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75 Common Foods Analyzed. Get the facts straight without searching for a “nutritionist near me.” Straight-up facts on which foods you should eat, and which ones are better off avoided.

Healthy Food List – Nutritionist Near Me

Below is our Healthy Food List. For a description as to what are 3-Star Foods, 2-Star Foods, and 1-Star foods, please see our Healthy Food List Details.

FoodsCategoryFood RankCarbsProteinsFats
Whole Grains (unprocessed)Starch★★★
Mixed RiceStarch★★★
Brown RiceStarch★★★
Sheritaki PastaVegetables★★★
Protein PancakesStarch★★★
Green VegetablesVegetables★★★
Root VegetablesVegetables★★★
Plain YogurtDairy★★★
Plain Greek YogurtDairy★★★
Yogurt RegularDairy★★★
Almond MilkNuts★★★
Flax MilkSeeds★★★
White ChickenMeat★★★
White TurkeyMeat★★★
Egg WhitesMeat★★★
Whey IsolateSupplements★★★
Vegetable ProteinSupplements★★★
Lean Red MeatMeat★★★
Cottage CheeseDairy★★★
Chia SeedsSeeds★★★
Flax SeedSeeds★★★
Nut ButtersNuts★★★
Peanut ButterOils★★★
Olive OilOils★★★
Flax Seed OilOils★★★
Vegetable OilOils★☆☆
Soybean OilOils★☆☆
Bean PastaStarch★★☆
Cream of WheatStarch★★☆
Sweet PotatoesStarch★★☆
Sprouted GrainsStarch★★☆
Whey ConcentrateSupplements★★☆
Turkey BaconMeat★★☆
White RiceStarch★☆☆
Semolina PastaStarch★☆☆
White PotatoesStarch★☆☆
Fruit JuiceFruits★☆☆
Processed FruitSugar★☆☆
Dried FruitSugar★☆☆
Cow MilkDairy★☆☆
Dark ChickenMeat★☆☆
Dark TurkeyMeat★☆☆
High Fat Red meatMeat★☆☆
Bacon (pork)Meat★☆☆

3 Star Healthy Food — Nutritionist Near Me

It’s always a good idea to search for a nutritionist near me when you decide on a new diet.  One of the tools we use to teach effective dieting principles is the 3 star system.  Here’s how it work:

  • 3 stars foods generally have good fats, lower glycemic index, more fiber, more protein, lower calorie density, higher nutrition density, less sugars, less harmful fats, fewer toxins, and not addictive.
  • 2 star foods will have less of the above properties and more of the 1 star properties.
  • 1 star foods should be avoided all time.  The tend to have added sugar, transfats, more toxins, higher glycemic index, low nutrition density, high calories density, and generally addictive.

For this reason, it’s always helpful to have a dietitian, nutritionist, or certified nutrition coach help you apply these factors across a food list like this. You also want to get your target macros from the macro calculator.

2 Star Foods Consult a Nutritionist Near Me

2 Star Foods you want to limit in your diet based on factors like:

  1. Whether you are naturally thin, medium, or heavy person.
  2. Your goal, be it weight loss or muscle gain.
  3. Whether you have food allergies.
  4. Whether you omit certain foods for religious or spiritual purposes
  5. How much food you eat in one meal
  6. Whether you have illnesses like diabetes or thyroid problems
  7. How many total calories you are eating
  8. How many meals you are eating
  9. Which foods you pairing the target food with
  10. When you are eating the food relative to your workout
  11. When you are eating the food relative to the time you wake up

To figure out how many of the 2 Star foods you need, you’ll definitely want to search for a nutritionist near me.  There are no direct standards for how many 2 Star foods you should eat.

1 Star Foods

The chart above shows a number of 1 Star foods.  1 Star Foods aren’t good on any diet.  You’ll want to avoid them on any diet being recommended by a nutritionist or dietitian meal plan.

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