Fitness Assessment


Our comprehensive system that finds faults in movement patterns that weaken performance and create risk of injury. The Sand & Steel Fitness Assessment analyzes: Biomechanics & Muscle Function, Cellular Energy Generation, Fitness Capacity, Mobility and Flexibility, and Proper Execution of Functional Exercise Patterns.

Get the information you need to prevent injury, get stronger, and maximize your potential.

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Fitness Assessment

A Vital Tool to Promote Safe and Effective Programming

Before we can think about writing a program for you, we need a fitness assessment.  While you may have met other personal trainers who are inclined to skip the assessment, this is a mistake.  In the early days of Sand & Steel, we tried skipping the fitness assessment a few times, but we always built a sub-optimal workout plan when we did.  Clients that completed our Fitness Assessment had far fewer injuries and much better progress overall.  For this reason, we decided as a company that every client gets a Fitness Assessment.  Through our fitness assessment, we are able to provide our clients with: Consistency in Results, Optimization of the Speed of Fitness Improvements, and Safety in all Exercises and Programming.

Fitness Assessment
Our Fitness Assessment Form.

A Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Our Fitness Assessment provides us with vital information to help us scale your workout plan so that it is safe and effective for you.  Our Fitness Assessment tests your fitness in the following areas:

  • Biomechanics and Muscle Function
  • Cellular Energy Generation Efficiency
  • Fitness Capacity
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Functional Exercise Patterns

If you are a fitness nerd like Paul, feel free to check out the full details on our Fitness Assessment here.

Hurdle Step Test Reveals how your Hips are Functioning
The Hurdle Step Test Reveals how your Hips are Functioning

A Fitness Assessment that Scales to You

We have one exercise test: The Sand & Steel Fitness Assessment.  One assessment to test active military and police officers, competitive athletes, teenagers, and men and women in their 70s and 80s.  Our assessment is dynamically scaled by our coaches to provide you with reliable and relevant results.  In this way, it’s equally challenging to complete for everyone.  Each Sand & Steel Assessment generally involves 8-12 exercises depending on the client.  Each exercise informs the personal trainer of which exercise to perform next and what difficulty.

We generally repeat these assessments once every two months to determine your progress on the selected exercises.  Retesting allows us to build you new workouts as you overcome previous limitations and challenges.


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