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Our customizable diet and weight loss programs for looking good, feeling good, and losing weight. Improve performance through our sustainable diet program focused on making smarter, healthier decision in restaurants and at home.  We include a complimentary InBody Scan with your nutrition session to track body fat loss and muscle mass gains.  We use the results from the InBody Body Composition Scan to adjust your diet and dial in the weight loss programming.

The BluePrint Diet and Weight Loss Programs

Nutrition coaching is sold under our private training / personal training service.  When you sign up for personal training, you can use one or more sessions for personal training, private yoga, nutrition, private boxing, or mobility.

Personal Training 4
Per Session
Four 45-Minute Sessions
4 Week Membership
Cancel Anytime
$270 Total
Personal Training 8
Per Session
Eight 45-Minute Sessions
4 Week Membership
Cancel Anytime
$510 Total
Personal Training 12
Per Session
Twelve 45-Minute Sessions
4 Week Membership
Cancel Anytime
$711 Total

Nutrition: Look Good, Be Healthy, and Get Strong

Our diet and weight loss programs are based on the research of many commercial diet programs such as Precision Nutrition, Dash diet, Whole 30, Keto, etc.  Our blended approach takes the best concepts from these diets and builds you a lifestyle diet to help you look, feel good, and lose weight.  Being successful requires making incremental improvements to your diet as your weight changes.  In addition, properly executing the diet is also important.  Concepts such a glycemic load, energy systems, nutrition density, etc. can be daunting to learn.  We break them down for you and provide you with specific instructions on what to change.  White Rice becomes quinoa.  We swap your ribeye for filet.  Orange juice becomes and an apple and melon fruit salad, etc.

In a nutshell, we write, design, and help you implement a diet that works for your body. We’ll make sure you understand it, we’ll help you implement it, and we’ll hold you accountable for following it.

4 Sessions for Our Diet & Weight Loss Program

There are no easy fixes with nutrition.  There are no magic diets.  How many times have you said, “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.”  Successful dieting practice isn’t from going from A to B.  It’s about going from A to E.  Breaking down steps into reasonable changes that you can do.  That’s why we create customized nutrition programs for each our members.  We take the guess work out of what to change and in what order to make changes.

Whether you have seen a nutritionist in Alexandria, VA or not, losing weight is challenging.  It seems like every where you look there is some new fad diet that is supposed to work.  We teach diet systems based on leading research from nutritionists and dietitians.  We work with nutritionists in Alexandria VA and Washington DC to update and optimize our nutrition program.1

Nutrition & Weight Loss Plan Alexandria VA

Starving yourself isn’t the solution.  Eating butter in your coffee, making celery based shakes, or buying some magic powder to rescue your metabolism isn’t going to work either.  Did you know that a super low calorie diet often creates metabolism problems?  That’s why one of the first things we do is figure out how many calories you need to eat.  Whether you hire a nutrition coach or nutritionist in Alexandria VA, you’ll need to have a diet that is customized for you and your metabolism.  That’s exactly how our nutrition plan works.  For more details, see our Diet Checklist.

What to Expect on our Nutrition Plan?

Day One on our Nutrition Plan Alexandria VA.  On our first session, we get a baseline of all your diet, exercise, and health parameters so we can customize the diet to you. We explain how the diet works and make sure you can implement the diet.  We teach you how to eat correctly for your goals.  We forecast exactly how much weight you should lose on our diet in a specific time period.  We then make adjustments each month to your diet to make sure you are losing this exact amount of weight.

We use vital measurements like blood pressure, heart rate, body fat, muscle mass, hydration analysis, and sleep analysis to build your nutrition plan.  We also include step analysis, workout program analysis (both inside Sand & Steel and third party programs), and strength benchmarking to make sure you are getting strong as you lose weight.

Main Day 1 Deliverables include: (1) Metabolism discussion based on leading research from Nutritionists in Alexandria VA. (2) Custom Calculated Calories, Macros, Sugars, Fiber. (3) Explanation of the 5 Element Rule.

Day Two on our Nutrition Plan Alexandria VA.  We check your implementation of the diet.  Together we build out a weekly meal plan on your second session.   If you’ve lost more or less than expected, we tweak your diet so that your weight loss fits our weight loss forecasts.  We verify that your planned activity and steps matches your actual activity.

Day Three on our Nutrition Plan Alexandria VA.  The third session we revise the diet based on progress, build a shopping list, and handle eating at restaurants.  We also go over meal plan delivery options.  Just like seeing a nutritionist in Alexandria VA, we provide you with customized solutions to these challenges so that you can you make the right decisions every time.

Day Four on our Nutrition Plan Alexandria VA.  On the fourth session, we take a hard look at eliminating sources of inflammation in your diet.  We evaluate your diet for food allergens, fat imbalances, suggest optional supplements, etc.

Do I Get an Actual Diet Plan?

Yes, you will get a diet plan that is customized for you.  In fact, you will be the primary architect of that diet, and we will help you build that diet correctly.  You will be empowered with the knowledge on what’s good and bad to eat on our diet.  Unlike many nutritionists in Alexandria VA, we teach you how to build your own diet so that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars a year for constant nutrition coaching.

Paul on Precision Nutrition Weight Loss Program

I learned so much from my Precision Nutrition Certification.1  They speak the truth… stop searching for a simple solution.  I know the truth about how to lose weight.  More than that, I know how to empower and help you to make changes so that you can continue to lose weight.  Permanent changes are not simple to make.  Template Diets Don’t Work.  Don’t waste your money on anyone who tells you otherwise.  At Sand & Steel, it costs $360 for a 6 month plan.  A plan that you are going to build with me.  A custom-plan based on the foods you eat, modified by me to work for you.  That’s 4 visits over the course of 6 months — 6 months that are going to change your life.  In the end, it will be worth it, and it will be you who did it.  You will be in control.  I learned much of what I know from John Berardi & Precision Nutrition, and I will pay it forward and teach it to you.


-Paul Roberts
Outline of the BluePrint Diet and Weight Loss Programs
Overview of the BluePrint Weight Loss Programs
All of our weight loss programs are customized to the individual person.  But in general, we review your eating patterns and food journal.  We prefer using myfitness pal.  We analyze the consistency of calories, carbs, fats, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, and sodium.  We check for proper ratios of healthy fats, complete amino acids, and glycemic load balance.   We look for common allergens in foods and provide you with individualized recommendations on what to change. We answer any and all questions you have about how to make the changes.  We will build a shopping list and meal plan so that you can consistently implement the diet.  We help you with dieting while you are traveling.  We analyze restaurant menus, etc.  You will also receive a compliance chart so that you can monitor whether you stay on track with your changes.  We will recommend fitness and nutrition supplements to include.  Supplements are always optional in our diets.

Homework for a Blueprint Diet and Weight Loss Session

For your Diet and Weight Loss Session it’s helpful if you bring the following items to your first session:

  • 3 Weekdays and 2 Weekend days journaled in MyFitnesspal with pictures of all food you eat on your phone.
  • A running junk food diary starting now until you book your nutrition session.  This is a list of foods with pictures of:
    • Anything you buy in restaurants, café’s, or prepared in supermarkets,
    • Frozen foods except for vegetables those are ok,
    • All boxed/canned foods such as pasta, soups, crackers, etc.
    • Foods that don’t spoil without refrigeration except for nuts and seeds and grains like quinoa and rice
    • Any alcohol in any form
    • Anything that is processed in any way (juice, soda, protein bars, snacks, etc.  If it doesn’t grow in nature, consider it processed).
  • A water journal recording how many bottles of water you are drinking a day.  Be very literal on this.  Buy a big case from Costco, and drink only the water you buy from that case.  Tell me how many days it takes you to drink X bottles, wherein each bottle is Y ounces.
  • All other liquids you drink including diet soda, flavored water, tea, juice, milk, almond milk, etc. need to be logged in your food journal.

Nutrition coaching is sold under our private training / personal training service.  When you sign up for personal training, you can use one or more sessions for personal training, private yoga, nutrition, private boxing, or mobility. Nutrition: Look Good, Be Healthy, and Get Strong Our diet and weig
  1. Why not just become a Precision Nutrition Client Directly?  Good question.  Precision Nutrition teaches clients through a painfully slow online system.  They send you daily emails that take tons of your time.  They have an exceedingly high cancellation (churn) rate, but even better marketing.  Don’t get me wrong, their information is good — I think it’s some of the best in the industry.  And that’s why I teach it.  But I don’t drag it out.  I provide you the key information you need, as quickly as you can understand it.  With Precision Nutrition, they will charge you monthly for about a year.  They’ll put you in on a quasi-automated online system that provides you with daily articles to read and assignment to complete.  It’ll take a ton of your time — time I think is better spent implementing your diet, not learning about it.  They don’t do one-on-one coaching like we do, because they can’t make as much money.  Good coaches are expensive, because good coaches can find their own clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We care about your experience.  If your session is great, we want to know why you liked it.
Of course, should any session fail to meet your expectations, please fillout the following form to request a full or partial credit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The following terms and conditions apply to all packages.  Buying a training package of any type constitutes acceptance of the below Membership Policy.

Booking Policy

We have one Booking Policy. It applies to all sessions including: Personal Training, Classes, and Open Gym.

  • Sessions may be booked 6 hours to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Early Cancellation is 24 hours before your scheduled session. Early cancellations are done through the website or app. Early cancellations have no cancellation penalty.
  • Late Cancellation is 2 Hours to 24 in advance. Late cancellations will result in you losing your session.
    • Injury Exception: If you are injured within the cancellation period: email us within 2 hours of the injury. Book appointment with a physical therapist or physician. Email us a copy of your therapist or physician notes.
    • Illness Exception: If you are sick within the cancellation period: email us within 2 hours of the time you first became aware you might be sick. Book appointment with a physician. Email us a copy of your therapist or physician notes. This applies to children you might care for.
    • Chronic Flare-ups: migraines, fibromyalgia, etc. There is no exception for people with chronic health conditions. Since you already know that you can get suddenly sick, don’t book your sessions until a few hours beforehand.
    • Work Emergency: these will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We consider your attendance history, cancellation rate, etc.
  • No Show: you lose the session and you will be charged $20 as a no-show fee.

Session Term

All sessions are valid for 1 month days from date of purchase. There are no time extensions and there are no rollovers.

Account Hold Policy

We allow an account hold up to one month per memberships for illnesses or injuries with a doctor’s note.

Travel (Work or Personal) & School Closures

Since we have a virtual training program, we do not allow account holds for work travel, child care, or school closures. Simply let us know when you’ll be travelling or stuck at home. Let us know what equipment you’ll have available. We will then schedule virtual sessions with you.

Membership Cancellations

You can cancel a membership at any time and for any reason. Cancellations are immediate. You cannot cancel a membership for a future date or after a certain number of sessions are used. We process your cancellation on the same day you call. If you have unused sessions you will lose them. We do not prorate or credit back unused memberships. Cancellations are done on the phone, and you will receive an email confirmation that your membership has been cancelled.

Membership Autorenew:

All memberships renew monthly until you cancel your membership. There is no turning off or disabling autorenew. If you want to cancel your membership at the end of your membership, just leave yourself a reminder to call us on the date you wish to cancel. If we don’t answer, you can leave us a voicemail requesting your cancellation.s

Membership Term:

All sessions are valid for 1 month days from date of purchase. There are no time extensions and there are no rollovers.

Mat Rentals:

For health purposes you must bring your own exercise mat if you want to use one. An exercise mat is required for yoga and/or beyond stretch. If you forget to bring one, you’ll be charged $5 as a rental and cleaning fee.

Session Length:

  • Personal Training are approximately 45 minute long.
  • Group Classes are approximately 60 minutes long.
  • Open Gym is 60 minutes long

Because of capacity requirements you are not permitted to enter the building before your session. You also cannot stay after your session ends.

Multiple Sessions on the Same Day:

Only one session may be booked with a particular coach on the same day. If you’d like to book more than one session, you must book a different coach.

Booking with Dawn & Paul:

You may book only one private session every 15 days with Dawn or Paul per month. We limit the number of sessions members can book with the owners so that they may work with all members to provide assistance on mobility, technique, and account related concerns.


  • Zen Planner: to book, cancel, and buy memberships
  • SugarWOD: to view and track workouts and personal records for personal training and group classes. For personal training, you’ll need to record each of your workouts.
  • Kisi: for entry into Sand and Steel Fitness
  • FITIV Pulse: for heart rate tracking.
  • MyFitnessPal: for tracking food for nutrition coaching

Membership Updates

Sand & Steel reserves the right to update this membership FAQ from time to time.  Any major update to our membership policy will be distributed via newletter and updated on this document.

3 reviews for Nutrition, Diet & Weight Loss Plan

  1. 5 out of 5

    Katie N.

    My husband and I recently had a body scan and nutrition coaching session with Paul. The session went really well. Paul took plenty of time to explain the results of the scan and what steps would help us to reach our goals. Paul gave us a few straightforward, but not obvious, suggestions and made sure we understood why the changes were important and the science behind them. To date, the changes have been pretty easy to implement.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Lisa F

    The nutritional counseling that Paul provides is totally worth it. Now matter how much you know about nutrition, he backs it up with the science – down to the macro nutrient level. I’ve learned so much, and know that I have more to learn!

    I started training with Paul last May, and I knew nutrition was going to be my biggest challenge. But I have to say – if you follow Paul’s recommendations – you will absolutely achieve results. I think I lost 8 percent body fat in about 5 months – and it wasn’t that hard. It does take effort on your part, planning your food, resisting temptation (my biggest weakness). But Paul is supportive – he knows life gets in the way sometimes.

    The really nice part about the way Paul counsels is that he talks with you about what you like, don’t like, and works that into whatever your plan calls for – whether it be body fat reduction or muscle building. And then works with you along the way to make sure you continue to achieve results.

    I have no doubt that you’ll achieve results if you decide to work with Paul!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Jenn Schwartz

    This is a nutrition review. Paul and I recently sat down to review my InBody results.
    I was very impressed by his approach. I’ve been vigilant over my food intake for years. I thought I knew a lot. Wrong! His level of analysis of my diet was very detailed, and he found errors that I would never have expected existed.
    Paul’s ability to take complicated matters and give me tools that I could use immediately is rare and valuable. We reviewed 4 big things sabotaging my fat loss and he created a compliance sheet. Which means I will be able to implement things right away. Don’t waste anymore of your time trying to understand the chemical workings of weight loss, start the right way (or re-visit your methods like I did) with Paul, a true professional.

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Nutrition, Diet & Weight Loss Plan
Nutrition, Diet & Weight Loss Plan