New Member Setup

Setup Steps:

  • Zen Planner:
    • Use: Zen Planner books and cancels classes and open gym. It manages payments and you use it check-in.
    • Install: sign into the app, sign your membership agreement and waiver, pay your setup fee (click view profile, add payment methods).
  • Kisi:
    • Use: Kisi gives you access to open the door.
    • Install: sign into the app, click the email confirming your account access, grant Kisi access to your phone, keep clicking through until you see “main door locked.”
    • We keep the door locked for security reasons. The Kisi app is your key. We have a big black sign that says CrossFit Sand & Steel on the front door… you can’t miss it.
  • Discord:
    • Use: member support messaging, coaching questions, event planning, schedule updates, etc.
    • Install: Create a membership with Discord via the app. Once created, use our special discord link ( to add the Sand & Steel server to your Discord account. Follow the Welcome setup tutorial.
  • SugarWOD:
    • Use: programming, exercise log, and fist bumps.
    • Install: download the app, create your account or sign-in, join Sand and Steel Fitness as your local gym.
  • New Member Intake Form:
  • Helpful Links:
    • Open Gym Rules and Policies: Please review prior to attending your first Open Gym Session (scroll down the page)
    • Parking Guide: shows you where you can park. Parking is often tight for our 6PM Class (everyone in the world goes to the gym on Mondays at 6PM.) I recommend planning to arrive around 5:30pm so that you have plenty of extra time to find the gym, find a parking spot (I always park on the opposite side of the gym), warm-up, get settled, etc. If you come for the 5PM class, parking is easy to find around 4:45pm.
    • Booking Policy: explains reservations, early cancellation, late cancellation, and no-show policy
    • Special Events and Calendar: shows upcoming special events plus our class calendar.
    • Today's Workout: View the CrossFit Workout for Today.
    • Miscellaneous Forms: Late Cancel, Cancel, Late Reservation, Book Two Classes, etc.
    • Articles and Publications: Read Paul’s Blog for articles he writes for our membership
    • Web Portal: Access Zen Planner without the App
    • Square Terminal: Short video on how to buy items from our pro shop.
  • Tips:
    • Be Early: The gym will be open well in advance of our session time. Come early and warm-up. We start our classes promptly and you don't want to miss the start of the class where explain what's going on in class.
    • Get Your Gift Card: Most new memberships come with a pro-shop gift card. Speak with Coach Paul during OnRamp to get it.

Setup Support:

  • Phone support. Call Dawn at 703.854.9960 for phone support (10-5PM) and she will help you get everything installed over the phone.
  • Message support. Message me on Discord or via Tawk.
  • On your own. If you install everything without support, please reply by email confirming you got everything installed so I can check your account.


Thanks for checking us out! We hope you'll love Sand & Steel as much as we do!

Paul Roberts, Owner, BME, JD
Sand and Steel Fitness | 703.854.9960
5418 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria VA 22304
CrossFit Level 3, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics Coach, Catalyst Athletics Oly Coach
Yoga Teacher, M|WOD Mobility Specialist, FRC & Kinstretch Instructor

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