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With over 30 Personal Training and Mobility Certifications … you simply can’t hire a more experienced personal trainer. If you want the most improvement per session, step up to Owners Personal Training.

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Product Description

These are one-on-one sessions with Paul.  Paul takes the guess-work out of what kind of personal training, yoga, mobility, and/or nutrition to do. Owner’s Training are fully-managed by Paul, with hand-selected workouts and flows for you by Paul.  When you train one-one-one with Paul, we have a chance to work on the skills, diet, and training programs in the order most necessary for your improvement.

What Age Ranges Does Paul Work With?

Paul works with members as young as high school up seniors in their 70s.

I Have a Lot of Injuries, Can Paul Still Work With Me?

Paul has worked with members having every injury imaginable.  Motorcycle accidents, war vets with missing limbs, heart problems, spine problems, worn out knees, arthritis, people undergoing cancer treatment, vertigo, fibromyalgia, etc.  Paul has trained over 5000 members, chances are he has dealt with someone with your injuries.

I’ve had terrible injuries and illnesses (Leukemia Blood Cancer, Meningitis, ruptured biceps, torn hamstrings, sprained ankles, injured rotator cuff, FAI (Hip Impingement), Tennis Elbow, and so many more injuries.  It sucks… but you only get one body.  And you have to make the most of it.  So I know how it feels, and that is why I tirelessly study techniques to help people heal and prevent injuries.  Injuries be damned, we’ll do it.  And we’ll do it safely.
I’m a healer, a teacher, and I’m a tough-as-nails coach that stop at nothing to get you back into shape.  I’m relentless in pursing improvement technique.  We’ll do 300 squats in a single session if that what it takes for you to give me one perfect squat.  I will retrain you body to move better, I will decouple bad muscle patterns, and rebuild your body from the ground up.  You will move better, you will get stronger, and you learn how to lift correctly.

Paul Roberts on Owner’s Training

Paul Roberts. Personal Trainer & Mobility Coach
Owners Training

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