The 2024 Murph Experience

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May 25, 2024. Registration includes Beer & BBQ, Free T-Shirt (register before May 1), Scaling for all Levels, over $600 in prizes, and of course an amazing workout.

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    Your registration includes a $19.95 coupon code for a Murph T-Shirt. Once you checkout, you'll receive the coupon code by email and on the confirmation screen. Use the coupon code for one of the Murph shirts. The shirt will be printed-on-demand and mailed to your home address. Shipping & Handling is discounted (we cover 60% of the shipping rate) at $4.69.

    *Murph Row

    The original Murph Workout includes running. We have scaling available for distance. If you'd rather row, please select the "Murph Row" option. If your prefer to run, please select the "Original Murph" option.


    For the purpose of making teams, which workout division do you plan to do? View Divisions and Scaling Information.

    *How Many Times have you Done Murph?

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    One ticket comes with your registration fee. Increase your odds of winning by purchasing more.

    Hand Protection

    Save 10% on all handcare products to prevent tears and improve grip.

    Team Cheer

    Would you like to include any team colored apparel with your order? Save 20% versus buying in store. Team colored apparel is optional, but you earn an extra raffle ticket every time you wear your team color in specially designated Murph prep workouts. Log them into SugarWOD.

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Beer & BBQ

Immediately after the Murph, we’ll head to a nearby venue for BBQ and Beer. We’ll be cooking up some burgers, hotdogs, chicken, chips, and cookies. Please bring some extra beer, a side, or dessert to share with your teammates.

Winning Team Prizes

Athletes will compete against athletes in their own division. Athletes are assigned a point value “based on their placing in their division (1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points, etc.)”. The winning team will be the team that has the lowest overall points. All members of the winning team earn a $25 Sand & Steel pro-shop gift card.

Murph 2024 T-Shirt

You can select any color or design for your Murph T-Shirt. Team identification will be done by wrist bands and headbands.

Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes: all members present at the BBQ will be entered into the raffle. You earn raffle tickets when you wear a team-colored headband, wristband, and/or T-shirt to any Murph Prep Class or the Murph Event. You can also buy extra tickets when you register.

Ten names will be drawn – first chosen gets choice.

  • Any item from (up to $100)
  • 2 owner’s training sessions
  • 2-Pood Gym Bag
  • 2 personal training sessions
  • $50 S&S Gift Card
  • Free Month of Mobility Lab, Nutrition Lab, or Competitors
Zero Profit Event
The Murph Experience is a zero-profit event for the gym… we give a 100% of the proceeds back to you in terms of perks, food, bonuses, and rewards. Your registration fee pays for the BBQ, drinks, T-Shirts, and chances to win prizes. So please encourage others to register, as Murph is an amazing workout experience that we all should attend.

Murph Divisions & Scaling

If the below is hard to understand, just message Paul on Discord and he’ll tell you which division / scaling is best for you.

We’ll be doing non-partitioned Murph meaning that you need to complete all elements in order without any partitioning.

Teams will be drawn on May 1, 2024. If you sign-up after May 1, 2024, you’ll be assigned to an existing team.


May 1-24, 2024

Murph Prep Workouts: Sand and Steel will feature a number of specially marked Murph prep workouts through May 2024.  Murph themed classes will be equally distributed throughout the week. Attendance of a Murph prep workout will earn you 1 Raffle Ticket when you wear a Murph T-Shirt, your team color wrist bands, or team color headband. You must log your time, team color, and mention you wore your team color in SugarWOD to get the raffle ticket.

Example: Yellow Team. Wore Yellow Headband.

May 25, 2024

Main Event: will be a team based competition. Teams will be randomly assigned based on registration order. Start time is 8AM – Saturday (warm-up will be provided.) BBQ to start at 11AM. Location will be provided after checkout (it’s close to the gym).

Murph Row: Running is part of CrossFit… always has been since the beginning. Running provides unique benefits and we encourage all members to run. But if you need to row or simply don’t want to run, we have the Murph Row option.

Why Do We Train For Murph?

  1. Laura got her first pull-up ever during Murph. Murph 2023
  2. Stephen went from zero pull-ups to a hundred this month. Murph 2023
  3. Sean posted a Murph completion time of 48 minutes. Murph 2023

And so many other stories to share. Such accomplishments become possible when we are

  • Committed to each other,
  • Disciplined in our training, and
  • United in our purpose.

Together we can achieve greatness.

If Your Goals Don’t Intimidate You a Little… You Aren’t Setting Them High Enough

The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. -Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Many people struggle to accomplish their goals, because the stakes aren’t high enough. Fear of failure is a reality, and it blocks the emotional commitment to really push yourself to the next level. Whether it’s a Sand & Steel Competition, a Spartan Race, or even just signing up for your first CrossFit class, fear will hold you back from achieving greatness.

I think the ability of the average athlete could be doubled if it were demanded, if the situation demanded it. – Will Durant

But CrossFit provides us more than just incredible strength and fitness, it shapes our lives so we can do more, become more.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.- Henry Thoreau

I firmly believe that there is greatness in all of us. But to quote Michael Jordan,

You have to expect great things of yourself before you can achieve them.

You’ll never achieve more than you think is possible. And that’s where a great coach comes in. We know what you are capable of and we are your champions. But at the end of the day, nothing will work unless you do. And, if you want better results… you have to make better choices.

And that’s why, year after year, I prepare and train to complete Murph. It’s a benchmark of my fitness… a measure of how far I have come. It’s a time where I can celebrate all of your accomplishments. It’s where Commitment, Consistency and Community come together. It is the CrossFit way. And when we are all in the trenches together, when our arms and lungs are burning, and you feel like you cannot take it anymore…

I’ll remind you…

Think About Why You Started CrossFit

Look Great Naked

Whatever your reasons, we are united in these goals… and we will finish Murph together.

-Coach Paul


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