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Paul on Workout Programming

Paul on Workout Programming

January 16, 2021 Featured, Personal Training, Programming Workouts

Watch this video as we revise and build a beginner strength and weight loss program in real-time. Don’t have an hour to learn how to write your own workout program? Just add a comment to this post, and we’ll email you a finalized copy of both of these programs.

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Friday Night CrossFit

Friday Night CrossFit

January 14, 2021 Events, Fitness Class

Friday Night at Home? We got a better solution — maybe you should CrossFit with us? New to Sand and Steel? Your first WOD is free. Join Coach @paul_sscf at 5PM and Coach @kroblinger at 6PM as we sweat, burn, and party our way through an epic CrossFit Workout every Friday night. 🍻 This Friday is our BYOB night, so bring a bottle or can of your favorite beverage to celebrate your WOD.🍷

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Best Gym Videos

Featured CrossFit, Nutrition, & Personal Training Videos

About Us: We are a privately owned, small business. Dawn and Paul are the original owners of Sand and Steel Fitness Gym and they work with our members each and every day.  We are joined by an amazing team of Personal Trainers, CrossFit coaches and Yoga Teachers.  Learn about our team and our members.

I ron Star Games – a CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Olympic lifting Competition. The Iron Star Games spreads across 20 Days, 14 Scored Events, 5 Dedicated Recovery Workouts, and an Awards Ceremony. Coached in small classes, you’ll be taught how to properly complete each event. The Games features a beginner scaling for newer lifters and elite scaling for more seasoned athletes. We will crown 12 total champions: Iron Star, Rising Star, Strongest Male & Female, Elite and Beginner-level CrossFit Champions, plus a Spirit Award.

$3,000 in Prizes

We’ll be awarding over $3,000 in gift certificates and prizes. The Iron Star Games Start on January 4, 2021. Early Bird Registration is now in effect.

We are One People Working Together To Forge a Healthier Virginia

#PositiveBodyImage #LGBTQ #WomensRights #Nerds #Seniors #Blacklivesmatter #Military

Tag Us with one or more of these hashtags that you support, and you’ll get a $10 gift card.

COVID-19 Response for our Gym in Alexandria VA

When you wear a mask you not only protect yourself, you protect your coach, and you protect the other members working with you in the gym. Wearing a face masks helps reduce the risk asymptomatic person transmitting the virus to another person. So wearing a face mask not only protects you … it protects others from you. If everyone follows this policy — the risk of someone getting COVID-19 from the gym is substantially reduced.

COVID-19 Response

Armed with Bi-Polar Ionization, Negative Pressure HEPA Filtration, Air Quality Sensors, and UV-Disinfection technology, Sand & Steel brings a veritable armada of high tech, hospital-grade equipment to keep you safe from Sars-CoV-2 Infection.

CrossFit Gym Alexandria VA

Workouts Built at Your Level

Brand New to Fitness, completely deconditioned with no experience.  You may have one or more significant mobility restrictions or injuries.

A gym member with 3 months or more recent training experience.  You may lack some strength or conditioning.  You may lack and understanding of complex techniques.  You may have one more or more mild mobility restrictions.

Gym member has 6 months of recent training experience.  Balanced strength and conditioning.  You understand the mechanics of basic techniques.  You may struggles on advanced techniques and gymnastics exercises.  Gym member has awareness of his or her own mobility limitations.

You have 1 year or more years of recent training experience.  Gym member is able to perform most complex techniques and bodyweight exercises.  Member understands how to mobilize mobility restrictions and how to modify exercises because of these restrictions. 

Class levels and Scaling.  We provide 4 levels of each workout — each level works the same muscles, but at different difficulty.  Workouts are scaled or customized from that point to the individual athlete.

Personal Training: we build the workouts to your body and goals.  Then we update the workout in real time as you complete it.

From Beginner to Expert
Whatever Your Level

From Beginner to Expert

We have you covered. Personal training is infinitely customized to you. Class instructors provide 4 levels with independent modifications. Everyone moves differently, come to a gym that meets you where you are.

Choose a Better Personal Trainer

Choose a Better Personal Trainer

At Sand and Steel Fitness, we understand that your time is valuable. Our personalized fitness programs and CrossFIt classes are proven to be effective and are customized to keep you safe while achieving optimal health. Benefit from training with team of coaches who share more than 20,000 hours of experience and 120 coaching certifications.

We know what works, how long it should take, and how to help you realize great results. From meal planning, to programming, accessory work, and mobility training, we have you covered -- no matter what shape you are in right now.

Just show up and give us 100%.

A Better Gym in Alexandria VA

As the boutique personal trainer and yoga studio in Northern Virginia / Alexandria we customize every workouts for you based on your needs and requirements. We integrate nutrition, movement, and flexibility into our individualized training plans. We help you achieve all your health and fitness goals, from training for an athletic event, looking better, or improving your overall health and wellness.

Our facility provides the equipment, tools and trainers necessary for a diverse, fun, challenging, and effective workout program. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our expert personal trainers can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Paul Roberts, Biomedical Engineer. John Hopkins University.

Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, CrossFit Coaches

We are a boutique personal trainer, CrossFit, and yoga studio. We handcraft and customize every workout. We integrate nutrition, movement, and flexibility into our personal training plan.

We study our craft, take as many certifications as we can, and develop unparalleled expertise in our specializations. We treat every client with respect and individualize every workout. Developing talent takes discipline, and we push the envelope to improve our coaching quality every day.

Sand & Steel The Ultimate Boutique Gym Experience

We know that getting into shape with a busy job or an injury is challenging.  With all the diet and workout programs out there today, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.  At Sand and Steel Fitness, we do all that hard work for you.  All you have to do is show up and give us a 100%.  We will help you achieve all your health and fitness goals…. from training for an athletic event, looking better, or improving your health and wellness.

Private Personal Training For The Best Results

Not everyone’s fitness goals are going to be the same, so why would the path to those goals be identical too? At Sand and Steel Fitness, we respect the differences in your personal fitness journey, and want to do what we can to help you get to where you want to be. That’s why our skilled personal trainers will work with you to build your ideal workout and fitness plan; we want to customize this experience to be exactly what you need. Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither are our programs.

CrossFit, Yoga, and More

Whether you’re just starting out on your path to health or if you’re an athlete looking to go pro, Sand and Steel Fitness has a group fitness class for you. Our certified fitness trainers are skilled in a variety of exercise types, from yoga and gymnastics all the way to bodybuilding. Different exercises are going to work best for different people, and our trainers want to help you in the way that you’re looking to be helped. Even if you’ve never picked up a barbell before, our expert trainers are here to help you find a path to health that you enjoy and let you learn about new exercise methods for you.

All-Inclusive Fitness

Getting in shape isn’t just about exercise; nutrition plays an important role too in staying healthy and fit. Our experts can incorporate nutrition and diet into your overall health plan, helping you meal plan for success. At Sand and Steel Fitness, we want to make sure you’re getting healthy in all parts of your life, not just in the gym, and we recognize the importance of a healthy diet in your success.

Our personal trainers are ready to help you become the best version of yourself. Are you ready to get in shape? Contact us to get started on your fitness journey today.

WE LOVE WHAT WE DO … and We Do It Better than Anyone Else. We are Sand and Steel: Professional Grade Yoga Teachers and Personal Trainers.
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