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Healthy Food List for Nutritionists Dietitians

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Origin Nutrition’s Healthy Food List has arrived. View the 75 most common foods we see with our advice as to whether you should eat it. Plus you’ll get a handy diet cheat sheet as to what kind of calories (fat, carbs, or protein it contains.)

Looking for a food not on our list (e.g. tofu, coconut water, etc.) Post a comment and we’ll add it to the list complete with our recommendation. Eat Smart — Get Strong!

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Nutrition Coaching High Glycemic Carbs Alexandria VA

Nutrition Coaching High Glycemic Carbs Alexandria VA

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Nutrition needs are like a fingerprint – every one is unique. In this case, we are describing the needs of an individual who wants to add muscle mass who has a relatively low body fat percentage. The video takes you through the information one would look at if his or her diet resembled the sample chart shown. You’ll also find a list of key points for upgrading your diet if your normal meal plan resembles the one shown. The sample video covers some of the first changes one would want to make in terms of of regulating high glycemic carbohydrates and balancing out macronutrients. Nutrition Coaching High Glycemic Carbs Alexandria VA

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