Newsletter on CrossFit, Mobility, Yoga, Nutrition & Strength

A Newsletter by Sand & Steel

The Sand & Steel Newsletter is written by Paul RobertsOur articles feature in-depth curated content on CrossFit, Mobility, Yoga, Nutrition, and Strength.  You’ll get access to new weekly workouts, and research-based articles on personal training, CrossFit, and Yoga.  Newsletter subscriptions are open to current members, personal trainers, CrossFitters, Yogis, and all people to improve their health and fitness.


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Inside the CrossFit Newsletter

  • Weekly Workouts Published by Paul
  • Sales and Discounts
  • Exercise Technique
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss Articles
  • Resources for Personal Trainers
  • Mobility Tips
  • Yoga Asanas

So whether you are local to Washington DC and Alexandria VA, or joining us from afar, you’ll find exciting and unique content available.

Wait … Free Weekly Workouts in the Newsletter?

Yes… you’ll have direct access to the latest programming Paul writes.  Stay subscribed for two months and you’ll have a whole workout plan written by Paul.

Is the CrossFit Newsletter only on CrossFit?

No, it covers all types and methods of fitness like Olympic lifting, weight loss, kettlebells, TRX, etc.  It covers nutrition tips, mobility advice, even yoga.  Consider a CrossFit newsletter with a broader scope than just CrossFit classes.

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