strengths, and weaknesses.  Personal Training Service.
A full diagnostic of your fitness and muscle function.  We use the Fitness Performance Benchmark to build you a custom workout program.
Build durability and resistance to injury ⋅ Help repair old or chronic pains and injuries ⋅ Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion.   Mobility and Flexibility Service. 
Our Movement and Diagnostic Screening System helps find and target problem areas such as: Hyper mobile joints ⋅ Weak muscle ⋅ Tight muscles  ⋅ Inhibited muscles ⋅ Below average range of motion.  Mobility and Flexibility Benchmark.
One-on-one sessions, where we work together to improve your food choices.  We’ll teach you how to balance macros, build recipes for your goals, break food addictions, etc.  We create shopping lists, custom meal plans, etc.  Our methodology is based on Precision Nutrition and Whole 30.  Paul has coached hundreds of clients, and this diet works for everyone, with no exceptions.  We systematically remove the foods causing you to gain weight and substitute them for healthier options. Nutrition Service. 
With our InBody service, we’ll measure your basal metabolic rate, muscle mass, body fat percentage, chronic inflammation, and even the amount of muscle in each of your body parts.  This service provides us insight into corrective exercises and weight loss programming to help you get stronger, faster.  InBody Scan
Choose between our custom designed program or our affordable 20 Day Online Shred Program.  Workout Plans

Certified Personal Trainers Alexandria VA 22314

We are an authentic personal training studio, with really well trained coaches delivering the boutique gym experience and results.  Think custom-made Italian Handbags – not factory-made Coach.  We can’t make handbags at the price Coach sells them, and we don’t want to.  While the rest of the fitness industry can sell promises, we have to sell results.  Because that’s who we are … real coaches who train real clients.

Personal Training and Therapy

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