Owner’s Training

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Private, Fully-Customized Personal Training Sessions with Coach Paul

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Owner’s Training sessions are one-on-one personal training sessions with Coach Paul. The sessions are customized to your goals and your ability levels. Common training goals that Paul assists clients with include:

  • Powerlifting and Olympic lifting
  • Advanced CrossFit techniques (like handstand walks, muscle-ups, etc.)
  • Strength and mobility training for runners.
  • Mobility Training for athletes who have chronic tightness or mobility restriction. See mobility training for more details (Mobility Training is the same price and has the same general availability.)
  • Specific training for fitness tests such as FLETC, Army, FBI, etc.
  • Training with chronic conditions such as M/S, Parkinson’s, etc.
  • Sessions that require integration of Nutrition Coaching for specific weight loss / composition goals.


Owner’s Training is generally available 6AM, 7AM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM, and Saturday mornings. It’s not listed on our class schedule. Owner’s Training is commonly purchased with a CrossFit membership or Personal Training, but this is not a requirement.


Owner’s Training Packs are good for six months from date of purchase.

What Age Ranges Does Paul Work With?

Paul works with members as young as high school up to seniors in their 70s.

I Have a Lot of Injuries, Can Paul Still Work With Me?

Paul has worked with members having every injury imaginable. Motorcycle accidents, war vets with missing limbs, heart problems, spine problems, worn-out knees, arthritis, people undergoing cancer treatment, vertigo, fibromyalgia, etc. Paul has trained over 5000 members, chances are he has dealt with someone with your injuries.

I’ve had terrible injuries and illnesses (Leukemia Blood Cancer, Meningitis, ruptured biceps, torn hamstrings, sprained ankles, injured rotator cuff, FAI (Hip Impingement), Tennis Elbow, and so many more injuries. It sucks… but you only get one body. And you have to make the most of it. So I know how it feels, and that is why I tirelessly study techniques to help people heal and prevent injuries. Injuries be damned, we’ll do it. And we’ll do it safely.

Paul as Your Coach

I’m a healer, a teacher, and very tough when requiring solid mechanics and consistent technique. We’ll do 300 squats in a single session if that what it takes for you to give me one perfect squat. I will re-train your body to move correctly, decouple bad muscle patterns, and rebuild your body from the ground up. You will move better, you will get stronger, and you learn how to lift correctly.

Paul Roberts on Owner’s Training

Degrees and Education

  1. Biomedical Engineer: Johns Hopkins University
  2. Juris Doctorate: Rutgers Law School

CrossFit Certifications

  1. CrossFit Certified Trainer: CrossFit Certified Trainer (CCFT)
  2. CrossFit Level 3: CrossFit Level 3 Coach (CF-L3)
  3. CrossFit Judges Course: For judging CrossFit Competitions
  4. CrossFit PowerliftingPowerlifting and Strength Training
  5. CrossFit Weightlifting: Olympic Lifting
  6. CrossFit GymnasticsBodyweight and Mobility
  7. CrossFit Scaling CourseProgressions and Regressions for Weight Lifting
  8. CrossFit Lesson Planning: Effective Techniques for Structuring Workouts
  9. CrossFit Spot the Flaw: How to Spot Faults in Gymnastics and Weight Lifting Technique

Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, TRX and Kettlebells

  1. Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting: Snatch, Clean & Jerk
  2. Starting Strength Seminar: Powerlifting Certification by Mark Riptoe
  3. TRX Suspension TrainingCore and Bodyweight Training Techniques
  4. TRX Group Training Certification: Specialization in teaching TRX Suspension Training in Group Classes
  5. TRX Functional Training: Specialization in Multi-modal Techniques Combining TRX with Other Training System
  6. RKC Russian Kettlebell Club: Strength & Conditioning Through Kettlebells. (Expired)

Running Certifications

  1. Road Runner Certified Coach: RRCA Certified Coach
  2. CrossFit Pose Running: How to Spot Faults in Running Technique

Mobility and Corrective Exercise Certifications

  1. Functional Range Conditioning (FRC): Improve Flexibility and Strength at the End of Range of Motion
  2. Kinstretch: Mobility and Flexibility Certification for Group Classes
  3. Functional Aging Specialist (FAI): Specialty Training For Older Adults and Seniors
  4. 3DMAPS3 Dimensional Movements Analysis and Performance System
  5. Muscle Energy TechniquesRehabilitation and Mobility
  6. M|WOD ReadyState Movement and Mobility SpecialistMovement and Mechanics
  7. RockTape FMT RockBlades Basic & Advanced: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Graston, and Scraping to Alleviate Pain and Improve Mobility
  8. RockTape FMT Performance and Basic: Functional Movement Techniques & Advanced Kinetic Taping
  9. RockTape FMT RockPods Cupping: Cupping to Improve Tissue Regeneration and Release Entrapped Nerves
  10. RockTape FMT RockFloss: Voodoo Bands and Occlusion Band (RockFloss) Therapy to Loosen and Mobilize Tight Fascia
  11. Y-Balance TestingExamination of Movement Patterns and Imbalances for Functional Assessment
  12. FMS Level IIFunctional Movement Screen and Corrective Exercise Techniques

Nutrition Certifications

  1. Precision NutritionNutrition Coaching, Meal Planning, and Diet. Took the course, but didn’t schedule the exam.
  2. Certified in First Aid and CPR/AED National Foundation: Basic First Aid and CPR

Yoga Certifications

  1. Yoga SCW Level II Certified: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Chakra balancing, Inversions, Pranayamas
  2. Yoga Inversions and Arm Balances Workshop



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