Personal Training Programming Slower Exercises into a CrossFit WOD

For new Personal Trainers programming, slow and controlled exercises (like bodybuilding exercises) into a CrossFit WOD can be challenging.  Paul explains how it’s done and provides examples with some popular static movements like the TRX Plank.

CrossFit by definition uses hi-intensity exercises.  Bodybuilding tends to be slow and controlled.  A CrossFit coach runs into programming problems the moment the coach selects a time-under tension exercise like the renegade row.  Why?  Because faster isn’t better. But these are still good exercises to do.  You should do renegade rows at a slow controlled pace.  But if the workout is for time … how do your program CrossFit with slow and controlled reps?  There are lots of ways actually.

Let’s start with a common mistake we see new coaches make when they try to programming bodybuilding exercises into a CrossFit Workout.

Don’t Program Your Workouts Like This

3 Rounds for time

  • 20 Pushups
  • Bent Arm Hang from the bar for maximum time
  • 10 Deadlifts

The problem with this workout is that hanging from the bar for the maximum time hurts your time.  The workout incentivizes you to give up early.  So this workout is flawed in its design.  To fix the problem, we’ll first use an AMREPS workout with a fixed interval for the static movement.

There are many ways to fix this Personal Training workout — here are some examples.

Personal Training Workout 10 – AMREPS

For 10 Minutes, as many lunges as possible.

  • 30 Seconds TRX Plank
  • 30 Second Yoga Boat
  • 1 Minute Lunges

Personal Training Workout 11 – Unbroken Reps

For 12 Minutes, as many lunges as possible.

  • 60 Seconds TRX Plank
  • 60 Seconds Yoga Boat
  • As many unbroken Plyo Lunges as possible

Lunges are a favorite amongst bodybuilders and CrossFitters alike.

Personal Training Workout 12 – Accumulate Time

Accumulate 4 Minutes of Plank

  • 30 Plyo Lunges
  • Rip Trainer Stack or Side Plank

When your plank breaks, do another 30 Plyo Lunges.  Keep going until you accumulate 4 total minutes of plank.

Personal Training WOD 13 – Unbroken Form for Points

For 18 Minutes

1:00 TRX Cycle Jumps
1:00 Dumbbell Renegade Rows L
1:00 TRX Hinge
1:00 Dumbbell Renegade Rows R

Count the number of the times you break form. Lowest score wins.  Renegade rows — bodybuilder classic.  Now CrossFitters can do them too.

Personal Training Programming Workouts Conclusion

We provided you with 4 programming examples to include a bodybuilding isometric exercise in your CrossFit WODS.  If you have other ideas, please share them in the comments below.

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