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Beyond Stretch Class at Lost Boy Cider

  • July 25 or August 1 — more details to follow.

Unity WOD.  August 21, 2021

Wine Hike.  September.

Iron Star Games 2021.  September.

Halloween WOD 2021.  Late October. 

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Pride Throwdown Logo

Pride Pair Up Throwdown Competition & Brunch

June 26, 2021. Pride Throwdown is our annual team-based Pride Celebration & Competition. You and two other teammates will work together to finish a challenging 45 minute synchronized CrossFit WOD. After a brief rest, our Top 4 teams will face off in a single-elimination Olympic lifting showdown until one team remains. Trophies go to the top three finishing teams and MVP, a full brunch, and beers on us.

CrossFit Murph Logo

CrossFit Murph Workout, Brunch & Brew

May 29, 2021.  We run Murph to honor the former Navy Seal that gave his life in the line of combat. To remember Mike Murphy and all Navy Seals that so valiantly protect our great nation. Murph is more than a workout — it is a time we ALL can get together, workout hard, enjoy some great good, drinks, and friendship, and give thanks to all that we have. So signup for a full day of fun, food, and friends.

Murph 2021
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Iron Star Games Wide

Iron Star Games CrossFit & Powerlifting Competition

December 20, 2020. The Iron Star Games – a CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Olympic lifting Competition. The Iron Star Games spreads across 20 Days, 14 Scored Events, 5 Dedicated Recovery Workouts, and an Awards Ceremony. Coached in small classes, you’ll be taught how to properly complete each event. The Games features a beginner scaling for newer lifters and elite scaling for more seasoned athletes. We will crown 12 total champions: Iron Star, Rising Star, Strongest Male & Female, Elite and Beginner-level CrossFit Champions, plus a Spirit Award.

Expect the Iron Star Games 2021 to Return This September!

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CrossFit Open 2021

CrossFit Open 2021

March 3, 2021. Join the CrossFit Community in the CrossFit Open. We host the CrossFit Open every year, and provide Rx'd, Scaled, and Foundations-level workouts.

Halloween CrossFit WOD & Party

CrossFit Murph Workout, Brunch & Brew

October 31, 2020. Costumes, Prizes, and a Spooky Halloween CrossFit WOD await on you October 31, 2020.  Join in on the fun & festivities.

Expect the Halloween WOD to Return this October!

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