Balancing Pricing and Coverage on Personal Training Insurance

Balancing Pricing and Coverage on Personal Training Insurance

By Paul Roberts

Attorney at Law and Professional Personal Trainer

If you are like most personal trainers I know, you have probably asked yourself — How much do I really need to pay for personal training insurance to cover my liability?

Individual policies run between $79/year on the low end to $250/yr for comprehensive policies there are lots of options.   Here are some of the options you should consider. 

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Functional Strength Training Alexandria VA 22314

Functional Strength Training Alexandria VA

What is Functional Strength Training?

Functional Strength Training involves exercise techniques that mimic movements performed in everyday life, outdoor activities, or in a sport. This training technique involves the use of numerous tools to build the movement patterns such as: Kettle Bells, Viprs, TRX, Barbell, Dumbbell, Sandbags, Sleds, Ropes, Medicine Balls.


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Personal Trainer Job

Personal Trainer Jobs Alexandria

Build Your Personal Trainer Career

We are passionate about helping people lose weight and move better.  We help clients improve strength through focused programs in power lifting and hypertrophy.  We improve clients balance and range of motion with our mobility programming.  And we have state of the art programming in weight loss and transformation style workouts.

What we need is you … Sand & Steel is helping more clients than ever, and we need more people on our team.

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Glutes Core Mobility Workout Zero2Fit

Core Glutes Mobility Workout

Glutes and Core Mobility WOD:

Brand new fascia release and strength WOD for our Zero2Fit Program.  Zero2Fit is our Mobility and Weight Loss Program that is designed for people that haven’t worked out in a while who need to lose weight and build range of motion.

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Strengthen Core PostPartum – 3 Ab Exercises After Pregnancy

Building a solid core foundation post-baby

So your favorite fitness nerd has been reading up exercises to strengthen the core after delivering a baby. I’ve read through 4 of the hottest books (and maybe 10 articles), and I’ve boiled down the advice to these 3 exercises.

Included in the article is an informational video on how to perform these exercises, plus 4 common exercises to avoid.

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Body Weight Exercise Program Progressions To Do Anywhere

body weight exercise program

Body Weight Exercise Program: Exercises You Can Do at Home

The Lunge, Pushup, and Warrior 3 Pose.  Sand & Steel breaks down these movements and shows you how to do them right.  Sample Workout Included with Videos

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Squat Warm-up Routine

Squat Warmup Routine Mobility and Flexibility Kettle Bell Pistol Squat

Squat Warm-up Routine:

Warming up is essential to have a productive workout, and to limit injury risk. Their are many different styles of warm-ups, but today we are going to focus on a squat warm-up routine for mobility and flexibility. Before you get to the barbell or kettlebell it is important to get the body ready for action. You may not feel that you have any tight adductors or groin muscles, but they still could be holding back you squats. If you have the classic Butt Wink or limited squat depth then something is tight or not firing. Take the time to warm up and get your body set for squats. Squats a a great strength move and proper execution is key.

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Transitioning From Exercising to Training

Is your workout routine really working for you?  Are you conflating getting sweaty with getting results (e.g. an exercise routine vs training program)?  Here are some tips to help you transition from simply working out, to building yourself a real workout program.

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Strength Training Foundation Movements

Strength Training Foundation Movements

There are 8 basic strength movements: the Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull, Arc/Hollow, Twist/Resist Twist, and Gait.  We’ll cover these techniques and discuss the proper form to do them safely.  We’ll also discuss various techniques to test muscle function by selecting members from the audience, and demonstrating how to test for proper neural control of muscles, and how to utilize strength training to restore and improve muscle function.

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Parallette and Surge Intermediate Movements and Progressions

If you own a pair of parallettes, you’ve probably discovered that they are an excellent source of instability for your shoulders, and your feet if you stand on them.  When you loop in a Surge (a water filled tube with handles), then you have instability in your core and shoulders as the water sloshes around.  When combined, they make for a truly grueling duo.

Make sure you check out the bonus videos at the bottom.  It’s a very original movement designed to provide an important progression for the pistol squat.

Movement 1:

1 Leg Glute Bridge 8/10.  The parallette offers a very stable platform to work from.  The only piece of equipment that’s better is probably the medball for doing 1 leg glute bridges.

Movement 2:

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Mace Ball Training – Techniques and Workouts

Sorinex Mace Ball 4

Welcome to Sand and Steel Fitness Mace Ball Tutorial and WOD

Today we are going to demo some Mace Ball movements including a full youtube demonstration, and then we’ll discuss how you can get a free personal training session just from reading this article.

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Med-Ball Clean Wheel

Med-Ball Clean Wheel

Featured workout at:

Sand & Steel Fitness, Alexandria VA 22314 on January 24, 2015.

Main workout programming courtesy of CrossFit.



Excellent Scalable Workout

Hits almost all muscle groups.

Dominant groups: Pull, Push, Squat

Notable: teaches the clean technique.


Select Footage from the workout!



Medball clean:

  • (scale with weight)

Rings dips:

  • Scale up: muscle up, weight vest
  • Scale down: dip bar, band assisted, parallete, bench dips)


  • Scale up: chest to bar, bar muscle up, weight vest
  • Scale down: Jumping pullups, hanging pullup bar (lower the bar), band assisted pullups


  • Scale up: decline pushups, suspended pushups, bench press, parallete pushup, plyo pushup, sandbell pushup, ball pushup
  • Scale down – Trx pushups, knee pushups, bench pushups)


20 Minutes to do:
30 Medball cleans 20 pounds

30 Ring Dips

30 Medball Cleans

30 Pullups

30 Medball cleans

30 Pushups

30 Medball Cleans