Body Weight Exercise Program Progressions To Do Anywhere

body weight exercise program

Body Weight Exercise Program: Exercises You Can Do at Home

The Lunge, Pushup, and Warrior 3 Pose.  Sand & Steel breaks down these movements and shows you how to do them right.  Sample Workout Included with Videos

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Squat Warm-up Routine

Squat Warmup Routine Mobility and Flexibility Kettle Bell Pistol Squat

Squat Warm-up Routine:

Warming up is essential to have a productive workout, and to limit injury risk. Their are many different styles of warm-ups, but today we are going to focus on a squat warm-up routine for mobility and flexibility. Before you get to the barbell or kettlebell it is important to get the body ready for action. You may not feel that you have any tight adductors or groin muscles, but they still could be holding back you squats. If you have the classic Butt Wink or limited squat depth then something is tight or not firing. Take the time to warm up and get your body set for squats. Squats a a great strength move and proper execution is key.

What Makes this Squat Warm-up routine different?

For this warm- up we are focusing in on opening up the hips, activating the pelvic floor and core, and loosening the thoracic spine. Each of these elements will help you achieve the full squat with everything firing as it needs to.

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