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We are One People Working Together To Forge a Healthier Virginia

We are One People Working Together To Forge a Healthier Virginia

Members of the below groups will receive a $10 gift card when they tag us on Instagram with any of the below hashtags.  To get the gift card, please follow the instructions on our Tag-Us Page and use the corresponding hashtag(s) on your post.

#PositiveBodyImage #LGBTQ #WomensRights #Nerds #Seniors #Blacklivesmatter #Military

Train in a Safe Environment. Today when we think about safety in a gym, we are thinking about masks and cleaners.  We are thinking about social distancing, HVAC filtration, and ionization filters. But there is another kind of safety that we wanted to talk about today.  And it is the safety to train in a judgement free environment.  Sand & Steel is a community that celebrates diversity and equal rights for all minorities.

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Does Your Gym Need A HEPA FIlter Wide 2

Does Your Gym Need a HEPA Filter

Do you know what kind of filter your gym uses when they vacuum? I’m sure you hope it’s a HEPA filter, but did you even ask?  Do you even really know what a HEPA filter is?  Does it really make a difference?  I boiled down the science, cut through the marketing hype, and assembled an essential overview of the HEPA filter for gyms.  We cover what HEPA Filters are, How they Work, and the Threshold Question, “Does your Gym Really Need One?”

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Tag Us & Save


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Shop-Vac for Gyms

Rigid Shop-Vac vs the Dyson Vacuum: Which Cleans Your Gym Better?

Will a Shop-Vac help you keep your gym cleaner than a top of the line home vacuum like a Dyson?  If you own a gym or work in a gym, I am sure you are doing everything you can to keep your gym cleaner and healthier for your members.  We want to do better for our clients, so put down the money to buy a top of the line Rigid Shop Vac for our gym.  Here is what we learned.

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