Paul Roberts Mobility, Strength, and Weight Loss

My Certifications

CrossFit, Yoga, Mobility, and Personal Training Certifications

  1. Biomedical Engineer: Johns Hopkins University
  2. Yoga Inversions and Arm Balances Workshop
  3. Yoga SCW Level II Certified: Hatha Yoga,  Yoga for Seniors, Chakra balancing, Inversions, Pranayamas
  4. RKC Russian Kettlebell Club: Strength & Conditioning
  5. FMS Level II: Functional Movement Screen
  6. 3DMAPS: 3 Dimensional Movements Analysis and Performance System
  7. Muscle Energy Techniques: Rehabilitation and Mobility
  8. Mobility|WOD Movement and Mobility Specialist: Movement and Mechanics
  9. RockTape FMT Blades Basic & Advanced: Gua Sha, Graston, and Scraping to Alleviate Pain and Improve Mobility
  10. RockTape FMT Performance and Basic: Functional Movement Techniques & Advanced Kinetic Taping
  11. Y-Balance: Examination of Movement Patterns and Imbalances
  12. TRX Suspension Training: Core and Bodyweight
  13. CrossFit Level 2: Weight loss and Metabolic Training
  14. CrossFit Powerlifting: Strength Training
  15. CrossFit Gymnastics: Bodyweight and Mobility
  16. CrossFit Scaling Course: Progressions and Regressions for Weight Lifting
  17. CrossFit Lesson Planning: Effective Techniques for Structuring Workouts
  18. CrossFit Pose Running: How to Spot Faults in Running Technique
  19. CrossFit Spot the Flaw: How to Spot Faults in Gymnastics and Weight Lifting Technique
  20. Precision Nutrition: Nutrition Coaching
  21. Starting Strength Seminar: Powerlifting Certification by Mark Riptoe
  22. Road Runner Certified Coach: RRCA Certified Coach
  23. Certified in First Aid and CPR/AED National Foundation

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Starting Strength Seminar

FMT Advanced Certification

Level II Certificate SCWPersonal Training Methodology

Whether your goals are based in performance, bodybuilding, weight loss, or rehabilitation, improvement begins and ends with proper mobility and exercise mechanics.

My coaching style is all about customizing the personal training session to your goals, fitness level, and biomechanics.

I scale personal training sessions through progressions and regressions so that they are safe and effective for you.  Yes, I’m a big fitness nerd with my fancy graphs and conjugate periodization programs. I like working out to 80s music by artists like Jefferson Starship and Jim Josef. I own that. But make no mistake, you will be drenched in sweat, and you’ll feel sore in muscles you never knew you had. You are only as strong as your weakest links… so train the smart way… with better mobility and stronger biomechanics. Let’s create a foundation for real strength training. Yes it’s going to be hard, but it will be scaled to you safely. And in the end … I’m going to get you in the best shape of your life.

Better Movement
I have 5 Mobility Certifications.  Mobility is all about retraining your muscles and connective tissue to move better. It enhances all aspects of fitness because when you move better you train better.  My training sessions focus on providing athletes with exercises that they have sufficient range of motion and control to execute safely. Through integrating mobility into all personal training sessions, we reduce injury rates and help clients break through strength plateaus.
Current Areas of Study
Books and Materials that I currently reviewing and studying
  1. Animal Flow
  2. NCSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS)
  3. Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series
  4. Rocket Yoga Primary Series
  5. Bikram Yoga

My Experience
I have conducted over 10,000 hours of personal training with over 600 clients. I work with clients who have had massive surgeries (hip replacements, shoulder reconstruction, car accidents, rifle damage, etc.) to active military and police.  I specialize in weight loss, strength training, and correcting movement mechanics (kinesiology.)
Snake Bite
Paul performing the double kettlebell lateral walking lunge
My Education
I have a bachelors in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins and a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers. I chose to be a personal trainer so that I can help people move better and improve the quality of their life. Whether it’s unlocking confidence they didn’t know they had, or changing the way they look at fitness, personal training is my opportunity to help others.
Mobility Methodology
In addition to using the principles and teaching of M|WOD, I also integrate Muscle Activation Techniques and Muscle Energy Techniques to strengthen weakened muscles.  For range of motion testing, I utilize Gray Cook’s FMS, 3DMAPS, M|WOD foundational patterns.  For partner stretching, I utilize Astanga Yoga Asanas and Kit Laughlin’s Partner Stretching Methodology.
Paul Roberts | Owner @ Sand & Steel Fitness

Books on Personal Training, Yoga, Strength, Nutrition & Physical Therapy
I owe much of my success in training clients to the hundreds authors and mentors that have written amazing books on Yoga, Personal Training, Crossfit, Nutrition, etc.  Here are the books and authors that have helped me become the personal trainer I am today.

Books on Yoga Personal Training Mobility Strength CrossFit

My Publications

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  1. NSCA National Strength and Conditioning Association

About Paul. Personal Trainer

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BioMedical Engineering - Johns Hopkins University.
Juris Doctorate - Rutgers.
Yoga, M|WOD, CrossFit Level II, 3DMAPS, FMT, FMSII, YBT, RKC, TRX, PN.

Paul has trained over 3000 clients and more than a 100 personal trainers over his 10 years as a mobility and strength coach.  He emphasizes safety and corrective exercises in all programming (strength, weight loss, conditioning, etc.)  His practice focuses on improving flawed movement patterns to prevent injury and improve skeletal-muscular function.  Paul employs a balanced approach in training utilizing his training Yoga, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Movement Courses to systematically strengthen weakened muscles and mobilize joints and muscle tissue.  Move Better ... Train Better.

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