Mobility Lab

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Mobility Lab provides training and instruction on how to recover faster, strengthen weak links, improve flexibility, and gain resistance to injury. Mobility Lab is the Stretch Better, Recover Better, Move Better, Mobility Class.

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    Mobility Lab is an add-on membership that requires an active CrossFit or Personal Training Membership.


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Mobility Lab

Move Better, Stretch Smarter and Recover Faster

Is Mobility Lab for You?

  • Do you want to be able to exercise better with less pain?
  • Do you want to recover faster from your workouts?
  • Do you want to increase your range of motion for CrossFit, Powerlifting, or Running?
  • Do you want to learn the proper mechanics for exercises?

If yes, then Mobility Lab is for you!

What is Mobility Lab?

Mobility Lab is a workshop & workout where we teach you the methodology behind how we help heal members in our private Owner’s Training Sessions. It’s the secret-sauce we use to help members move better, with less pain, and more resilience.

  • You’ll learn over a 1000 techniques, stretches, and exercises to improve your mobility
  • You’ll learn many assessments to uncover weaknesses in your kinetic chain and muscles
  • You’ll learn when to use which recovery techniques and in which order
  • You’ll learn how to build and customize your mobility program so that its optimized for you
  • You’ll learn how to diagnose overtraining and prevent minor muscle strains
  • You’ll learn how to facilitate recovery so that you have to fewer training breaks

Private Training Option

If you prefer to train privately with Coach Paul and focus on the specific areas you need, please reserve the Owner’s Training instead.

Owner’s Training

Class Format

Mobility Classes feature various formats such as:

  • Workshop format: teach and practice skills and techniques
  • Lectures: where you are taught details on mobility
  • Workouts: where you incorporate your lessons into exercises
  • Led Classes: where you follow along in the workout by copying the instruction and listening to cues.

Learn How to Prevent & Treat Most Injuries

1. Teach the screen
2. Explain what the screen shows
3. Learn how to do the screen and what to look for in the screen?
4. Discuss what kind of problems the screen is relevant to.
5. One or two volunteers are screened.
6. We show how to apply the screen to them and how to fix problems seen in their screens.
7. Everyone goes to breakout sessions with their partner and apply what was taught.
8. Recap 1-4.

Volunteers are called on based on whom Coach Paul thinks will most benefit.  You are welcome to opt out of volunteering in the beginning of class.

Mobility Lab Methodology

There are 5 primary sources of information behind our Mobility Lab Course:

  1. M|WOD – Distraction, Myofascial Release. Build the mobility to keep your position in the front rack or the overhead press under load
  2. FMT – Rocktape Kinetic Taping, Flossing, Cupping, and Scraping to Treat Dysfunctional Movement Patterns
  3. FRC – Isometric End Range Strength and Control. Build end range mobility and control
  4. FMS – Functional Pattern Testing and Corrective Exercises
  5. Yoga – Active Recovery and Flexibility plus Peak Poses to Assess Improvement over Time

All mobility techniques draw and borrow from each other, so it’s OK if you miss a few classes. The classes in blue are overview classes. They set the stage for the next 4 or 5 classes. So you’ll want to prioritize attending them.

Curriculum Structure

  1. Mobility WOD (M|WOD) & Functional Movement Training (FMT) – Total Body
  2. Front Rack (M|WOD)T-Spine, Shoulder External Rotation, Elbows, Wrists
    1. Front Rack introduction, Rotator Cuff, Internal / External Rotation.
    2. Elbow Flexion, Wrist Extension, Forearm External Rotation, T-Spine Extension
    3. Workout:
      1. Strength: Thruster for Load
      2. Strength: Front Squat for Load
      3. Metcon: For Max Reps (15 Minutes)
        30 Front Rack Step Back Lunges at Weight 115/80
        30 Cleans at Weight 135/95
        Max Reps Push Jerks in Time Remaining 135/95
  3. Running / Gait (M|WOD) Hips, Quads / Hamstrings, Core Rotation, Ankles, Feet (Current Lesson)
    1. FMS Straight Leg Test for Hamstring Mobility + Correctives and Stretches
    2. FMS Hurdle Step for Hip Flexion and Balance + Correctives and Stretches
    3. Hip Extension Tests for Glute Strength and Activation
  4. Pressing Overhead (M|WOD) T-Spine, Traps, Shoulder Flexion, Core, Shoulders, Wrists
  5. Squat / Deadlift (M|WOD) Hips, Quads / Hamstrings, Core Bracing, Ankles, Feet
  6. Pressing Bench / Pushups (M|WOD) – Chest, Rear Delts, Biceps, Triceps, Core
  7. Functional Range Conditioning & Kinstretch – Total Body
  8. Hips Functional Range (FRC) 90/90, Butterfly, Squat
  9. Legs Functional Range (FRC) #4, pigeon, frog, bear sit, half 90
  10. Groin (FRC) Half 90, Cossacks, Seated Split
  11. Elbows and Hands (FRC)Clubs, Bands, Extensors, Flexors
  12. Functional Movement Systems and Selective Functional Movement Assessment – Total Body
  13. Overhead Squat Screening & Corrective Exercises
  14. Inline Lunge & Hurdle StepScreening & Corrective Exercises
  15. Active Straight Leg Test – Screening & Corrective Exercises
  16. Trunk Stability and Rotary Support Screening & Corrective Exercises
  17. Multi-Segmental Flexion and Extension Spinal Mobility
  18. Multi-Segmental Lateral Flexion and RotationSpinal Mobility
  19. Shoulder Internal and External RotationShoulder Mobility
  20. Yoga Systems – Top 100 Asanas for Total Body Mobility
  21. Standing Balances & Core BracesSpine, Core, Legs, Feet
  22. Seated Poses and Twists Spine and Legs
  23. Inversions and Arm Balances Shoulder Strength & Core
  24. Folds and Heart Openers – Spinal Mobility


  1. Kinetic Tape & Scissors (required): you’ll need to have kinetic tape to learn how to use it. We sell Rocktape brand, but any brand is fine for the class.
  2. Yoga Mat (recommended): yoga mats provide you support and proper cushioning. Use of our gyms mats isn’t recommended for Mobility Lab.
  3. Massage Gun (recommended): any brand is fine. I recommend Jawku and Theragun.
  4. Toe Socks (recommended): strengthening your feet is a key part of mobility lab. Regular socks don’t allow proper toe splay. Barefoot is fine too.
  5. Toe Spacers (recommended): these are great for after your workout to help keep the alignment of your toes. We recommend Correct Toes.

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5 reviews for Mobility Lab

  1. 5 out of 5

    Angie G

    I chose to visit Sand and Steel when I realized that after a major surgery, I could not utilize my core like I could before. I was actually freaking out about it. I went to Paul and told him about my limitations. He designed a program for me and I worked out with Max for about 8 sessions. I loved the InBody machine that gave you a full body diagnosis. It was funny because it showed a high amount of inflammation. This of course was from the surgery but I found it interesting that it picked up on that. I liked working out with Max because he was sensitive to the fact that I was post-op but he also pushed me when he knew that I could handle it.
    I think that one of the most impressive aspects of Sand and Steel is how they handle their business on an administrative level, First of all they have an app that makes it very simple to schedule or cancel your appointments. It has extensive nutrition information and my favorite is the online store. Paul and Dawn are careful to choose the supplements and foods that are made with the highest performance ingredients.
    The facility is perfectly clean and equipped with every apparatus that you would possibly need for your workout. I highly recommend Sand and Steel.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Loren Wagner

    Sand and Steel Fitness has been great! I started working out with them two months ago and have loved every minute, except when the minute involved burpees. Every session starts on time and the staff are so kind, even the trainers with whom I haven’t worked. I just had shoulder surgery, so need to take some time off, but all exercises were modified for me and the trainers took their time to make sure that the exercises were working and that I was doing them correctly. I usually worked out with Max and he was great. Paul is also there to make sure I’m getting low enough in my squats! Overall it’s been a great experience and I’ve gained a lot of strength. I can’t wait for my shoulder to start healing and to start back up once more!!!

  3. 5 out of 5


    The Mobility and Muscle Therapy session was really helpful. Paul designed my first session to target my tight shoulders. The session included work on different rollers to loosen up muscles (which was uncomfortable at times) plus a series of stretches. Although it was difficult at points, I was amazed how loose my shoulders felt by the end of session. I can already see how these mobility sessions will help my overall movement. Thanks Paul!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Nicole Harris

    Hi 👋🏽 Can I just say.. I went to mobility lab yesterday & wow???
    I don’t do enough on my own, and I need to take stuff from the class and apply it on my own time. Definitely plan on going again 🤩

  5. 5 out of 5

    mikemcmac (verified owner)

    Hi! I am very pleased with the first mobility class and what it did for me. Aside from Sand and Steel I am pretty active with other pursuits. The added bonus is that I can keep up with my two sons who are 18 and 16 and that is worth so much more than the price of the membership. I highly recommend the mobility workshops.

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