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With over 25 Personal Training and Mobility Certifications … you simply can’t hire a more experienced personal trainer. If you want the most improvement per session, step up to Owners Personal Training.

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These are one-on-one sessions with Paul.  Paul takes the guess-work out of what kind of personal training, yoga, mobility, and/or nutrition to do. Owner’s Training are fully-managed by Paul, with hand-selected workouts and flows for you by Paul.  When you train one-one-one with Paul, we have a chance to work on the skills, diet, and training programs in the order most necessary for your improvement.

Do You Have a Say in What of Training You Do with Paul?

Of course you do … you’re the client after all. Most people select Owner’s Training, because they want to leave their training, their diet, their flexibility work in the hands of a pro. But of course, Paul is going to focus on the goals, preferences, and elements that are most important to you?

What Age Ranges Does Paul Work With?

Paul works with members as young as high school up seniors in their 80s and 90s.

I Have a Lot of Injuries, Can Paul Still Work With Me?

Paul has worked with members having every injury imaginable.  Many of several.  Motorcycle accident victims, war vets with missing limbs, heart problems, spine problems, worn out knees, arthritis, people undergoing cancer treatment, vertigo, fibromyalgia, etc.  Paul has trained over 5000 members, chances are he has dealt with someone with your injuries.

I Get It.  You have injuries, you want to move better.  You don’t want to be in pain.  You don’t want to look, because you cannot do different exercises.  Maybe it’s your fault you got injured.  Maybe you let your mobility suffer by typing away at work to support your family.  Maybe your homelife or worklife is stressful and you let yourself go too far.

And maybe it’s not your fault.  Maybe you have genetic disease like cerebral palsy.  Or a terrible illness like breast cancer.  Maybe you got shot in the knee serving our country.  It does not matter, because…

I’m a healer, a teacher, and tough-as-nails coach that stop at nothing to get you back into shape.  I’m relentless, and we’ll do 300 squats in a single session if that what it takes for you to give me one perfect squat.  I will retrain you body to move better, I will decouple bad muscle patterns, and rebuild your body from the ground up.  You will move better, you will get stronger, you learn how to lift correctly.

I’ve had terrible injuries and illnesses (Leukemia Blood Cancer, Meningitis, ruptured biceps, torn hamstrings, sprained ankles, injured rotator cuff, FAI (Hip Impingement), Tennis Elbow, and so many more injuries.  And it sucks… but you only get one body.  And you have to make the most of it.  I’m here to help make that a reality.  Injuries be damned, we’ll do it.  And we’ll do it safely.

But before you decide to buy Owner’s Training with me.  I need to promise me you’ll two things with you when you walk into the gym with me: (1) I need to care enough about yourself to make positive change; and (2) I need to bring the fire, the passion, the desire to push when you can’t go any further.  Either you are still making excuses and feeling bad about happened to you, or you are ready to do something about it.

As a coach, I can tell you what to do, and I can show you what to do.  But I cannot you want it.  That internal energy, that internal drive to say “screw it, I’m done feeling bad about the past, and today I am moving forward and getting better.”  Because I can’t do the work for you … I can only show the way.

Paul Roberts on Owner’s Training

Owner’s Training is $150 a Session — I Can’t Afford That

How much is your health worth?  How much is your time worth?  How much does it cost to go the doctors or physical therapist to fix injuries and weight problems that could have prevented?   Don’t think about how much it costs… think about how much losing 50 pounds is worth to you.  Think about how much better your life would be if your neck or knee stopped hurting.

But what if it’s simply out of your price range.  Well then just buy our personal training.  Paul will still do your consultation, write your program, and assist his staff of coaches with the implementation and execution your program.  Plus, Paul has several “normal” personal training sessions on his schedule, and he teaches a number of Sand and Steel’s Classes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We care about your experience.  If your session is great, we want to know why you liked it.
Of course, should any session fail to meet your expectations, please fillout the following form to request a full or partial credit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


You can place a hold on your account whenever you like.  Holds pause billing and extend expiration dates.

Starter Pack

Expires in two months from date of purchase.  When you checkout, you request a delayed start date.

Private and Group Training Packs

  • 1-9 Sessions: 2 Months
  • 10-24 Sessions: 3 Months
  • 25 or More Sessions: 6 Months

Get Steel Strong 120 and 60

6 Months to Use

Special Packages

Unless otherwise listed in the product description, special packages are valid for 2 months from date of purchase.

Rollovers and Time Extensions:

Expired sessions do not rollover.  There are time extensions on any package.  If you cannot come to the gym for whatever reason, please request a hold on your account.


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