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Nutritionist Alexandria VA – Diet & Nutrition Plans. Looking for a Nutritionist in Alexandria, VA? From Meal Plans to Lowering Inflammation, our nutrition coaches will help you lose weight successfully.

Whether you have seen a nutritionist in Alexandria, VA or not, losing weight is challenging.  It seems like every where you look there is some new fad diet that is supposed to work.  We teach diet systems based on leading research from nutritionists and dietitians.  We work with nutritionists in Alexandria VA and Washington DC to update and optimize our nutrition program.1

Nutritionist Alexandria VA

Starving yourself isn’t the solution.  Eating butter in your coffee, making celery based shakes, or buying some magic powder to rescue your metabolism isn’t going to work either.  Did you know that a super low calorie diet often creates metabolism problems?  That’s why one of the first things we do is figure out how many calories you need to eat.  Whether you hire a nutrition coach or nutritionist in Alexandria VA, you’ll need to have a diet that is customized for you and your metabolism.  That’s exactly how our nutrition plan works.  For more details, see our Diet Checklist.

What to Expect on our Nutrition Plan

Day One on our Nutrition Program Alexandria VA.  On our first session, we get a baseline of all your diet, exercise, and health parameters so we can customize the diet to you. We explain how the diet works and make sure you can implement the diet.  We teach you how to eat correctly for your goals. Unlike some nutritionist in Alexandria, VA, we forecast exactly how much weight you should lose on our diet in a specific time period.  We then make adjustments each month to your diet to make sure you are losing this exact amount of weight.

A nutritionist in Alexandria VA may use vital measurements like blood pressure, heart rate, body fat, muscle mass, hydration analysis, and sleep analysis to build your nutrition plan.  We use those same diagnostics, and we take your nutrition plan a step further than other nutritionists in Alexandria VA.  We also include step analysis, workout program analysis (both inside Sand & Steel and third party programs), and strength benchmarking to make sure you are getting strong as you lose weight.

Main Day 1 Deliverables include: (1) Metabolism discussion based on leading research from Nutritionists in Alexandria VA. (2) Custom Calculated Calories, Macros, Sugars, Fiber. (3) Explanation of the 5 Element Rule.

Day Two on our Nutrition Program Alexandria VA.  We check your implementation of the diet.  Together we build out a weekly meal plan on your second session.   If you’ve lost more or less than expected, we tweak your diet so that your weight loss fits our weight loss forecasts.  We verify that your planned activity and steps matches your actual activity.

Day Three on our Nutrition Program Alexandria VA.  The third session we revise the diet based on progress, build a shopping list, and handle eating at restaurants.  We also go over meal plan delivery options.  Just like seeing a nutritionist in Alexandria VA, we provide you with customized solutions to these challenges so that you can you make the right decisions every time.

Day Four on our Nutrition Program Alexandria VA.  On the fourth session, we take a hard look at eliminating sources of inflammation in your diet.  We evaluate your diet for food allergens, fat imbalances, suggest optional supplements, etc.

Do I Get an Actual Diet Plan from a Nutritionist Alexandria VA?

Yes and No.   Yes, you will get a diet plan that is customized for you.  In fact, you will be the primary architect of that diet, and we will help you build that diet correctly.  You will be empowered with the knowledge on what’s good and bad to eat on our diet.  Unlike many nutritionists in Alexandria VA, we teach you how to build your own diet so that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars a year for constant nutrition coaching.  But no, we are not licensed nutritionists in Alexandria VA.  We are certified nutrition coaches (Paul has a Biomedical Engineering Degree from Johns Hopkins.)  We have been teaching and coaching people on weight loss and building muscle since the day we opened.  We are very talented at it, just check out reviews.

Our Diet Plan vs. Nutritionists in Alexandria VA

There aren’t many nutritionists in Alexandria VA that can claim that their diets work 100% of the time.  We can. In all the years that Paul has been coaching nutrition, he hasn’t had one client that could not lose the weight they wanted — if they put in the work.   Our nutrition sessions come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  To be 100% clear though, some of our clients have opted not to continue following our diet once they learned what’s involved.  We don’t mess around with half-baked diet tricks.   Our diet plan is going to require you make substantial changes to the way you think about food.  And if you are willing to put in the work, you’ll be successful.

  1. Sand & Steel’s Diet is based on the research published by Dietitians and Nutritionist in Alexandria, VA and other locations.  Sand & Steel currently has two certified nutrition coaches on staff, but no licensed dietitians or nutritionists in Alexandria VA.
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