Nutrition Alexandria VA – 10 Rules that All Diets Follow

Nutrition Alexandria VA.  We surveyed the top 100 selling diets and compiled the top 10 rules that all diets follow.  Featuring a slide deck, infographics, videos and more.  Get on the fast track with your weight loss journey.

Top 10 Rules Overview – Nutrition Alexandria VA

Nutrition Tip 1. No Added Sugars – Alexandria VA

Added sugars in foods raise glycemic load and make weight loss nearly impossible.  No matter the form (cane sugar, corn syrup, etc.) all added sugar is bad.  That being said, some types of sugar is worse than others.  Honey, for example, is better than corn syrup.  Agave nectar has a lower glycemic load than maple syrup.  Still, reducing the total amount of added sugars to your foods is a key element to losing weight.  In Nutrition Lab (Nutrition Alexandria VA), we allow for zero added sugars in our food.

So the first rule in Nutrition Alexandria VA article is no added sugars. Avoid sugars: cane sugar, fructose, syrup, molasses, glazes, etc.  Any added sugars are going to raise the glycemic load of your of your meal and that’s gonna make losing weight or building muscle more difficult. You want to keep our added sugars as low as possible. I recommend no more than thirty five grams of sugar per day because the WHO guidelines for healthy diets. And that’s 35 grams of sugar per day from even healthy foods like starches like things like squash, oatmeal, etc. So keep your added sugars as low as you can and that’s gonna help you lose weight more quickly.

Nutrition Tip 2. No Process Carbs – Alexandria VA

Okay, so no added sugars you have that much. But what about rule number two?  Our Nutrition Alexandria VA Rule two is very simple.  Avoid all refined or processed carbs. So not all bad carbs are sugar. There are other bad carbs. Those are your refined or processed carbs. Carbs like flour, sugar alcohols, and other processed carb like pastas and muffins. Carbs that get digested very quickly, creating spikes in your blood sugar. Blood sugar spikes make losing weight very difficult. So you’re when you’re thinking about eating healthy carbs. Think complex slow digesting carbs things like mixed green rice and quinoa. These kinds of foods are often very high in nutrition. Slow digesting carbs tend to have lots of micronutrients. They help our body generate energy through the day. They help increase protein absorption, etc. Highly processed grains don’t generally have these properties as the nutrients have been milled out as part of the manufacturing process. In general, you get very little benefit from fast digesting carbs other than a bigger belly :-). So avoid refined or processed carbs wherever you can.

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