Murph 2023 – Team Workout, BBQ & Raffle


BBQ, Desserts, Team Competition, 4-Weeks of Prep Classes, and over $500 in prizes.

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Event Summary

✔ BBQ & Desserts
✔ Over $500 in Prizes
✔ Team Competition & Individual Time Trial
✔ 4 Weeks of Prep Classes throughout the week at various times
✔ Scaling for All Levels Including a Murph Row Option
✔ A Bonified Reason to get in the Best Shape of Your Life
✔ And Free T-Shirts for the first 16 people that signup by April 30, 2023.
The Murph Event Open to members and non-members. If you’d prefer to Murph on your own on Memorial Day, please order a Murph Open Gym Session.

Murph is an experience and an opportunity for you to get in the best of shape of your life with your friends at Sand & Steel. Make the commitment to yourself and to your team to do this. This is one event you do not want to miss.

Murph Prep – We’ve Got You Covered

We’ll be doing non-partitioned Murph meaning that you need to complete all elements in order without any partitioning.


Event BBQ & Desserts

Murph BBQ: Sand & Steel will order catering from Whole Foods for the BBQ. The menu will feature a wide variety of specially crafted foods with a memorial day theme.

Desserts: Desserts will be included.  You just finished Murph… You’ve Earned it!

Drinks: Please bring a drink to share with your teammate. All attendees will receive a free Sand & Steel aluminum bottle opener.

Event Prizes

T-Shirt: The first 16 members to register receive a Free Tri-blend Murph T-Shirt by April 29, 2023.

Winning Team: all members of the winning team present at the Murph workout will be entered into a lottery. One name will be drawn. That member will win a $150 gift card good at Nobull or Lululemon.

Losing Team: all members of the losing team present at the Murph workout will be entered into a lottery. One name will be drawn. That member will win a $75 gift card good at Nobull or Lululemon.

Raffle Prizes: all members present at the final Murph Workout will be entered into a Raffle. Four names will be drawn. Four raffle prizes include:

  • 2 personal training sessions,
  • $75 shop discount card,
  • $50 restaurant gift certificate (Copperwood)
  • $50 restaurant gift certificate (Dudleys).
Zero Profit Event
The Murph Experience is a zero-profit event for the gym… we give a 100% of the proceeds back to you in terms of perks, food, bonuses, and rewards. Your registration fee pays for the BBQ, desserts, T-Shirts, and chances to win prizes. So please encourage others to register, as Murph is a seminal workout experience that we all should attend.

Murph Scalings

Teams will be drawn on May 1, 2023. If you sign-up after May 1, 2023, you’ll be assigned to an existing team.


May 1-26, 2023

Murph Prep Workouts: Sand and Steel will feature a number of specially marked Murph prep workouts through May 2023.  Murph themed classes will be equally distributed throughout the week. Attendance of a Murph prep workout will net your team 2 points. Wearing your team colors will net 1 additional point for your team. Points will be assigned to your team based on your SugarWOD notes. Include your team color in the notes.

If you wore your team colors, indicate that as well in the SugarWOD notes. Example: Yellow Team. Wore Yellow Headband.

May 21, 2023

Murph Time Trial: on Sunday, May 21 we’ll do a Murph time trial. This special workout is worth double points for attendance and colors. You’ll be doing the full workout with your team. In the time trial, you do not need to wait for your team to finish each component. This is the workout where you are determining your 2023 Murph time for your own personal records. You can also do a scaled version of Murph such as half-murph.

May 27, 2023

Main Event: will be a team based competition. You’ll be assigned to the blue team or yellow team. Teams will be randomly assigned based on the level you select. In our Main event, all members of a team must finish each component before the team can start on the next component. The winning team will be declared when the last person of that team crosses the finish line. The winning team will get 20 points. Each member in their team color will earn 1 point.

Murph Row: Running is part of CrossFit… always has been since the beginning. Running provides unique benefits and we encourage all members to run. But if you need to row or simply don’t want to run, we have the Murph Row option. If you choose this option your time won’t count for or against your team during the main event. You’ll WOD with your team, but your final times won’t count. If you are worried about slowing down your team, you can choose this option as well. Your team can still win (or lose) and you’ll be included as a member of the winning team / losing team.

Why Do We Train For Murph?

  1. Laura got her first pull-up ever during Murph. Murph 2023
  2. Stephen went from zero pull-ups to a hundred this month. Murph 2023
  3. Sean posted a Murph completion time of 48 minutes. Murph 2023

And so many other stories to share. Such accomplishment become possible when we are

  • Committed to each other,
  • Disciplined in our training, and
  • United in our purpose.

Together we can achieve greatness.

If Your Goals Don’t Intimidate You a Little… You Aren’t Setting Them High Enough


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