Pride Throwdown 2023


Pride ThrowDown is a Five-Round Knockout-Style Team-Based CrossFit Competition in support of our LGBTQ members. Pride ThrowDown also features a rescue bracket if your team gets knocked out early. Enjoy Starbucks Coffee, Breakfast (Bagels, Fruit, Pastries), Lunch (Gourmet Sandwiches & Salad), and Desserts throughout the competition. Featuring over $850 in awards and prizes — this is an event not to miss. Pride ThrowDown also includes Four Weeks of Prep Classes to get you ready for the competition. Volunteers Wanted!
20 Tickets Available
  • Event Date

    June 24, 9AM at Sand and Steel Fitness

    Registration Options

    *What is the full name of your teammate?

    What Skill Level Are You Competing In?

    *Enrollment Bonus

    Signup by June 11, 2023 to receive your choice of enrollment bonus.

    What is your T-Shirt Size?

    *Donate to the LGBTQ Pride Taskforce?

    Sand & Steel made a $250 donation to the Alexandria LGBTQ Pride Taskforce. The Taskforce is a space where LGBTQ people and allies gather quarterly to network, share ideas, and plan training and community events. The goal of the Task Force is to create safe and inclusive service provision to LGBTQ people in the City of Alexandria.

    Would you like to help Sand & Steel with this donation?

    CrossFit Membership at Sand and Steel?

    Do you have an active CrossFit membership at Sand and Steel at time of registration?

    Would you like to Signup for a CrossFit Membership?

    Keep in mind that you'll need a CrossFit membership at Sand & Steel to participate in the Pride Themed Workouts during our CrossFit class. Non-members may participate in their own gym by logging their workouts into our SugarWOD. Personal Training members may complete the workouts during their personal training sessions.

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Third Annual Pride ThrowDown

Event Summary

✔ Sand & Steel is donating the first $250 raised to Alexandria’s LGBTQ Task Force
✔ Complimentary Pride ThrowDown T-Shirt with early registration (ends June 11, 2023).
✔ Starbucks Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, and Desserts throughout the event. Food catered by Whole Foods & Wegmans.
✔ Event Champions Take Home a $100 Proshop Gift Card + Championship Trophy.
✔ Recue Bracket Champions Take Home a $25 Proshop Gift Card.
✔ Over $600 in Raffle Prizes – anyone can win.
✔ There will be an intermediate level and beginner level variation. No Rx for this competition.
✔ Free Sand & Steel Whey- Isolate Protein for all members – Bring your shaker or buy one.
✔ Pride Prep Workouts throughout June. Every time you wear your Pride colors, you get a raffle ticket!

Raffle Prizes

🔵 Two $50 Restaurant Gift Certificates;
🔵 Two personal training sessions with Paul (or $75 in cash);
🔵 Two personal training sessions with Dawn (or $75 in cash); and
🔵 Two $50 Gift Certificates to Nobull or Lululemon.

You get Raffle Tickets by winning events and attending Pride Themed Workouts in June. You may only win one prize. Raffle winners will get a choice of their prize based on prizes remaining. Event winners are not eligible to also win the raffle.

Event Champions

🔵 One Beginner Champion
🔵 One Intermediate Champion
🔵 Champions take home a $100 Proshop Gift Card

Rescue Bracket Champions

🔵 One Beginner Champion
🔵 One Intermediate Champion
🔵 Champions take home a $25 Proshop Gift Card

Date and Time

Alexandria Pride Parade | Link

Saturday, June 3, 2023. 2PM-5PM. Members in attendance will receive:

  • a free gift for use in the Pride ThrowDown,
  • a bonus raffle ticket,
  • the answer to three of your yes & no questions about any of the workouts.

Please come out and support Alexandria’s LBGTQ community!

Pride ThrowDown (Main Event)

June 24, 9AM @ Sand and Steel Fitness

The Food

We’ll have a delicious selection of breakfast, lunch, and snacks available throughout the day.*

  • Starbucks Coffee: 8:30AM
    • We will have fresh coffee all event long.
  • Breakfast 8:30AM: Bagels & Cream Cheese, Fruit Tray, Pastries
    • Bagels: (everything, sesame and plain bagels with whipped cream cheese)
    • Fruit: (a refreshing, colorful mix of strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, blueberries and grapes.)
    • Pastries: (apple turnovers, cherry turnovers, butter croissants, chocolate croissants, Belgian waffles and cream cheese Danishes)
  • Lunch 11AM: Gourmet Sandwiches and Artisan Salad
    • Chicken, Arugula & Goat Cheese (grilled chicken breast, arugula, goat cheese, grilled red onion and red pepper pesto aioli)
    • Farmhouse Ham & Brie (smoked ham, brie, arugula, peach jam and balsamic glaze)
    • Four Season Caprese (VG) (fresh mozzarella, roasted tomato, basil pesto and balsamic glaze)
    • Salad: Field Greens, Cranberries and Goat Cheese Salad with Pecans
  • Desserts 12PM: Gourmet Cookies, Brownies, and chocolate cream pie.
  • Protein Powder 9AM-12PM: Bring your own shaker or buy one at the gym.

Volunteer & Judge?

Want to support Sand & Steel and our LGBTQ members, but not participate in the event?

  • Time: 7:00AM-12PM
  • Judging: assistant judging of events and enforcing movement standards for reps.
  • Food: taking out and organizing food
  • Cleanup: assisting with cleanup

What do you get?

  • 30% off Ticket Cost
  • 8 Raffle Tickets
  • Participate in one workout if you like
  • Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch & Dessert
  • T-Shirt

Competition Overview

The actual Pride ThrowDown workouts will remain a secret until the day event… but there will be clues on Instagram… so be sure follow us for updates. Until then here is the overview.

Pride ThrowDown features 5 workout knockout style competition. Teams that get knocked out early will be eligible to compete the rescue bracket. To keep you fueled up, we’ll have delicious food available throughout the competition. There will be coffee, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and protein powder.

The Qualifier (All Teams):

A grinder-partner workout that will feature high volume, lighter weights, and incorporate tag-in / tag-out partner action. The top 8 teams will move on to the Quarter Finals.

The Quarter Finals (Top 8 Teams):

The quarter final workout will feature a strength-based workout. Performance will be determined by cumulative team load. Quarter Finalists Receive + 2 Raffle Tickets

The Semi-Finals (Top 4 Teams):

The semi-finals will feature a weight-lifting / gymnastics based metcon. The top two teams will move on to the Finals. Semi Finalists Receive + 2 Raffle Tickets

The Finals (Top 2 Teams):

The Finals will feature a max-reps sprint workout. Simpler movements with high metabolic output. Finalists Receive + 2 Raffle Tickets.

Rescue Bracket (Eliminated Teams)

If your team gets knocked out, you can compete in the rescue bracket. The rescue bracket is scored like a CrossFit event where you will be ranked in terms of your finishing position. Rescue bracket events feature the same events as the primary competition, but are scored individually.

The Championship Round (Top Team):

When all the dust has settled… and our fastest / strongest team has beaten all other teams… it’s time for our contenders to battle each other. A famous CrossFit sprint workout awaits our final two – it’s winner takes all. It features a piece of equipment we have never used in a CrossFit class. Our event winners are not eligible to win any raffles.

Choosing Teams

You may register as an individual or you may request a specific teammate during the registration process. You’ll want to choose someone who is around your fitness level, because you’ll need to be able to beat your teammate at the Championship Round to win the competition. Big Stakes, Lots of Prizes, and Lots of Fun! It’ll be a long day with at least four WODs to finish. But we’ll keep you fueled up with delicious food and drinks!

You may select a member of the same or different gender. You and your partner will need to compete in the same scaling though. Women weights will be scaled by CrossFit standards.

Intermediate vs Beginner Scaling

You should choose the beginner scaling if you cannot complete:

  • 5 Pullups or 5 Chin-ups
  • 5 Toes to Bar or 5 Knees to Elbow
  • 5 Handstand pushups or 5 box pike pushups
  • Powerlifting Total (Squat+Bench+Deadlift) of more than 750lbs Men or 500lbs Women
  • Olympic Lifting Total (Snatch + Clean & Jerk) of more than 300lbs Men or 225lbs Women

P.S. if you don’t know what the above exercises are… you should definitely select beginner.

Zero Profit Event
Pride Throwdown 2023 is a zero-profit event for the gym… we give a 100% of the proceeds back to you in terms of perks, food, bonuses, and rewards. Your registration fee pays for the Food, LGBT Donation, T-Shirts, and chances to win prizes. So please encourage others to register, as Pride ThrowDown is a key event to help us create a community of inclusiveness and support member diversity.


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