Personal Trainer Rent Gym Space


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For Personal Trainers looking to rent gym space to train their own clients in our CrossFit gym in Alexandria VA.

  • Start Date

    When would you like your membership to start?

  • Setup Fee

    A $15 Setup fee will be added to your Zen Planner account. This fee is in addition to the price shown below. The setup fee is due before you book your first class.


Day Pass

Pay as You Go
$ 25 Each
  • Buy One at Time
  • Convenient Reservations
  • $200 Signup Fee

Trainer Rental 2

Budget Friendly Option
$ 20 Per Session
  • Twice Per Week
  • $40 Total Per Week
  • $200 Signup Fee

Trainer Rental 6

Most Popular
$ 15 Per Session
  • Six Times Per Week
  • $90 Total Per Week
  • $200 Signup Fee

Trainer Rental 20

High Value
$ 12
Per Session
  • 20 Times Per Week
  • $250 Total Per Week
  • $200 Signup Fee

Trainer Rental 40

Best Value
$ 10 Per Session
  • 40 Times Per Week
  • $400 Total Per Week
  • $200 Signup Fee

Costs to Your Client

Your clients must have an active open gym membership to train with you.  Your client pays this directly to Sand and Steel Fitness.  If you want to use the Open Gym Plus equipment with your client, then the client also needs the open gym plus membership.  With the Open Gym or Open Gym Plus Membership, your client will be able to come to our Open Gym if they want to.  Your client will be required to sign a liability waiver, just like all clients at Sand & Steel.

Pricing Policies

  1. Prices shown are per client.  We do not currently have our software setup to allow you to train more than one client per hour.
  2. Early Renewal Option: If you need to book more sessions than your package allows, our software will simply renew your membership early.  The process is fully automated.  If you wind up cancelling the extra session, your membership won’t renew early.

Tech and Client Support

As a personal trainer renting space in our gym, you are treated like a client of the gym.  You’ll have tech support for all our software, and the support of our staff to make sure your personal training sessions with your clients go as planned.  We want you to be successful and Sand & Steel, we’ll help you to do so.

Booking Your Clients

  1. App or Website: We have an easy-to-use app and calendar-based website that you use to book yourself into “Trainer Rental” slots.  You reserve yourself when you have a client to train.  Your client books you on your own scheduling software.  You book the spot with our software. 
  2. Unauthorized Training: If you train a client when you are not reserved — there is a $60 unauthorized training fee.  Repeated offenses will lead to account suspension. 
  3. No Shows: If you reserve a session, and you don’t attend the session and don’t check-in, there is $10 no-show fee.
  4. Booking Windows: you can reserve up to a month in advance.  You can cancel up to two hours beforehand.  If you need to cancel within the 2 hours, there is a $5 administrative fee.  Please fill out our late cancellation form.  Similarly, if you need to book within the 2 hours, you’ll need to pay the late reservation fee and use the late reservation form.

Leave No Trace Policy

Clean and Put Away Everything You Use. We have the cleanest gym in Alexandria, if not all of DC.  We expect you to do your part in maintaining that standard.  Clean any equipment you use, and put it away at the end of your session.

Electronic Access for Trainer Rentals

Both you and your client will be provided with Electronic Access. Follow the instructions on our Kisi Page to enroll.

Kisi App

Safety & Technique

Dawn and Paul have the final decision as to whether any technique you are demonstrating or coaching is safe or not.  You agree to uphold their decision.

Use the Laptop Tables

We have two laptop tables for use for holding computers and/or other small items you may need for personal training.  Do not leave items on the floor, on benches, or on equipment.


Either party can cancel your membership at any time.  If you do not pay your membership fees on time (through credit card autopay), we will promptly cancel your membership.  If you do not follow the polices on this page, your membership will be cancelled.

Trainer Rental Membership Changes

You can change your membership as frequently as you like, subject to the Membership Change policies.

Personal Training Insurance, Certifications, and CPR

We require you to provide us with a copy of your personal training insurance, a personal training certification, and CPR/AED.  Similar certifications are acceptable (Yoga 200HR, Physical Therapy License, etc.)  You will need to keep these licenses and insurance current while you are at Sand and Steel. 

Insurance: You will need to contact your personal training insurance and list Sand & Steel, LLC “as additionally insured” within the first 30 days of your signup.  If you don’t have personal training insurance — here’s an article on how to shop for insurance.

Personal Training Insurance

Spacing, Coordination, and the 6 Foot Rule

  1. If there is a class in session, you cannot use the group class area.  Otherwise, you may use the group class area.
  2. Whether with our other coaches or open gym members, you need to harmoniously share space with other members and coaches.  This is a simple matter of coordinating with other personal trainers or members who might be working at the same time as you to maintain spacing.  In practice, this is a matter of speaking with the other coaches and members and figuring out which space you need and which equipment.
  3. You should keep your training area to about 10 square feet. 
  4. We require that you maintain a 6-foot buffer between your client, other clients, and other coaches.  E.g. everyone must be spaced 10 feet apart.  Check out COVID-19 Policies for updated information on spacing requirements.
  5. Make sure the area is clean at the end of your session.  You may not go over your allotted time for any reason.  Your space must be cleaned and reset by the end of the hour.

Open Policy

Open Gym Rules. You and your clients are bound by all of the Open Gym Policies.  You must follow that at all times.  Failure to follow them will lead to account suspension and/or termination.  The rules are listed below, now is the time to ask if you have questions as to what they mean.  Excuses that “you didn’t know” will not be accepted.

Open Gym requires a membership to book it, request a price quote here.

4 Step Open Gym Process

Follow this process every time you attend Open Gym.

  1. Book Your Sessions Online;
  2. Check-in on the app;
  3. Clean your station: replace equipment; carefully remove all chalk, & clean all surfaces;
  4. Turn off the lights when you leave

Open gym works when everyone follows the rules.

Reservation Based

Use Zen Planner to reserve your sessions. You also must check-in on Zen Planner when you arrive at the gym.


If you want a gym mat, you must bring your own.  Please do not use any mats at Sand & Steel until further notice


For safety purposes, we do not provide chalk to share.  You are welcome to bring your own block chalk (pure magnesium carbonate).  We do not allow liquid chalk, powder chalk, or chalk balls.  If you’d like to buy a block of magnesium carbonate, we have some available for $5 each.  Be sure to pick up a zip lock bag with your chalk purchase.

Open Gym Space is indicated on Zen Planner

  • Front only means you can only use the front the gym.
  • Back only means you can only use the back of the gym.
  • Full gym means you can use the entire gym.

Safe Barbell Handling Policy

Safely Managing a Barbell in your CrossFit Gym 

Please Review all 10 Videos on Safe Barbell Handling

Please observe good barbell etiquette while you are at Sand and Steel Fitness.  Our barbells and plates are very expensive.  In order to keep our prices low, we need everyone to take care of our barbells.

Equipment Policies

  • Rip Trainer and exercise tubing must be attached via the metal hook to a metal clasp or you must use the padded exercise tubing holder.  You may not wrap the rubber tube or Rip Trainer Strap around itself or around a post.
  • Sandballs are not for medball cleans or wall balls.
  • Do not roll, throw, or slam plyoboxes.  They must be carried and gently set down.  The internal braces will break if you mishandle them.
  • Remove the handles from jump ropes before putting them away.
  • Do not drop empty barbells from any height onto the ground.
  • Do not a drop barbells with only 10s or 15s on the bar.
  • Do not allow the barbell to crash to the floor when unloading the barbell.
  • The minimum weight for any barbell based workout is 35# (15 barbell and two 10s).  If that is too heavy … scale to dumbbells.
  • Do not place plyoboxes under pullup bars. Thumbs must be around the pullup bar at all times.
  • You may not use more than one pullup band at a time for pullups.
  • Pullups bands go around your knee, not your your foot.
  • For workouts using chalk and contact with the floor (Toes to Bar and Pushups), use a mat for your hands so you do not grind chalk into the mats.

Safeties for lifts

  • Please use safeties for back squats and bench press.
  • Please do not use safeties for cleans, snatches, overhead squats, push press, or jerks.
  • Safeties are optional for all other lifts.

Slamming and Dropping Weights

Do not drop:

  • Dumbbells,
  • Kettlebells,
  • Weight stacks,
  • Empty barbells,
  • Barbells with less than 25 pounds of bumper plates per side.  Barbells may never be slammed down.

No slamming of:

  • Medicine Balls
  • Dynamex Balls

Slamming of sand based equipment is OK:

  • Sandbells
  • Sandbags
  • Sandball

Weight Limits

Do not allow any client above these weight limits to use the cardio equipment

  • #325 echo Bike
  • #375 Woodway
  • #475 concept 2 tower
  • #500 inBody scan

Open Gym Rules

  1. Book your classes online. The length of Open Gym is indicated on Zen Planner.
  2. You must register for every session you attend. You must attend every session you book. You must check-in on the app for every session you attend. No show fees are $5.  It does not matter if you were really there.  If you don’t check-in on Zen Planner, you’ll be automatically assigned the no-show fee.
  3. Booking Window: 1 hours to 1 Weeks before the session.  Cancellation Window: 1 hours to 1 Weeks before the session.
  4. Barbells surrounded by red duct tape are for Open Gym+ members and require a special membership to use them.
  5. Clean all Chalk and all surfaces before you leave. Replace all equipment you have relocated to its original position. Wipe bars, plates, handles, everything. Keep the gym clean and hygienic for everyone. Make sure all equipment is returned exactly as you found it. All Rack attachments must be attached to the rack if you remove them. Replace benches where you find them.
  6. If you are the last person in the gym, turn off the main lights, and all lights in bathrooms and changing rooms.
  7. Do not allow people into the gym who don’t have access. Hand them a business card, which is on the front door.
  8. If you’d like to listen to your own music in open gym, you must bring your own headphones.  Don’t adjust the stereo, try to change the music, or try to play your own music through any speakers.  As a commercial gym, all of our music is licensed through ASCAP.
  9. You may not use any Sand and Steel Fitness computers. Don’t adjust or touch the cameras.
  10. Don’t slam any medicine balls into the floor or walls. Sandballs may be slammed on the floor. Don’t drop dumbbells or Kettlebells. Don’t drop plates on Cybex cable machine.
  11. You may not use any gym mats.
  12. You’ll need a dedicated pair of sneakers for the gym.  We recommend Nobulls, Metcons, Nano, Innov8, Chucks, Yoga Socks, or similar.  Please make sure your shoes are clean when you enter the gym. This policy is designed to keep the gym clean, and your knees and ankles safe.
  13. Respect the weight limits of the cardio equipment, where posted.
  14. InBody Scans are NOT included with your open gym membership.
  15. Absolutely no horse-play of any kind will be tolerated. Do not throw any objects in the gym.
  16. No boxes under pullups bars.
  17. Please do not drag Bikes, Benches or other equipment across the floor as it will mark-up the floor.  If you do not know how to move any of this equipment, please speak with a coach before attempting to move it.
  18. Please keep all personal items (water bottles, masks, phones, bags, keys, etc.) in a cubby.  We do not allow members to leave their bags on the floor or on equipment.

Trainer Rental Non-Compete

While you are working at Sand & Steel Fitness and for one year afterward, you may not solicit, market, advertise, or otherwise offer your training services or products to any existing or previous member of Sand & Steel Fitness.

Waiver and Indemnity

In the actual trainer rental policy, you’ll be making the following agreements:

  1. You will be waiving any claims for damages or injuries that you or your client sustain at Sand and Steel (pecuniary or physical.)
  2. You will be indemnifying Sand & Steel, LLC against any claims your client brings against Sand & Steel, LLC., whether it’s your fault or not.
  3. You will be representing and warranting that you will use all possible safety precautions to prevent you or your client from sustaining any physical or pecuniary injuries.
  4. Training Clients at Sand & Steel is at your own and sole risk.