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Percent Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Chronic Inflammation, Segmental Muscle Analysis, Segmental Fat Analysis, Visceral Fat Level, and Basal Metabolic Rate


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InBody 570 Scan Overview

Sample InBody Scan or Report

The InBody 570 is a powerful diagnostic tool capable of telling your fat mass, fat percentage, muscle mass in each arm, leg, and torso.  Fat mass in each arm, leg, and torso.  It measures internal inflammation, visceral fat, and extra cellular water.  It can determine how much fat you can safely lose, and it charts your progress as you get stronger.  We use the Inbody to determine what sort of fitness regime will work for you.  And we use the Inbody to check on your progress to make sure the fitness is working.  The Inbody 570 measures body fat, muscle mass and inflammation.  As for body fat, the InBody determines subcutaneous fat,  visceral fat, segmental fat (arms, trunk, legs, etc).

The InBody is considerably more accurate than home-grade machines likes the Omron scales you see sold for $30-$50 on Amazon.  Read more about our comparison to those consumer grade bodyfat scales.

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InBody Scan & Macro Report:

  • Percent Body Fat,
  • Muscle Mass,
  • Chronic Inflammation,
  • Segmental Muscle Analysis,
  • Segmental Fat Analysis,
  • Visceral Fat Level, and
  • Basal Metabolic Rate.
We’ll also provide you with a custom Macro Nutrient Report that determines recommended calories consumption per day.  The Macro Nutrient Report will also provide you with recommended amounts of carbs, protein, fat, sugar, fiber, and sodium daily.


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1 review for InBody Scan

  1. 5 out of 5

    Chris D (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a detailed and comprehensive look into where you stand with your body and overall fitness, look no further. The first time I stepped on the In Body scanner I wasn’t sure what to expect. After done with my test I was given what you would normally think looks like gibberish if you don’t understand fitness very well, which at the time I started was very true. I’m now almost a year into being a part of Sand & Steel and glad they have this system on site. I have that dreaded fear like many people where they don’t want to step on the scale but the In Body is so much more, plus it make sit so much easier for the coaches to be able to customize your workouts to help either build certain parts of you that are not in balance with the rest of your body.
    I try and do one every third month or so so as not to worry to much on what I weigh but to help give me an update with all the work I put in and where I need to have adjustments made.

    I highly recommend even just the standard In Body pack because you can get a basic overview of where you stand and then you can do a nutrition pack to add the benefit of what nutritional information can help you reach the goals that even the In Body scan can suggest.

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