Supervised Personal Training Studio

Supervised Coaching at our Personal Training Studio.  Safer Training, Better Results, More Consistent Experience.  Two Personal Trainers are Better Than One

Starting in June, Dawn and I will be reducing our hours for personal training.  Adopting more of a supervisory role will provide us with enough time to work every client at Sand & Steel.  So rather than training you directly, we’ll be spending more time working with your coach during your session … e.g. supervising.

Improving the Personal Training Studio

  1. More Client Interaction.  If Dawn and I are supervising training, we can work with 30 clients per day.  If we are training, we can only work with 4-6 clients per day.
  2. Proper Execution.  Supervising allows Dawn and I to ensure your Personal Training Program is being executed correctly.
  3. Better Programs.  If we are observing and supervising, we can better make updates to your program.  More workout program updates improves the personal training studio as a whole.
  4. Safer Training.  Having more supervision in our personal training studio will improve the safety of the training.
  5. Improved Coaching.  Supervising our coaches in our personal training studio provides Dawn and I more opportunity to help our coaches gain experience and receive feedback.
  6. More time for Mobility and Nutrition.  By not coaching as much personal training myself, I’ll have more time to provide you with Nutrition and Mobility sessions.

Coaching Feedback at our Personal Training Studio

If you book a supervised personal training session, I’ll be providing your coach with tips, demonstrations, or feedback during your session.  Many times I am showing them another way they could perform an exercise or suggesting an alternative scaling.  The more coaching tools I provide them, the better choices they can make when administering your workout.  Many of our Coaches have 3-5 Personal Training Certifications and would be the lead personal trainer in any other gym.  They choose to work at Sand & Steel because they want to improve their craft and to provide real change in your life.

Supervision Schedule at the Personal Training Studio

All of our coaches can show you the sessions that will be supervised when you are in the gym.  If you’d like to make sure your session will be supervised, just ask your coach to show you when Dawn or I will be supervising.

Alternatives for Hiring an In-Person Trainer

If you’d prefer to have a machine or artificial intelligence program your workouts, take a look at Fit Healthy Mamma’s article on Personal Training vs A.I. Training for more information.

Three Factors for our Personal Training Studio

We evaluate our personal training sessions in our studio based on three factors:

  1. Safety.  Safety is improved when a personal trainers can consistently choose the safest scaling of an exercise.  Fostering a robust knowledge of proper technique helps us provide you with cues and modifications to make your workouts run safely.  We want to spot even the smallest flaw in technique that can cause injury.
  2. Results. Results come from choosing the right volume, speed, and rest periods to maximize results.  We identify potential weaker areas and utilize mobility and corrective exercises to strengthen weak links.  We customize the scaling of your session to your goals.
  3. Training Experience.  Factors like client-service, coach preparedness, quality of coaching, and engagement of coaching, are important to us.  After-all personal training is a client-service business.

We always welcome your feedback on our any of workouts regarding these goals.  Your feedback helps us improve.

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