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Better Programming... Better Results

As the head coach, I am tasked with ensuring that every single session from every single coach is as good as a session I would teach.  The XT60 system is the answer.  We have built the XT60 as a team for over two years with thousands of coaching hours behind us.   The XT60 system contains over 600 individual workouts spread across 40 different programs. In your first two sessions we analyze how you move, the extent of your existing injuries, and your strengths and weaknesses to determine a fitness profile.  Based on your profile, we place you into one of our 40 programs.  The program you begin at Sand & Steel has been tested to be effective by hundreds of clients before you.  Whether that’s our Level 1 program, Muscle Building Super Mass, or Body Shredding Bikini Body program.

To force us to improve, every three months we flush the bottom 10% performing programs.  We judge our programs by client surveys, InBody results, and Fitness Performance Benchmarks results.  If it’s not the best, it’s not good enough for our clients.

We specialize in helping people with existing injuries, weight loss programs, and building flexibility. The XT60 started years ago as an answer to my own personal program for weight loss (that’s now the infamous Transformation I program), but today it is the pinnacle of team-based personal training.  I have personally done every single workout in the XT60 multiple times, because quality control and safety is the cornerstone of professional personal training.

Paul Roberts

Personal Training

We have 40+ programs specializing in everything from movement correction, to weight loss, to building muscle and strength.  Our programs have been tested by our coaches and hundreds of clients for safety and results.  The performance and weight loss benefits of every client is measured by our benchmarks and InBody Composition Scan.  The programs that work better are kept, and the programs that generate lesser results are scrapped or revised.  Our programs will work better for you, because they have been designed from scratch to be better for a person just like you.  Moreover, our coaches scale and customize every single workout to the individual.  You won’t work too hard or too easy, you’ll work just hard enough to get the results you want safely.  Personal Training Service

Fitness Performance Benchmark

Fitness Performance Benchmark.  At Sand & Steel we measure everything.  In order to know whether a program is really working, your progress has to be examined. You need to be provided with progress standards for improvement.  We have set these guideposts through training hundreds of clients on these same programs.  We can revise your diet and/or program to make sure your improvement continues.  What worked yesterday, might not work tomorrow.  Humans improve because our bodies adapt to different stresses put on them.  We use these Benchmarks not only to place you into an XT60 program, but to monitor your progress and upgrade your program when you’ve grown out of it. Fitness Performance Benchmark

Mobility and Flexibility

Relative ease and degree bones can move with respect to one another based on the tightness of the related muscle groups.[/pullquote]We measure current mobility and static motor control through screening.  We improve the tightened areas through our mobility programming to mobilize and strengthen the tight and weakened areas.   We find and address all the elements that limit movement and performance including short and tight muscles, soft tissue restriction, joint capsule restriction, motor control problems, joint range of motion dysfunction, and neural dynamic limitation. In short, mobilization is the tool we use to globally address movement and performance problems.FMS /YBT/ 3DMAPS Screen.  Mobility and Flexibility Service

Nutrition and Meal Plans

Our nutrition program includes one-on-one sessions, where we examine the choices you make with your eating patterns.  We teach you how to fill out a journal properly and we’ll show where your missteps are.  We work with you to build you a revised meal plan, and we’ll create a daily compliance sheet to help you implement these changes  Our Origin Nutrition program features both a bodybuilding and a weight loss track.  So whether you are looking to put on muscle or cut fat, we’ll custom create a diet for you. Nutrition Service

Inbody Fat Percentage and Body Composition

With our InBody service, we’ll measure your basal metabolic rate, muscle mass, body fat percentage, chronic inflammation, and even the amount of muscle in each of your body parts.  This service provides us insight into corrective exercises and weight loss programming to help you get stronger, faster.  InBody Scan

OMG, an 11 minute sequence wiped me out!!*

SaraCrossFit Metcon

I'm Shocked at the Results I Get Coming Twice a Week.*

TedraProgram: Level 1 Weight Loss. WOD 82W. April 3, 2017

When it Comes Training Mobility and Range of Motion, Paul is a master of his craft.*

PaulProgram: Mobility and Range of Motion. WOD 8W. April 6, 2017

Joining Sand & Steel was the best decision of my life.*

Monique3 Month Review

Absolutely Amazing Workout -- Highly Addictive.*

KaraProgram: Level 1 Weightloss. WOD 84H April 1. Coached by Max

Awesome Workouts Overall. Enjoy everyone!.*

DerekProgram: Redline. WOD 170 March 31. Coached by Santos

Learned some new things -- it burned, in a good way.*

AaronProgram: Getting Diesel. WOD 533 March 29. Coached by Rachel

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Better Personal Training
Coaches who listen to your goals and difficulties.  A team that determines a corrective course of programming and how to best achieve your goals in a realistic manner.  Custom Training Programs built for you by the head coach.  At Sand & Steel, you’ll have a relationship with me and all your coaches.  Coaches who are invested in your success.  Paul Roberts
The Sand & Steel Difference
We are a team of professional personal trainers committed to help you lose weight, move better, and recover from injuries.  With over 80 years of combined personal training and weight loss experience, positive change starts here.  From Mobility WOD to Westside Power Lifting, we know it, live it, and we will leverage it to help you get in the best shape of your life.

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