CrossFit OnRamp

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Semi-private CrossFit lessons and workouts designed for members new to CrossFit.

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CrossFit Onramp

CrossFit OnRamp features specially designed semi-private training sessions designed for beginners. In CrossFit OnRamp we teach you the foundational exercises of CrossFit.  Classes are 2-3 people and are taught by the Owners. Workouts feature lessons on how to do the exercises properly, scaling on how to adjust the workouts to your level, and a full CrossFit workout.  Four CrossFit OnRamp classes are included with our CrossFit Foundations Membership.

What are CrossFit Onramp Sessions?

CrossFit Onramp helps you learn how to CrossFit safely. It features semi-private classes on Foundational CrossFit exercises like: the deadlift, pullup, medball clean, front squat, burpee, barbell clean, and barbell snatch.

  • Foundations Classes are heavy-duty workouts that are professionally scaled to your fitness level and experience.
  • Learn the fundamental exercises of CrossFit so you don’t get hurt.
  • Improve your technique on gymnastics and Olympic lifts.
  • Master principles of scaling so you can have a great workout every time.
  • Identify & correct pattern faults in common exercises like squats, swings, and lunges.
  • Gain insight into sources of your own mobility and strength weaknesses so you can improve your own foundation.

CrossFit Onramp Overview

Inclusive Culture and Community


We support LGBT rights, all military branches, all body types, all religions, all races and all cultures.

Broad Spectrum

Improve your CrossFit Experience with nutrition, mobility, yoga, powerlifting classes.


We are a pay-it forward community. We sweat together, support each other, and inspire one another to achieve greatness.

Older Adults & Teens

We have many members CrossFitting in their 50s and 60s. For our teens, we provide modifications to help you get in shape safely.

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CrossFit OnRamp
From: $49.00