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Certified Personal Trainers, Yoga, and CrossFit. Alexandria VA 22304

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Strength, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells, Mobility & Movement, Flexibility, Private Yoga Sessions, Running Coach, Weight Loss, Nutrition, CrossFit, Boxing, & Senior Personal Training.

Who We Are

Core and Lower Mobility

We are a boutique personal trainer & group fitness studio. We handcraft and customize every workout. We integrate nutrition, movement, and flexibility into our personal training sessions. You only get one body, keep it safe, and make it the best you can.

We are Sand and Steel, Professional Grade Personal Trainers

Our Secrets to Success

Study your craft, take as many certifications as you can, and develop expertise in your specialization. Treat every client with respect and individualize every workout. There are no shortcuts to developing talent or getting referrals.

Love What You Do … and Do It Better than Anyone Else

How We are Different

Personal Training: We are an authentic personal training studio, with really well trained coaches delivering the boutique gym experience and results. Think custom-made Italian Handbags – not factory-made Coach. We can’t make handbags at the price Coach sells them, and we don’t want to. While the rest of the fitness industry can sell promises, we have to sell results.

Group Fitness Classes: We offer a number of different classes so that you can work with your personal trainers to find the right classes for your goals.  From CrossFit to Yoga, we offer classes specializing in weight loss, strength, and mobility.

Because That’s Who We Are … Real Coaches Who Train Real Clients

Get Started!

Owned and Operated by Certified Personal Trainers & CrossFit Coaches

Personal Training and Therapy

Principles of Coaching @ Sand & Steel in 100 Words

Correcting, Seeing, and Teaching

Be assertive and direct with feedback. Short, simple, direct cues. Be relentless when correcting form. Use a tactile cue (touch) when a demonstration or auditory cue doesn’t work. Don’t cue if nothing is at fault. Confirm when a fault is corrected. If it is not corrected, continue to work with the client until it is the absolute best the client can do.

Plan your Workout

Minimize transition time. Know your client, their goals, injuries, strengths and weaknesses. Build the best workout possible, every time.

Principles of Mobility

The Exercise is the Test, and the Test is the Exercise.  Tight Muscles move joints into deformed positions.  Loose muscles allow joints to move into deformed positions.  Isometric holds and body weight exercises upregulate nervous response and create activation.  Rolling and stretching downregulate muscle and improve range of motion.

We Specialize in:

Custom Programming for Seniors
Personal Trainer for Seniors
View our Article on Personal Trainer for Seniors

We train many clients who are 50-80 years old. For our older adult population, we build you a custom program considering your balance, range of motion, and previous injuries.

Your individual program will feature age-appropriate exercises designed to help you stay mobile, improve range of motion, increase strength, and decrease chronic pain.

Clients Recovering from Injuries
We work with clients who have nagging injuries and chronic pain:

  • Injuries from Military and Air Force Tours
  • Old sports injuries like soccer and football
  • Group fitness injuries from CrossFit & Orange Theory
  • Scope-wise we work with people with chronic knee pain, neck problems, spinal reconstructions, shoulder issues, etc.

If you can get yourself to the gym, we can train you.

Integrated Weight Loss and Strength Training
For people looking to lose weight, move better, and get stronger, we offer a fully integrated system.  Many of clients start our having to lose 50-90 pounds to get to their ideal weight.  Regardless of where you are starting from, we’ll build a custom training program for you. Check out the Get Steel Strong Package for more details.
Experts in Mobility and Flexibility
We have built hundreds of custom stretching, balance, and mobilization protocols for clients.  Our Mobility and Flexibility training is designed for people who are prone to injury, naturally tight, or having trouble with balance.  Move better with less pain.
Power Lifting, Kettlebells, and Olympic Lifting
We love being strong and helping clients get strong.  We have strength and conditioning programs featuring the kettlebell, clubbell, vipr, and TRX Suspension Trainer.  Or step up to the barbell with our custom Power Lifting and Olympic Lifting Programs.  Learn the clean, the snatch, the jerk, front squat, deadlift, and swing with our Strength and Conditioning programming.
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