Nutrition Lab Schedule

Nutrition Lab Schedule:

We are pleased to announce our 2024 Nutrition Lab Schedule! We have front-loaded the calendar in January and February to offering you two nutrition classes.  We have refreshed and improved each of the modules for 2024 making the concepts easier to learn and implement.

Nutrition Lab is a fuel-first nutrition workshop designed to power your CrossFit workouts, promote weight loss, and help you build serious muscle. More importantly, Nutrition Lab places a heavy emphasis on clean and healthy eating, eschewing the use of all unhealthy shortcuts and habits.

If you want to take your performance and improvement to the next level, there is nothing more valuable than Nutrition Lab. Don’t CrossFit without it!

Nutrition Lab is Offered the First Sunday of the Month Unless Otherwise Indicated Below:

  • Eating for Success
    22 Rules for building a perfect diet
    Sunday: 01/07/2024 at 10AM
  • The Five Elements Rule
    A Simpler Approach to Building a Better Meal Plan.
    Sunday: 01/21/2024 at 10:30AM
  • Way Beyond Macros
    Macros, Serving Sizes, Meal Plan Optimization.
    Sunday: 02/04/2024 at 11:00AM
  • Tuning your Target Calories
    The Weight Loss Calculator, InBody Interpretation, Nutrition Label Analysis.
    Sunday: 3/03/2024 at 11:00AM
  • The Nutrition Lab Cleanse
    85 Rules to Build a Bulletproof Diet
    Sunday: 03/24/2024 at 10:30AM
  • Getting Smart About Eating Clean and Organic Foods
    Everything you Need to Know about Organic Foods
    Sunday: 04/07/2024 at 10:30AM
  • Make it Fast, Make it Right
    Reading Nutrition Labels, Speed Tips, Weekend Prep, and Meal Delivery Services.
    Sunday: 05/05/2024 at 10:30AM
  • Glycemic Impact
    Understanding Glycemic Load, Glycemic Index, and Glycemic Impact
    Sunday: 06/02/2024 at 10:30AM
  • Restaurants and Travel
    Planning for Travel and How to Order in Restaurants
    Sunday: 07/07/2024 at 10:30AM
  • Sports Nutrition and Supplements
    Nutrient Timing and Dosage for Competitions Plus Supplements for CrossFit and Endurance Training
    Sunday: August at 10:30AM
  • Mindset and Preparation for Making Healthier Choices
    Covers Metabolic Syndrome, Cheat Meals, 10 Rules for Weight Loss, 11 Foods to Avoid, Shopping Lists, Building Healthy Habits, 80 Superfoods you Should be Eating.
    Sunday: September at 10:30AM
  • The CrossFit Nutrition Regimen
    Eating the CrossFit Way
    Sunday: October at 10:30AM

Always consult Zen Planner for the final schedule as these times and data are subject to change.

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