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What you can do on your own in 12 hours, we can do for you in 3 hours.  When you work with us, you have the advantage of the 20,000 hours of coaching experience that Dawn and I share.  As a team, we have trained more than 5,000 clients and certified over 120 coaches.  We have trained many clients who move just like you.  We have worked with people with your injuries and your goals.  We know what works, what’s safe, and what will get you results.   At Sand and Steel, we handle the planning, the programming, the accessory work, mobility training, etc.   We do it all.  Just show up and give us 100%.

Paul Roberts, Biomedical Engineer.  John Hopkins University.

The Sand & Steel Difference

We are an authentic personal trainer studio.  We deliver on the boutique gym experience and all the results associated with having your own personal trainer.  Think custom-made Italian Handbags – not massed-produced backpacks. While the rest of the fitness industry can sell memberships based on promises — we are real people and we have to sell results.  That is the way we started… and it will always be the way Sand & Steel is run.

Virginia’s Highest Ranked Personal Training & Yoga Studio

Sand & Steel builds new programs around your goals and their movement patterns.  We customize the training to your fitness levels (beginner to expert).  We mobilize the parts of your body that don’t move well.  We even customize your program for how you are feeling that day.  With a personal trainer, you get one-on-one customization and attention.  The result … a safer program that delivers faster results than the group model.  It costs more… because it delivers more.

What Kind Of Training do We Offer?

Functional Strength Training
Corrective Exercise & Mobility for Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists and Hands, T-Spine, Lumbar Spine (lower back), Hips, Knees, Ankles, and Feet
Bodybuilding and Hypertrophy
Conditioning and General Physical Preparedness
Weight loss for people (even if you have to lose 100+ pounds)
Fitness for Seniors and Older Adults
Powerlifting (Starting Strength, Westside, CrossFit Powerlifting, etc.)
Olympic Lifting (Catalyst Programming, Escalade, etc.)
Combo Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting Programs
Custom Yoga Flows and Sequences
Astanga, Rocket, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Inversions, and Yin
CrossFit Style — We are Level 2 CrossFit Coaches
Clubbells, Fatbells, Kettlebell Sport and RKC
TRX Suspension Training, RipTraining, and CoreFit
Strength Training and Flexibility for Runners
5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, and Full Marathon Training Programs

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Paul Roberts Mobility, Strength, and Weight Loss

Paul Roberts Personal Trainer, Yoga, Mobility, Strength, and Weight Loss

Reading Time: 7 minutes

CrossFit, Yoga, Mobility, and Personal Training Alexandria VA Certifications


  1. Biomedical Engineer: Johns Hopkins University
  2. Yoga Inversions and Arm Balances Workshop
  3. Yoga SCW Level II Certified: Hatha Yoga,  Yoga for Seniors, Chakra balancing, Inversions, Pranayamas
  4. RKC Russian Kettlebell Club: Strength & Conditioning
  5. FMS Level II: Functional Movement Screen
  6. 3DMAPS: 3 Dimensional Movements Analysis and Performance System
  7. Muscle Energy Techniques: Rehabilitation and Mobility
  8. Mobility|WOD Movement and Mobility Specialist: Movement and Mechanics
  9. RockTape FMT Blades Basic & Advanced: Gua Sha, Graston, and Scraping to Alleviate Pain and Improve Mobility
  10. RockTape FMT Performance and Basic: Functional Movement Techniques & Advanced Kinetic Taping
  11. Y-Balance: Examination of Movement Patterns and Imbalances
  12. TRX Suspension Training: Core and Bodyweight
  13. CrossFit Level 2: Weight loss and Metabolic Training
  14. CrossFit Powerlifting: Strength Training
  15. CrossFit Gymnastics: Bodyweight and Mobility
  16. CrossFit Scaling Course: Progressions and Regressions for Weight Lifting
  17. CrossFit Lesson Planning: Effective Techniques for Structuring Workouts
  18. CrossFit Pose Running: How to Spot Faults in Running Technique
  19. CrossFit Spot the Flaw: How to Spot Faults in Gymnastics and Weight Lifting Technique
  20. Precision Nutrition: Nutrition Coaching
  21. Starting Strength Seminar: Powerlifting Certification by Mark Riptoe
  22. Road Runner Certified Coach: RRCA Certified Coach
  23. Certified in First Aid and CPR/AED National Foundation

Dawn Anderson Womens Strength Training

Dawn Anderson Personal Trainer MAT Mobility Weight Loss Woman Strength Training

Reading Time: 3 minutes

CrossFit, Mobility, and Personal Training Certifications


  1. Muscle Activation Techniques: Corrective Exercise and Therapy
  2. National Council on Strength and Fitness: Certified Personal Trainer
  3. RKC Russian Kettlebell Club: Strength & Conditioning
  4. TRX Suspension Training: Core and Bodyweight
  5. CrossFit Level 2: Weight loss and Metabolic Training
  6. CrossFit Powerlifting: Strength Training
  7. CrossFit Flexibility: Range of Motion and Flexibility
  8. CrossFit Scaling Course: Progressions and Regressions for Weight Lifting
  9. CrossFit Lesson Planning: Effective Techniques for Structuring Workouts
  10. CrossFit Pose Running: How to Spot Faults in Running Technique
  11. CrossFit Spot the Flaw: How to Spot Faults in Gymnastics and Weight Lifting Technique
  12. RockTape FMT Performance and Basic: Functional Movement Techniques & Advanced Kinetic Taping
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