CrossFit Challenger

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CrossFit Competitors classes feature 90-Minute workouts with more volume, more accessories, and programming designed for more experienced athletes.

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    CrossFit Competitors is an add-on membership that requires an active CrossFit Membership.


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CrossFit Challenger Classes: feature 90-Minute workouts with more volume, more accessories, and programming designed for more experienced athletes. CrossFit challenger workouts can be scaled to beginner or intermediate athletes.

Concurrent Programming: The programming is designed so that you can switch between our regular CrossFit track and Challenger track based on your schedule. More specifically, the workouts feature the same major elements on the same day, so switching between workout programs is a seamless experience.

Class Schedule: Competitors meets 3 times per week. Please check the class schedule for current availability.

Benefits: the more substantial warmup is keyed to the Rx athlete endurance and fitness capacity priming the body for the workout ahead. The longer format, faster paced workouts allows the competitors track to include more accessory work such as sled drags, GHD work, handstand work, and plenty of bonus strength work and endurance practice.

Prerequisites: Members need to be able to self-scale and should be proficient in all the basic CrossFit lifts and gymnastics movements before taking the class. Uncommon movements will be taught. Assistance with scaling will be provided.

OnRamp: CrossFit Challenger includes complimentary access to CrossFit OnRamp to provide you with additional booking options should you need them.

Membership Terms: Competitors (Add-on and Competitors Only) features a rolling 3 month membership term. You may request cancellation of your CrossFit Challenger Membership once you meet one of the following criteria: (i) Attend 4 Challenger Classes, (ii) Request a downgrade to OnRamp, or (iii) provide us with 90 days cancellation notice.

What Our Members Say About CrossFit Challenger

The CrossFit competitors class is perfect for those who know the techniques and want a class with less instruction. The coach is still there to assist if needed but unlike the regular classes or OnRamp, time isn’t dedicated to go through the basics of the lifts. I find the classes super fun and more challenging because there is a variety of workouts within the class – the main WOD, strength session, and accessory work. Expect to leave exhausted and accomplished and be sure to recover and eat enough outside the gym!
Danielle R.
Danielle R.
Think of it more as a CrossFit Plus class. It’s the same CF programming for that day, with an additional section focusing on either strength or conditioning. It’s designed for the experienced athlete who wants to add a little more training to their WOD to improve their competitive standing. Since the class spends less time focusing on teaching techniques, and more on the workouts, having an established foundation in CrossFit movements is strongly recommend.
Jenn M.
Jenn M.
The Challenger class is great for people with CrossFit experience who are looking for a higher intensity, higher volume workout that will really challenge them. After I finish a competitors class, I feel like I really challenged myself and pushed myself to improve. Unlike the standard Crossfit class or Onramp, the competitors class is for people who know the CrossFit movements and know how to scale themselves. You will be challenged, but you will reach a new level of fitness if you put in the work to do the competitors class.
Steven G.
Steven G.
The CrossFit competitors class is a fast paced comprehensive 90 minute session, including strength and accessory training to support mainstream WODs. Experienced athletes will love how far this class can push them out of their comfort zone.
Sean D.
Sean D.

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