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The below forms and apps help us customize our personal training and classes to your unique preferences.  Please fill them out or install them before your first session.

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We offer a variety of different memberships for Personal Training, Mobility, CrossFit, and Strength Training Classes. For pricing information, please fill out this form and Coach Paul will contact you with prices and membership options.

New Member Form Final

New Member Form

Our New Member Form takes about 10 minutes to complete. The form allows us to quickly customize the training for you, and helps us keep you safe during your training. We store your info in an electronic file, so all of our coaches can access your information. We use this form to provide you with a coordinated and consistent training experience.

COVIS-19 Omicron 2022 Guidelines

COVID-19 2022 Omicron Safety Guidelines

What are we doing about COVID-19? Two words … everything possible. We have Virginia’s if not the nation’s best Gym COVID-19 Safety Plan We work on it everyday, because your safety is our highest priority. View our entire plan in this comprehensive article.

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Forms for Existing Members

Learn About Your Membership

  1. You may not train with any cold or allergy symptoms whatsoever.
  2. Check-in on the App. No show fees are $10 for Open Gym and Classes. If you don’t check-in, you are considered a no-show. Best to checkin before you open the door.
  3. Parking on sides of the building. Overflow lot is Van Dorn metro. 4 Minute Walk.
  4. There are No Time Extensions or Rollovers, but you can Request a Hold.
  5. It is easier to view classes on Sand and Steel’s Website. You can only “see” sessions you can book on the App.
  6. Use the Waitlist option if you need to come at an already reserved time.
  1. What is the Charge of $X on Y Date for?
    All bills and charges are visible on your member connect profile.
  2. How Do I Cancel My Membership?
    Use the Cancellation Form
  3. What if I Have a Work Emergency?
    Use the Late Cancel Form
  4. How Do I Request a Hold?
    Use the Hold Request Form
  5. How Do I Get a Guest Pass?
    Use the Guest Pass Form
  6. How Do I Check-in For My Session?
    Check-in using the Zen Planner App.
  1. Booking Window: 6 hours to 2 Weeks before the session.
  2. Cancellation Window: 24 hours to 2 Weeks before the session.
  1. Booking Window: 2 hours to 1 Week before the session.
  2. Cancellation Window: 2 hours to 1 Week before the session.
  3. Arrive 10 minutes before class is scheduled to start.

You must attend an Open Gym Consult before you may attend Open Gym.  Follow the instructions on our Let’s Get Started Page.

Free Guest Pass:

Members may obtain a free guest pass for your friends.  Please fill out our guest pass form.

COVID-19 Policies

  1. Please Review our Face Mask Policy
  2. Stay 10 feet away from other members.
  3. Clean all surfaces you touch.
  4. Make sure all metal surfaces are bone dry after your clean them (we don’t want equipment to rust.)
  5. If you want a gym mat, you must bring your own.  Please do not use any mats at Sand & Steel until further notice.
  6. For safety purposes, we will not provide chalk to share.  You are welcome to bring your own block chalk (pure magnesium carbonate).  We do not allow liquid chalk, powder chalk, or chalk balls.  If you’d like to buy a block of magnesium carbonate, we have some available for $5 each.  Be sure to pick up a zip lock bag with your chalk purchase.

Safe Barbell Handling Policy

Please Review all 10 Videos on Safe Barbell Handling

Please observe good barbell etiquette while you are at Sand and Steel Fitness.  Our barbells and plates are very expensive.  In order to keep our prices low, we need everyone to take care of our barbells.

Open Gym Rules

  1. Book your classes online. Open gym sessions are two hours long.  Trainer Rentals are one hour long.
  2. You must register for every session you attend. You must attend every session you book. You must check-in on the app for every session you attend. No show fees are $10.  It does not matter if you were really there or if you signed the COVID-19 Safety Declaration.  If you don’t check-in on Zen Planner, you’ll be automatically assigned the no-show fee.
  3. Booking Window: 1 hours to 2 Weeks before the session.
  4. Cancellation Window: 2 hours to 2 Weeks before the session.
  5. Clean all Chalk and all surfaces before you leave. Replace all equipment you have relocated to its original position. Wipe bars, plates, handles, everything. Keep the gym clean and hygienic for everyone. Make sure all equipment is returned exactly as you found it. All Rack attachments must be attached to the rack if you remove them. Replace benches where you find them.
  6. If you are the last person in the gym, turn off the main lights, and all lights in bathrooms and changing rooms.
  7. Do not allow people into the gym who don’t have access. Hand them a business card, which is on the front door.
  8. If you’d like to listen to your own music in open gym, you must bring your own headphones.  Don’t adjust the stereo, try to change the music, or try to play your own music through any speakers.  As a commercial gym, all of our music is licensed through ASCAP.
  9. You may not use any Sand and Steel Fitness computers. Don’t adjust or touch the cameras.
  10. Don’t slam any medicine balls into the floor or walls. Sandballs may be slammed on the floor. Don’t drop dumbbells or Kettlebells. Don’t drop plates on Cybex cable machine.
  11. You may not use any gym mats.
  12. You’ll need a dedicated pair of sneakers for the gym.  We recommend Nobulls, Metcons, Nano, Innov8, Chucks, Yoga Socks, or similar.  Please make sure your shoes are clean when you enter the gym. This policy is designed to keep the gym clean, and your knees and ankles safe.
  13. Respect the weight limits of the cardio equipment, where posted.
  14. Do not relocate TRX Trainers.
  15. InBody Scans are NOT included with your open gym membership.
  16. Absolutely no horse-play of any kind will be tolerated. Do not throw any objects in the gym.
  17. No boxes under pullups bars.  Do not kick boxing bags with shoes on.
  18. Please do not drag Bikes, Benches or other equipment across the floor as it will mark-up the floor.  If you do not know how to move any of this equipment, please speak with a coach before attempting to move it.
  19. Please let us know if any members aren’t following these rules.  If you see any damaged equipment, please let us know.
  20. Please keep all personal items (water bottles, masks, phones, bags, keys, etc.) in a cubby.  We do not allow members to leave their bags on the floor or on equipment.

6 Step Open Gym Process

Follow this process every time you attend Open Gym.

  1. Book Your Sessions Online;
  2. Wash Your Hands when you arrive;
  3. Sign the COVID-19 Declaration;
  4. Check-in on the app;
  5. Clean your station: replace equipment; carefully remove all chalk, & clean all surfaces;
  6. Turn off the lights when you leave

If you do not follow the 6-Step Process, your account will be suspended or terminated.  Open gym works when everyone follows the rules.

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