New Member Setup

Please follow the below instructions to setup your membership.

Setup Steps:

  • Discord:
    • Use: member support messaging, coaching questions, event planning, schedule updates, etc.
    • Install: Create a membership with Discord via the app. Once created, use our special discord link ( to add the Sand & Steel server to your Discord account. Follow the Welcome setup tutorial.
    • Message Coach Paul: on Discord for help with setup and to confirm your account is ready.
  • SugarWOD:
    • Use: programming, exercise log, and fist bumps.
    • Install: download the app, create your account or sign-in, join Sand and Steel Fitness as your local gym.
  • Zen Planner:
    • Use: Zen Planner books and cancels classes and open gym. It manages payments and you use it check-in.
    • Install: sign into the app, sign your membership agreement and waiver, pay your setup fee (click view profile, add payment methods).
    • Note: we need to add your new membership to your Zen Planner Account before you’ll be able to reserve classes. This is a manual process that we perform by hand. We’ll send you a confirmation email once we have added your membership.
  • Kisi:
    • Use: Kisi gives you access to open the door.
    • Install: sign into the app, click the email confirming your account access, grant Kisi access to your phone, keep clicking through until you see “main door locked.”
    • Tip: We keep the door locked for security reasons. The Kisi app is your key. We have a big black sign that says CrossFit Sand & Steel on the front door… you can’t miss it.
    • Note: We need to whitelist your email as an authorized Kisi user before the door will open. However, you can still complete setup right now.
  • New Member Intake Form:
  • Helpful Links:
    • Open Gym Rules and Policies: Please review prior to attending your first Open Gym Session (scroll down the page)
    • Parking Guide: shows you where you can park. Parking is often tight for our 6PM Class (everyone in the world goes to the gym on Mondays at 6PM.) I recommend planning to arrive around 5:30pm so that you have plenty of extra time to find the gym, find a parking spot (I always park on the opposite side of the gym), warm-up, get settled, etc. If you come for the 5PM class, parking is easy to find around 4:45pm.
    • Booking Policy: explains reservations, early cancellation, late cancellation, and no-show policy
    • Special Events and Calendar: shows upcoming special events plus our class calendar.
    • Today’s Workout: View the CrossFit Workout for Today.
    • Miscellaneous Forms: Late Cancel, Cancel, Late Reservation, Book Two Classes, etc.
  • Tips:
    • Be Early: The gym will be open well in advance of our session time. Come early and warm-up. We start our classes promptly and you don’t want to miss the start of the class where explain what’s going on in class.
    • Signing upCurrent Discounts Link. All Services Link. Make sure you are signed in to view prices.

Setup Support:

  1. Phone support. Call Dawn at 703.854.9960 for phone support (10-5PM) and she will help you get everything installed over the phone.
  2. Message support. Message me on Discord or via Tawk.
  3. On your own. If you install everything without support, please reply by email confirming you got everything installed so I can check your account.

Thanks for checking us out! We hope you’ll love Sand & Steel as much as we do!

Paul Roberts, Owner, BME, JD
Sand and Steel Fitness | 703.854.9960
5418 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria VA 22304
CrossFit Level 3, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics Coach, Yoga Teacher
Catalyst Athletics Oly Coach, M|WOD Mobility Specialist, FRC & Kinstretch Instructor

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