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Sports Nutrition Coaching Includes:

Complete InBody Scan and Consult 1 Hour in-person Nutrition Consult:

  • Analyze your current eating habits to reduce body fat,
  • Help you create a detailed food journal to facilitate weight loss,
  • Meal Plan: Use that journal to create you a custom meal plan,
  • Teach you how to safely change that meal plan,
  • Make updates for restaurants and travel on a diet,
  • Build you a compliance sheet so you can food shop and cook effectively.
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Specializing in:

  • Belly Fat Reduction, Weight Loss, Performance Nutrition, and Bodybuilding Diets
  • Custom Meal Plans, Nutrition Coaching, Macro Nutrient Profiles, and Contest Prep.
  • Most of all — diets for people who have challenging jobs, children, and travel. 

Sports Nutrition Includes:

  • A review of your eating patterns and food journal
  • Individualized recommendations on what to change
  • Scientific literature on why those changes should be made
  • We answer any and all questions you have about how to make the changes
  • We prepare a compliance chart so that you can monitor whether you staying on track
  • We provide you proprietary handouts to facilitate those changes.
  • Learn about which supplements and herbal remedies are right for you.

Preparing for a Nutrition Coaching Session

For your First Nutrition Session it’s helpful if you bring the following items to your first session:

  • 3 Weekdays and 2 Weekend days journaled in MyFitnesspal with pictures of all food you eat on your phone.
  • A running junk food diary starting now until you book your nutrition session.  This is a list of foods with pictures of:
    • Anything you buy in restaurants, café’s, or prepared in supermarkets,
    • Frozen foods except vegetables those are ok,
    • All boxed/canned foods such as pasta, soups, crackers, etc.
    • Foods that don’t spoil without refrigeration except nuts and seeds and grains like quinoa and rice
    • Any alcohol in any form
    • Anything that is processed in any way (juice, soda, protein bars, snacks, etc.  If it doesn’t grow in nature, consider it processed).
  • A water journal recording how many bottles of water you are drinking a day.  Be very literal on this.  Buy a big case from Costco, and drink only the water you buy from that case.  Tell me how many days it takes you to drink X bottles, wherein each bottle is Y ounces.
  • All other liquids you drink including diet soda, flavored water, tea, juice, milk, almond milk, etc.

A Recipe for Change

Everyone weight loss journey is slightly different, but these are the general items we cover in our health coaching program.

  1. Discuss and apply the 16 Habits that key for promoting improvements in body composition.
  2. Discuss and apply the 16 Rules for successful weight loss and adding muscle.
  3. Vegan, Paleo, Adkins/Keto, Zone, Whole30, Dash, Mediterranean, and Precision Nutrition. How these diets work and which one is right for you?
  4. Comprehensive review your current eating patterns and apply the Rules and Habits to your current regimen.
  5. Nuts and Bolts I: Glycemic Load and Glycemic Index — how to use these tools to improve weight loss.
  6. Nuts and Bolts II: Understanding the impact the Fats have on your diet and what role they play with carbohydrates.
  7. Nuts and Bolts III: Balancing Macronutrients and Micronutrients for sustainable weight loss.
  8. Menu analysis from your eight favorite restaurants. What to order, how to customize, and why.
  9. Travel for work? Organize your work travel plans to stay successful when you are away.
  10. Vacation Planning? How to eat while vacationing without sacrifice.
  11. Breakfast Options: How to eat healthy in hurry?
  12. Amazing dinners: recipe creation and analysis of your favorite recipes.
  13. Deserts — how to make them fast and consistently.
  14. Comprehensive review of your current eating patterns.
  15. Performance dieting: have a race or competition coming up? What to eat so that you can do your best.

3 reviews for Nutrition Coaching & Sports Nutrition

  1. 5 out of 5

    Katie N.

    My husband and I recently had a body scan and nutrition coaching session with Paul. The session went really well. Paul took plenty of time to explain the results of the scan and what steps would help us to reach our goals. Paul gave us a few straightforward, but not obvious, suggestions and made sure we understood why the changes were important and the science behind them. To date, the changes have been pretty easy to implement.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Lisa F

    The nutritional counseling that Paul provides is totally worth it. Now matter how much you know about nutrition, he backs it up with the science – down to the macro nutrient level. I’ve learned so much, and know that I have more to learn!

    I started training with Paul last May, and I knew nutrition was going to be my biggest challenge. But I have to say – if you follow Paul’s recommendations – you will absolutely achieve results. I think I lost 8 percent body fat in about 5 months – and it wasn’t that hard. It does take effort on your part, planning your food, resisting temptation (my biggest weakness). But Paul is supportive – he knows life gets in the way sometimes.

    The really nice part about the way Paul counsels is that he talks with you about what you like, don’t like, and works that into whatever your plan calls for – whether it be body fat reduction or muscle building. And then works with you along the way to make sure you continue to achieve results.

    I have no doubt that you’ll achieve results if you decide to work with Paul!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Jenn Schwartz

    This is a nutrition review. Paul and I recently sat down to review my InBody results.
    I was very impressed by his approach. I’ve been vigilant over my food intake for years. I thought I knew a lot. Wrong! His level of analysis of my diet was very detailed, and he found errors that I would never have expected existed.
    Paul’s ability to take complicated matters and give me tools that I could use immediately is rare and valuable. We reviewed 4 big things sabotaging my fat loss and he created a compliance sheet. Which means I will be able to implement things right away. Don’t waste anymore of your time trying to understand the chemical workings of weight loss, start the right way (or re-visit your methods like I did) with Paul, a true professional.

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