Paul’s Top 10 Articles on Writing a Workout Plan

Everything you need to know about writing a Kick-Ass Workout Plan. Balancing, Frequency, Periodization, and More. Plus Choose from 60 Pre-made Workout Plans. When it comes to getting a Workout Plan, there are main four options:
  1. You can write your own workout plan.
  2. You can buy one from us or a third party.
  3. You get a Complimentary Training Plan with Your Personal Training Program.
  4. You can enjoy the complimentary Strength, CrossFit, and Butts & Guts Programs we provide via SugarWOD.  Nonmembers can subscribe here.
Many of you are looking for the first option — writing your own.  To help you in that endeavor, I’ve summarized the Top 10 Articles I have written on Workout Programming.  And for those who prefer to “leave it to the professionals,” I’ve also included information on how you can get a custom-designed workout plan from Sand and Steel Fitness.
Walid Barbell Clean
Cover Photo Credit.
Just wanted to recognize the Amazing Accomplishments and Progress made by Walid. As shown in the photo, he is training the Tall Barbell Clean. Congratulations on all you have accomplished.

Writing Your Own Workout Plan

To date, I have written over 60 workouts plans encompassing for more 600 individual workouts.  I have written strength programs, weight loss program, mobility programs, CrossFit Programs, TRX and Kettlebell Based Programs, Programs for Runners, Olympic Lifters, Powerlifters, and more.  I have written countless articles on Workout Program Design for personal trainers, beginners, even the Army Combat Fitness Test.  So if you are determined to build your own program from scratch, I’ve gathered the top 10 articles I’ve written on programming for you.

Top 10 Articles on Writing a Workout Plan

FBI PFT Physical Fitness Test
Programming Workouts

FBI PFT Physical Fitness Test

Preparing to pass the FBI PFT Physical Fitness Test? Coach Paul breaks down the test and offer some insight on training to get your best score

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Programming Workouts

January Specialty Classes Programming

You asked: Paul, could we please see the entire month of programming for the specialty classes so I can determine which CrossFit workouts to attend versus the Specialty Classes? Answer:

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Getting Help From a Pro

If you want some help on your program, you can book a private session with me to go over your program.  You are going to pour a lot of time and energy into doing your program -- two to three months of training.  Maybe it's worth having a professional look at it before you invest all that time?

Buying a Workout Plan 

If you’d like to buy one of our workout plans, just browse through the descriptions and the table and pick the one that best matches up with what fits you best.  We can do an assessment if you want us to determine which program best fits your biomechanics and skill level.

Workout Plans

Workout Plans

60 Unique Personal Training Workout Programs. Over 3,000 workouts tested, documented, and perfected. Suffice it to say, we have a workout program that will work for you.

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Personal Training Program with Your Personal Training Membership

Higher Standards Begets Better Results. Other gyms don’t require their coaches write complete programs, we do.  Other gyms don’t check and review personal training programs, we do.  Other gyms don’t require coaches to write strength programs, weight loss program, mobility programs, we do.

Our programs are rigidly and robustly checked for quality, safety, and efficacy.  We track and analyze their performance based on the members who participate in the program.  Our personal trainers are experienced in teaching your program, because we use established programs.  They aren’t making it up as they go along (like some other gyms do.)  They are polished, refined programs that maximize your time with your coach.

We include a complimentary personal training program with all of personal training memberships.

Strong, CrossFit, and Butts & Guts Program

All members of our gym (Open Gym, Personal Training and Fitness Class members) get complimentary access to our workout programs on SugarWOD.  If you aren’t a member, but you’d still like to access these programs, you can sign up for a programming only membership here.

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