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Welcome to Sand & Steel

Let me be the first to welcome you to Sand & Steel.  We wrote this thank you page to provide you with some key information to make your consult and first two sessions flow smoothly.  If you have any questions about getting started, just email us at [email protected]

1. Purchase your Starter Pack

Purchase Starter Pack: The Starter Pack is our new client pack and we’ll teach you all about the other services (personal training, nutrition coaching, and mobility training) during your first consult.

2. Fill out your intake form.

Client Intake Form:  Sand & Steel Specializes in custom training, so we need to know what you want out of training, what kind of injuries you have, etc. It helps us prepare for your session so that we can safely provide you with our award-winning training.

3. Book Your Session

Book Your Session: Your Starter Pack Sessions expire in 30 days, so get them booked.  The sooner you start, the sooner you can start moving better, losing weight, and getting strong.

4. Online Workouts

Start Your Free Month: Here is your link for a free month of our online workouts from Sand & Steel and Vimeo.

What to Expect

Day 1 – Consult and InBody

We’ll go through your client intake form with you, and explain how we can create a program that is keyed to your goals.  We’ll also discuss your history of injuries and your experiences in working out.

InBody Scan and Macro Report.  We’ll analyze your current body composition and determine a time period for your goals.  We’ll also prepare your initial macros for gaining muscle and losing weight.

Day 2 – Fitness Benchmark

Fitness Performance Benchmark.  60 Minutes of testing on mobility, strength, conditioning, and range of motion.  We use this benchmark and your client intake form to help us build a custom program for you.

Day 3 – First Workout

A custom-designed workout based your benchmark results.

Day 4 – Personal Training, Nutrition or Mobility

Day 4 depends on which of the programs you select in our shop.  We’ll discuss the various programming options like Get Steel Strong, Mobility Training, and how we build out your personal training program.

Understanding Your Accounts

You have two accounts at Sand & Steel.  Make your life easier and use the same username and password for both.  Use your email as the username and select a strong password (10 characters, 1 capital, and one symbol)

You can set up both of these before you even step into Sand & Steel.  If you have trouble or don’t get to it, etc., we’ll do it with you during your consult.

What to Bring With You

  • Cell Phone.  You’ll need your cellphone to complete the in-person registration.
  • Credit Card.  In case you want to purchase any additional services.
  • Email Password.  Make sure you know your email password so you can access your email in the gym.
  • Sand & Steel Passwords.  You just created it!  Write it down so we can show you how to use the software.
  • iTunes or Google Play password so you can install our App!  Or Better yet, install the app now. Memberme+ (Android) or Memberme+ (iTunes)


We will take you at the time you select in your appointment.  We train clients constantly throughout the day, so there is no need to come early.  Just be on time, and we’ll promptly take you on time.

We have street parking only — check Prince Street or in the metered lot behind Sand & Steel. Also going South on Alfred St. often works.

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