Strength Training Foundation Movements

Strength Training Foundation Movements

There are 8 basic strength movements: the Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull, Arc/Hollow, Twist/Resist Twist, and Gait.  We’ll cover these techniques and discuss the proper form to do them safely.  We’ll also discuss various techniques to test muscle function by selecting members from the audience, and demonstrating how to test for proper neural control of muscles, and how to utilize strength training to restore and improve muscle function.

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Orange Theory Vs CrossFit Heart Rate Zone

CrossFit Vs Orange Theory: Battle of the Orange Heart Rate Zone

CrossFit Versus Orange Theory Programming

Did you know that both brands of fitness use the Orange Zone in their programming? Did you know that sports like soccer and basketball do too?

Do I need to be in the Orange Zone?

Orange Theory didn’t invent the orange zone, the heart rate monitor, and isn’t even the first company to use it.  They did (in the Author’s opinion), however, present one of the best marketing approaches towards convincing customize that exercising in the Orange Zone is necessary or most efficient to improve overall fitness.

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