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Sand & Steel’s latest nutrition tips and strategies.  This blog post is dynamically updated as we discuss new nutrition tips and strategies based on the nutrition consultations our clients have at Sand & Steel (so bookmark it with CTRL D).  We cover topics like how much soy is too much?  Is artificial sugar really that bad?  Does the kind of tea I drink affect weight loss?  How to balance macros for improving body composition, etc.  With over 8 years of nutrition and weight loss in Alexandria VA, you’ll this is a very long post.

A word of caution:
The following nutrition tips are designed to improve body composition and reduce inflammation.  They are generally organized in the order in which someone should implement them, but everyone has different nutrition needs, so be sure to consult a nutrition coach before engaging in a new diet regime.  Complications like food allergies, special diets, and special food-related illnesses, need to be handled on a case by case basis.  In addition, figuring out which changes to implement (and how much to consume), also needs to be considered on an individual basis.

Hiring a certified nutrition coach or dietitian will help you implement this list much more effectively because he or she can ensure your interpretation is correct and handle individual exceptions.  Much like there is no perfect workout for all people, there is no perfect diet.  How you implement this diet and exceptions you make will have individual consequences which need to be measured and interpreted.

The devil is in the details
For example, if you are already drinking green tea that’s great… you already have a jump start on week 2.  But did you consider what kind of green tea you should be drinking?  How long should the brew time be?  How fresh do the leaves need to be?  If that’s not tough enough, the rubber really meets the road, when you realize that different people have different answers to questions like these.  Answers that often depend on a variety of factors.


Every metabolism works differently, so don’t give up if you don’t succeed right away.  There is a formula that will work for you.

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