The Definitive Guide to Calorie Quality vs Calorie Quantity

Calorie Quality vs Calorie Quantity

Tip #5: How to Analyze Calorie Quality

Losing weight is about eating the good calories, not limiting how many you eat.

This breaking new article (link below) from the New York Times summarizes research that losing weight is more about eating good calories than limiting total calories.  Well, duh … we’ve only known that for the past decade.  While it’s great that the New York Times is helping the public come to this understanding, the article doesn’t really explain how to analyze what is a good calorie and what’s not.  Here’s how you make that determination…

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Low Carb? Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs Explained

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Tip #3: Removing Bad Carbs From Your Diet

Is Low Carb the Right Way to Go?

Some carbs are good, some are bad, some are just plain evil when it comes to weight loss.  America’s food companies take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge with products like: diet soda, bean pasta, and “low carb” bread.  Are these reengineered carbs goods for weight loss?

Paul explains how to analyze whether a carb is good, careful, or bad with 7 simple rules.

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Detox FAQ Removing Toxins From Your Diet

Detox FAQ Removing Toxins With Lemon Juice

Tip #2: What Are Toxins and How Should We Remove Them?

Have you ever wondered whether detox diets work for weight loss? Do they even work at all? This FAQ covers some of the seminal aspects behind these so called detox diets and helps you make smarter decisions about removing toxins from your body.

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Multivitamins and Weight Loss

Multivitamin Weight Loss

Tip #1: Multivitamins For Weight Loss

Multivitamins Help Improve Weight Loss

Your metabolism will slow down if you are missing essential vitamins or minerals from your diet. In addition, Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies can increase inflammation levels, and decrease the body’s ability to repair tissue. Taking a multi-vitamin is easy, and it adds some insurance against missing an essential vitamin or mineral. Please keep in mind that taking a multivitamin is no substitute for getting your nutrition from whole food sources. Absorption from multivitamins can vary significantly.

Paul generally recommends the following 3 multivitamins for clients interested in weight loss or hypertrophy…

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52 Weight Loss Tips and Strategies for
Diet and Nutrition Alexandria VA

Weight Loss Nutrition Alexandria

52 Weeks of Nutrition Tips.  When you think about losing weight and body fat, incremental changes are best.  In that regard, I am building a weight loss guide that is going to map 52 separate changes that you can follow to lose weight.  I’ve been coaching nutrition and weight loss in Alexandria VA for about 8 years, and in that time I’ve compiled a list of all the recommendations I’ve provided clients.

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