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Kinstretch King Pigeon

Kinstretch Base Poses in Beyond Stretch

Beyond Stretch: learn all 18 Base Poses of the Kinstretch system in this comprehensive article on Kinstretch. Beyond Stretch is the kind of training that professional dancers and gymnasts use to improve their control and range motion. Based on FRC, Kinstretch & M|WOD, Beyond Stretch improves passive and active flexibility. Kinstretch helps strengthen your end range of motion and control. Beyond Stretch improves your balance and resistance to injury by targeting the muscles that your everyday activities cannot.

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New Classes

Morning and Lunch Time Classes

Morning and Lunch Time Fitness Classes are now available at 7AM, 9AM, 12PM, and 1PM.  Check out our new classes, The Engine & The Rx. Plus get more times for your favorites like the CrossFit Beginner Class and Beyond Stretch.

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CrossFit Open 2021 Registration Alexandria

CrossFit Open 2021

Sand and Steel Fitness will be an official host for the CrossFit Open 2021.  Registration is now Open for the CrossFit 2021 Open. 

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