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Toes To Bar (T2B) – 6 Tips and Progressions

Toes to bar is one of my favorite core exercises in CrossFit, but it took me a long time to really master it. This article features demonstrations on all the progressions for toes to bar, plus eight great tips to help you improve and also protect your hands.

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CrossFit Shoe Guide

CrossFit Shoe Guide

This in-depth CrossFit Shoe Guide will help you make the right decision as to which shoes / sneakers are best for your CrossFit classes. Whether you are just starting out or been CrossFitting for years, this guide provides a great deal of first-hand information not available anywhere else. Inside, we review seven types of shoes for CrossFit: trainers, lifters, inserts, hybrids, road running shoes, trail running shoes, and barefoot shoes. We cover the categories and provide you with specific model recommendations based on our experience.

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3 Keys to Improving at CrossFit

Three Keys to Improving at CrossFit

Improving your health through CrossFit is a long term commitment. Like all forms of fitness, CrossFit takes consistency and practice to get it right. A great coach can go a long way to helping you make the right decisions early on. But with the adrenaline flowing and loud music pumping, even the best intentioned CrossFit athlete can make the mistake of prioritizing intensity over proper mechanics and rigorous consistency.

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Weight Loss Challenge Spring 2023 Results

We are proud to introduce our five weight loss competition finalists.  Win or lose, all five of these competitors took home better health, more energy, and better fitness. Please read about their journeys, and come vote for a winner at the 2023 Weight Loss Challenge Finale. 10AM, Saturday, April 1, 2023.

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Getting Better at Running for the CrossFit Athlete

How to Get Better at Running for the CrossFit Athlete

Straight-up and unabashed Coach Paul answers the tough questions about running for the CrossFit athlete. Questions like: whether you really need to run to do well in CrossFit. Or, whether CrossFit will help you run better. Plus, Paul shares some of his best videos and tips on mobility for running and running technique, including his top 18 Stretches and Mobility Drills for Running.

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